Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lingua Latina

Sentiebam scripta esse non diu. Quod sentio mala, tamen scribo de meum diem.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Model UN

Today was the Model UN conference! It was really fun, and I WON something!

Behold! The top part of the dress I wore, a rather nice necklace, the bottom half of my lovely smiling face, and a FRIGGIN' AWARD.

As you may be able to read, I won Honorable Mention, which is really second place. Kim won Best Delegate, which she totally deserved! I mean, I'm just so excited about this! I've never won anything in Model UN, and never even considered that I would. I didn't think I'd win in this one, either. That Kim would win BD was a given, but I figured HM would go to Spain or someone. OhmyGod when they called my name, I just could not stop smiling!
I spoke often and for the most part, I believe I spoke well. Of course, too often I completely blanked and ended up stammering out a less-than-satisfactory ending to whatever point I made. I am SO happy with my award, though!

Alas, Sam was not in my committee. I actually didn't say anything to him. When he walked into the cafeteria in the morning, when we were eating breakfast, I fell into hysterical giggles, actually. Maia and Kim tried to get me to go talk to him, but I couldn't! He was surrounded by his classmates! And at lunch, he also looked busy...I don't know. It seems so strange to spend three months looking forward to something, shaping it in your head, only to not do it when the moment comes. I think I looked forward to it so much that I forgot how incapable I am of talking to people.

I'm not giving up hope, though--there's still two more conferences this year :D

I did talk to the people in my committee. One delegate, China, was pretty friendly--and he goes to the same school that Sam does. Of course, by the end of the conference, I told him about the Sam situation. I tried to play it off as if I only cared because he didn't accept my friend request, and he immediately asks if I LIKE him. So I say, "No, of course not, I've only met him once!"--but my voice, which apparently raised about three octaves, gave me away. China then decided that the best way to proceed was to ASK Sam about getting a friend request from me. They were behind us, and I kept turning around, turning bright red, and being hysterical. Well, that was exciting.

On a final note, one of our chairs--the students who basically run our committee and don't debate--was rather cute :)

That was the conference! I'm so excited for the next one :D