Sunday, August 29, 2010


And the countdown continues. Woo! So close to 500, yeah? Yeah.
So I made up another story. This one really has no point. It's some just some chick's life, basically. And I guess it's a little boring, since she's narrating it and she's not a very dramatic person. I dunno. But I like it. Plus I've written like 12 pages of it so far, which is like a record for me. Haha. To illustrate exactly how little of a point it has, I will now tell you what happens in it:

The main character is a girl named Aeva, who has lived as part of a tribe of herders her entire life. She's never set foot in real civilization and has gotten most of her education from her father, who is far better travelled. When she's eighteen, her brother Mikaslen falls seriously ill, and when tribal medicines don't work her father believes his restless spirit is retaliating by making his body weak. Basically he thinks all Mika needs is a change of scenery, which is some doubtable logic, but nonetheless packs up him and Aeva and sends them to the nearest city to live with their aunt and uncle.
The story starts when Aeva arrives in the city with her brother and meets her new guardians, who are quite simple, happy, and annoying. She's both disgusted and amazed by the city, and distracts herself from her quite bothersome relatives by taking care of her brother. Then, the day after she arrives, an old acquaintance of her aunt's, Professor Glaenston, arrives in the city with his nephew, Ran. Yes, his name is Ran. Stfu. Aeva and Ran instantly connect, and it takes about three weeks for them to fall all in love and stuff. The deal with Ran is he's a bit of a troublemaker. Not like a bad-boy, but reckless. You know? Here's how Aeva describes him, when she first meets him:
His nephew was very much similar to him in stature and good-naturedness. He was not the most intellectual man, but seemed to have a well-rounded mind at least. He seemed quite energetic and excitable, quickly rising to debate with his friendly uncle in a manner I thought too heated for casual conversation. I imagined him reckless, the sort of man I later learned to call a Teaser—a teaser of the police. I understood him to be with his uncle because of trouble back in his home, trouble that he had caused. I suppose at the time, while the practical side of my admonished him, the more uncontrolled part found him enticing.
So, that's Ran. Woo. So they're all in love, and Mika is alternating between near-death and running laps around the city, and for the most part she can ignore that she hates where she is. Then Ran antagonizes a cop one too many times, and a warrant is put out for his arrest. Oh, Ran...and then he has to go and ask Aeva to run away with him, as he's planning on escaping to the north before he's arrested. She loves him, but she refuses--abandoned all responsibility and running away with a criminal really isn't her thing. He leaves, and Mika gets well again, but she doesn't really want to go home again. She's starting to feel like Mika did; restless. She's been in a city she hates for two months and now there's nothing to distract her from it. Pretty soon she just up and leaves, intending to travel north but with no real idea of where she's going. She just wants to get out. So she travels through the south of the country, meeting people and stuff, and the first city she stops in in the North just happens to hold Ran's older sister, Sama. No one in Ran's family really approves of his antics, especially now that he has a warrant, but Sama sympathizes with Aeva and offers her a place to stay. This is really only important to tell because Sama is related to Ran is in love with Aeva, because it's not like she hasn't been offered a place to stay by a kind stranger before but I'm not really planning on going into detail too much. Woo run-on sentence. So that happens but Aeva begins to feel restless again pretty quickly, and takes her leave of Sama. She travels through the north, being restless and stuff, and eventually reaches the capitol-city. By chance she meets a very rich lady who is Madame-something, and who figures out that they are distantly related. This, of course, sends Madame into a head-spin, because she's just that chirpy and excitable. Madame insists on Aeva staying with her and her three children, to integrate into their high society and marry some rich guy or something. Aeva is kind of forced into coercion, because Madame is so eager and stuff. Basically about two weeks later, Aeva is highly uncomfortable and is being forced to attend a ball, when she meets Ran of all people. Not at the ball, but in the bushes behind the house it's being held at, looking dirty and desperate and snarfing some stolen food. Aeva is too sensible to think she owes him, but still cares for him, despite not having seen him in almost two years. Notice I say 'cares', not 'loves'. Either way, when he begs her to run away with him again, she instead convinces him to go back to Madame's house. Madame takes pity on him and let's him stay the night, with the intention of deciding what to do with him in the morning. She never gets that chance, because in the morning he's gone and so are several valuables. Though she didn't realize it at the time, this is when Aeva loses faith in humanity and begins to roam the Earth. I mean that quite literally. She leaves Madame and begins to travel the world, if you consider wandering travelling. Basically wherever she goes she feels trapped and out-of-place, and that would be true if she wandered the entire universe.
It takes fifteen years of her travelling to retrace her steps. She visits her brother, who never left the city. When she returns to the herd lands, her father is quite ill and her mother is devastated. She stays till her father dies, then to take care of her mother, then till her mother dies, then to handle the leftover affairs of both of her parents. She ends up staying for twenty years, nearly the rest of her life. She never sees Ran again. She never falls in love again or starts a family. And she's never really found a place. She travelled all over the world and ended up no better off than if she had stayed home since the beginning. She never really did anything with her life. I can't really describe exactly how much this depresses her, but it does more than depress her. The day she realizes this she walks alone past the herd lands and into an unknown, and no one will ever see her again.

And that is my story. Hehhhhh. Trust me, in two years it will be hailed as a work of literary genius ;D

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My day so far...

...has been boring. I wrote an entire entry before this, but deleted it because it was written terribly. This one probably will be too.
I would like to take this moment to share that my mom thinks I'd be interested in the following:
  • Badminton Club
  • Debate Club
  • Demogorgon (Literary and Art Magazine...yeah, I don't know either.)
  • East Film Club
  • History Club
  • Library Student Volunteers
  • Mime Company
  • New Jersey Science League
  • Photography Club
  • Psychology Club
  • Sports Debate Club
They gave us a list of all the clubs at East, and she took it upon herself to highlight she thought I'd be interested in after I didn't. Why didn't I? Because I wasn't interested in them. Gosh, it's almost like a never-ending circle, isn't it? Except it's not. She really wants me to join a bunch of clubs for some reason...I suppose to ensure I won't be a complete failure my entire life, as if being miserable and awkward the entire year will make me successful. Both of my parents really think I'm going to be a failure. Probably that I'll end up going to community college or something. This would depress me, except that I don't really care.
Oh, and I have yet to get a backpack for school. That's really the only thing I need, but, alas...I don't have one. Woo. Yeah. I really have nothing else to say. This was not much better written than the original version, was it?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Orientation--sounds almost enjoyable, doesn't it?

Wow. I hate people. I went to orientation kind of nervous and excited, left miserable. For one thing, Lolo pretty much blew me off. We haven't talked all summer and now it's like there's some kind of invisible wall only she can see. To which I say: fuck it. I only have one class with you anyway. Nat was pretty much the same way, although I didn't really try too hard to talk to her. Of all people Ani was the friendliest, right after I had crossed her off my list for being obscenely rude all of last year. And of course there was Kim, who is always enjoyable. Haha, Kim. Not really :P So that was pretty much that. After the presentation in the theater, which is dead dull, we're supposed to go to these classrooms. Lolo was supposed to be in mine, but she went with the Nat/Ani/Kim crowd, so I did too. Some seniors were there to, I guess, force us to talk. They were nice enough, I guess. Then we took a "tour" of the school, then were shuffled into the cafeteria for "mingling." Which means sitting with our friends. Whatever. Yes, I saw Basil. When Kim first told me that she saw him, I kinda freaked out...heh. What can I say, I'm a spazz. But it really didn't matter to me. He's just a guy.
But it does depress me that nothing ever really changes, even when changing schools. They're the same. I'm the same. We all might as well be back in elementary, for all the difference it will make.

Haha. So. Birthday! Woo! I guess I should have a different post dedicated to this, but...I won't. My original plans fell through...several times. But Kim did come over and I painted the nails on one hand and wore a dress and we played truth-or-dare and ate birthday cake and then all went out to eat at Don Pablo's, which is amazing. Haha. So that was fun! Oooh, and she gave me a present; a silver bookmark shaped like the moon and this gorgeous journal. I looooove it! And Vera got me a Wii game, and my Uncle Bud got me a tee-shirt...haha. Sharicus has CLAIMED she got me a gift (not that I ever asked for anything. haha. just didn't want you to think I was greedy or something! :D) but, unfortunately, she was sick so we never got to meet. Oh well, you know? We'll definitely manage to fit one more hang-out-thingy in before school starts, in about two weeks. Aw geez. Oooooh, and fifteen people posted a 'Happy Birthday' on my Facebook, including two people I don't actually know and five people I never talk to! :D
My cake was very pink, and the candles had sparks :D

Oh, and now my mom wants to pick five clubs to join. I will be joining one. Model UN. I assume she wants this to happen because of the upcoming fee if you want to do any extracurricular activities, which is pretty much evil, but I don't care. There's nothing I want to join except for that, and that's not even listed as a club, ironically. Is that irony? I believe it is. Whatever. She can make me circle every damn club on the list; it's not going to make me join any of them. I do not have school spirit. I am not athletic. I do not feel the need to participate. I do not like people. I will not 'try something out'. I've looked through the list. There's nothing I'm interested in joining. That's it. Ugh, now I'm miserable again.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Aw man, I just read Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. Now I can't stop crying. And shaking. Everything about it was so perfect. And the ending. The ending. THE ENDING. It was all just powerful. And shocking. But more shocking in a knew-it-had-to-end-this-way way. And sad. So sad. Now I don't want to do anything so I don't lose the feeling of the end, because it's never the same the second time or the third time, you know? Oh my God, I can't even get over how incredible it was. It was just...incredible. And so, so sad and unexpected and miserable and incredible. Ahhh, now I'm shaking again...

Monday, August 23, 2010

I got a hoodie!

Woooo. I guess most of you don't know this, since you don't actually see me in real life, even though I've been repeating it for the last month or so. I pretty acquire a hoodie at the beginning of the year and wear that ALWAYS. In sixth grade, it was gray with Peanuts comics on the front. In seventh, it was a bright red one with Snoopie lying on a musicy-thing. Don't know why I ever bought that one. In eight, it was a gray-and-black striped one and a too-big pink one with NAVY on the front; a gift from my uncle. Now it's white-and-gray striped. Woooo. I like it. It fits well, at least. It's just not terribly bright.
I also bought a shirt with a Mountain Dew logo on it, but not to be ironic. Just because I love Mountain Dew. You know. Not for some ironic statement about capitolism or something that only hipsters would get, because only hipsters are "in the loop". God, I hate hipsters. So much. So I'm a little ashamed, but I will hold my high because I actually LIKE Mountain Dew.
So, it was cold tonight. A bit stormy at the beach towards the end, but just plain cold tonight. I REALLY hope it continues into school time, so I can just bypass short-things altogether and skip straight to wearing jeans. I love jeans. I do not like anything shorter. I just don't have the legs for it. Haha, plus I have cuts on my legs that look like I cut myself, even though they are ALL from dogs. Haha. It's probably best you don't ask.
[Total Eclipse of the Heart--Bonnie Tyler]
I actually kinda of love this song. There's just something about it, you know? And it's not my usual kind of song, but...if this makes any sense, I kinda wish I could write like how this song feels. You know? Yeah. That made no sense to anyone but me.

I need a hero; I'm holding out for a hero till the morning light.

[Holding Out for a Hero--Bonnie Tyler]

So I went to the beach today with Silver! Woo. We got there at some unknown time (we left about 11) and went to a waterpark that was on the boardwalk, where I conquered my fear of stairs and almost went down a slide leading to a ten-foot pool (which would've been bad, as I can't actually all.) As it was, on the first slide I went down I wasn't prepared for the 5-foot pool at the bottom so I ended up floundering about for a bit, trying to figure out which way was up, and swallowing a shitload of water. A shitload. So I finally straighten myself out and the lifegaurds are...glaring at me. They glare. And the second time I went down, on the other side, I managed to land perfectly on my feet, but the water hit me like a ton of bricks so I could barely stand. Haha. It was fun. After the water park we go eat this amazing pizza, then head off to the beach, where we all play in the water for three hours until it starts to get all windy and drizzly. I didn't actually notice it in the water, but everyone else was leaving, so eh. I also met my soul mate. Well, "met" might be a strong word, but still. He was my soul mate. HE WAS. Haha, anyway, I went deeper in the water than I normally do but it was fun, cuz, you know, trying to stand your ground against three-foot waves is fun. What can I say? It was all quite fun, haha :) I never did get his number, though...

Ooooh, and I never told y'all this, but I got a haircut a couple days ago! I officially have side-bangs and layers, which make me happy. My bangs are like a big swoop across my forehead (or just regular side-bangs, depending how I wear them) and then my hair curls back about mid-point at all different levels. 'Tis cool :)

My birthday is in two days! YOU BETTER ALL SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! :DDDD

Friday, August 20, 2010

Purpy the Second

So, in the end, I couldn't get my old layout back. But I like this new one better anyway. Tell me what you think! :D
You know, part of me thinks this new layout looks a little disjointed, but eh. I've changed it so instead of showing two posts, it shows one day. Heh. I've also only got one picture, which is a random-ass picture of a bird that I love. Haha. Well, I have two. If you scroll all the way down, you'll see a picture of some eyes. If you look closely at these eyes, you'll see that one is blue and one is green. That's freaking cool, man. I'm proud of those eyes.
Soooo...that's it. Tell me what you think! Again! :D

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It doesn't matter.

[I Kissed a Girl--Katy Perry]
Haha old music.

SO I am SO annoyed. I am officially tired of my current layout. It depresses me. The problem is, because Blogger changed their design-thingy, I can't get my old one. You know, the purple-and-white one? I LIKED the purple-and-white one. I called it Purpy. They don't have that format on Pyzam, either. So basically if anyone out there reading has a layout with a larger space for entries on the right side and a column on the left side for, you know, other stuff, could I have your HTML? I promise I'm not going to steal your design, just that part! PROMISE!
[Waking Up in Vegas--Katy Perry]
Katy Perry, in my opinion, rocks. I don't really like Teenage Dream, but her earlier songs were freakin' awesome. It's funny, because this song was so popular when it came out, but now it's one of the more forgotten ones. Along with Ur So Gay, which I love.
In other news, I had a strange inclination to go to the mall tonight. I guess since school is starting in two-and-a-half weeks (eek...0.0) I want to get through all my shopping beforehand. I still have like, almost $200...haha. I need bottoms desperately, cuz I highly doubt it'll be cool enough to wear jeans comfortably when school starts, but I ended up getting two basic shirts (orange and teal, haha) at Old Navy. Now I'm DEFINITELY going to focus on shorts and hoodies.
[I Kissed a Girl--Katy Perry]
Hoodies cuz, well, they're awesome. Oh, and I am MAD at J.C.Penney's. A little while ago they had hoodies on sale for $20, okay? So I go there and I see a sign that says Buy One, Get One for $1.00 OMG!!11!1 *squeeeeeeeeeeeedies* So I'm like, woo! HOW AWESOME. And then I look at the price and they RAISED IT TO 40 FREAKING DOLLARS. FOR CLOTHING THAT GETS HOLES IN THE ELBOWS AFTER THREE MONTHS. And I'm like, aw HAILLLLLLL no. That's a cheap move, J.C.Penney's. Just like buying cheap towels and putting them on sale like they're your regular towels. NOBODY WANTS LOW-QUALITY TOWELS.
Ooooh, and my birthday's in FIVE DAYS WOO. Mark the calendars, friends. On August 25th, I EXPECT you to say Happy Birthday like it's the best damn day EVER. It is the reason you were BORN. Haha, still not sure what I want to do. Might just go shopping then go to dinner--with Sharebear, Kimmers, and Silver of course. Well, maybe not dinner, cuz that would be a bit expensive, haha :) But something else. Something FUN. SUGGESTIONS*SQUEE!* :D

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


And so is Silver! Woo!
I really have nothing else to share except my schedule, which I know [FINALLY!] have access to:

Homeroom: Locke, G031
P1. Geometry, Vallies, C219
P2. Latin, Smaldore, C302
P3, S1. Health, Melograna, G031
P3, S2. Lunch
P4, S1. Lunch
P4, S2. Phys. Ed
P5. English, Maniscalco, B238
P6. World Civ., McKee, B133
P7D2. Quan. Phys. Science, Rouen, C314
P7N2. Foundations of Art, Calnon-Boute, F091
P8D2. Quan. Phys. Science, Rouen, C314
P8N2. Quan. Phys. Science, Rouen, B233

Woooo....I guess I'll make up nicknames later, haha. The cat is now afraid of me.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I should be asleep, haha.


Outside is like cold fire
in the air, windswept--
more than a storm,
like desire.
It screams and screeches,
a creature of darkness--
a bird of cold
and rain and wind.

Inside a slow burn,
a fire abating.
The ice is
a slow distres,
No icy, grasping
finger tips;
a steady coldness
from the Outside creeping in.

I am surrender,
I have lost my will to fight.

Sorry for know...poetry. Haha. I know I'm not the next Shakespeare or anything, but I originally wrote this in what I guess would be prose and thought it might sound nice in poem-form. I meant it about some random girl who gets caught out in the wilderness during a storm and relates how she got there to a follow...person. It's really cold and stuff. So haha. I kind of like it, but I know I'm no poet.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I HAVE BEEN ABSENT! Forgive me. I spent most of yesterday driving to Ohio, and we got a pretty late start. I did, however, see my soul mate at a rest stop. Good God, he was cute. He had these beautiful black eyes that SPARKLED. Guys: do you mind having your eyes described as beautiful? Would you prefer, like, handsome or something? Although 'handsome eyes' is just a little weird, you know, but I can see 'beautiful' being a little too girly. Haha only one guy I know of actually reads my bog, so, I guess, I dunno.
ANYWAY! We arrived in Butler to visit various aunts, uncles, and cousins, and ended up staying till like 10. Then we set off for East Liverpool, where my gramma, uncle Randy, and cousin Jason live. Most of the road to East Liverpool from Butler was COMPLETELY SECLUDED AND DARK AND WOODSY. It was SCARY. But I finally FINALLY located the Big Dipper, which I've never ever seen before, and what I thought was the North Star. Excitement. We didn't see the meteor shower, but there were lots and lots of stars, so woo. Haha, Jersey is too bright.
I am now to make a list of people we've visited, just cuz.

  1. Uncle Roger.

  2. Aunt Cheryl.

  3. Cousin Nathan.

  4. Second-Cousin Madison.

  5. Second-Cousin Anarae.

  6. Second-Cousin Faith.

  7. Cousin Stacy.

  8. Cousin Casey.

  9. Second-Cousin Payden.

  10. Second-Cousin Nevaeh.

  11. Aunt Rhonda.

  12. Uncle Randy.

  13. Gramma Grace.

  14. Cousin Jason.
I have a freakload of relatives, yes. Cousin Arenda went back to Florida a few days ago, which sucks, because we tend to get along pretty well. But so far I've just been here, and not, you know, doing much. There's not much here. But still. You know.

OH MY GOOSHNESS, AND WE FINALLY GOT OUR SCHEDULES THE DAY I LEFT! Fluuuuug! SOOOOOOO, I pretty much know the order (which is....bad.) but I don't know the TEACHERS, which is failure. My mom can't send me a better picture (cuz in the first pic she sent me I couldn't really see the pictures) until she gets home, so I can't post it to Facebook, and I can't post it to here, and I only know that I may or may not have three classes with only Kim, which SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSS. Aghhhh I'm gonna finish this when I got the teachers. Oh, and I only have ONE THING with Dana, and that is lunch, and I have no idea about anyone else. Fuhhhh.
Well, while I'm waiting...cuz it's gonna be like an dad just offered me TWENTY BUCKS if I would guess the card he had in the other room, and I was RIGHT! WOOO! Haha I'm psychic now :D
Okay, you know what? I'm just gonna wait until I get home to look at the schedule. Fuf.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I don't love you, and I never will.

I haven't listened to music while blogging in so long I forgot if I put the artist or the song title first =.=
So you know who I miss? Molly. And Kathryn. And Marisa. The people from Red, you know, who don't actually blog anymore. They all moved to Blogger along with the rest of us Red-ers, but then stopped blogging Well, first Marisa moved to Xanga, but THEN she stopped blogging. And Molly might be at LiveJournal, cuz she mentioned liking it once, but I don't actually know...and it depresses me that some of my favorite bloggers EVER aren't here anymore. OHHH, and Aria, who lasted a bit longer and then ALSO disappeared. Molly's, Marisa's, and Aria's blogs are still there (though they've been abandoned for like a year) but Kathryn I think deleted her account. Fuck, that depresses me. I mean it's not like you can force someone to keep blogging once they've lost it, but SERIOUSLY. Depressment.
In other news, I'm leaving for Ohio tomorrow. Wooooo. Can you tell how ECKTHITED I am??
'Eckthited' won't make any sense unless you sound it out. Go on, sound it own. You'll get it.
And....I'm kinda miserable. Every summer I'm all excited like I'll be magically transformed into some super-model or something. Or at least get a tan. Obviously THAT doesn't happen. But I know it's because I don't actually have the drive to, you know, go outside and do stuff. I'm kind of a lump. But anyway. I think I'm gonna get a haircut or something.
Now I'm off to do more useless stuff. Oh, but there's only 13 days till my birthday! Cool! :D

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Woooooooo numbers. Only...what...22 more. Maybe I'll get to 500 WITHIN THIS YEAR!!!
Okay, so, question for ye...haha I said 'ye' instead of 'ya'. Haha. QUESTION FOR YE: Do you think this would make a good backpack? Cuz I lurv it. You probably can't see the link, but it's on the word 'this'. Click on it and tell me, ya?
I really wish you could buy things online with cash. Cuz I found some thinks at good ol' J.C.Penney's that I like, but it bugs me having to get my parents to get everything on their account and paying them back. You know? Yeah. Aw frick I saw a skirt I actually LIKED and it's twenty dollars...on sale...=.= I guess that's not TERRIBLY unreasonable, but that would bring my total over 100 dollars and that also bothers me...yeah. I'm rambling. Anyway. I really realllllllly want a jacket that's not a hoodie OR a heavy coat. You know? actual jacket. With buttons and stuff. Or something. Cuz I basically get one hoodie at the beginning of the year and wear that THE ENTIRE YEAR, so I'm hoping know...NOT do that. I don't want to be known as, like, 'hoodie-girl' for the rest of my like, you know? got these freaking adorable watermelon/strawberry nail-thingies. I'm not a huge fan of fake nails, but these were just too adorable to leave be +.+ I don't know if I'll wear them yet. At least at school, you know? Whole shyness-thing kicking in.
Oh, and one more starts on the 7th and continues on the 8th, but then for the 9th and 10th it's out. Wut. It doesn't even say why, either. To which I say, yet again: wut.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Have you ever been alone in a crowded room?

I'm pretty sure I've used that line as a title before, but whatever. It's a nice title-line. You know.
Well! I have been neglectful, yes. Really no excuse except I've been lazy, especially since it's not like I haven't done anything. I had a sleepover! And got school supplies! And stuff.
So like two or three days ago...hmm...I don't actually know what day. On Thursday night, I know. So I guess three. Anyway. Sleepover! Sharebear, Kimber, and Annie came over, after I spent pretty much the whole day cleaning (my house is a sty. no kidding.) Unfortunately Sharicus had to leave at 11, but still! It was fun! There was make-overing, video-gaming, food-eating, truth-or-daring, and general merriment had by all. And we had TAQUITOS for dinner! Oh man, I love taquitos. Kimby and Annie ended up staying at my house till like two in the afternoon, and then we all went to the mall. Didn't buy anything...kinda feeling out of it. Meh.
And then bad stuff happened, but anyway =.=
Today I got BACK-TO-SCHOOL STUFF! As in a pencil case (finally!), pens, Sharpies (:D), and several binders. So now all I need is like...a backpack and dividers. Woooooo.
Okay, problem solved. Haha.
I'm THUPER-EXTHITED for back-to-schooooooooool! And I have a crapload of money to spend now, haha. It's gonna be awesome. I mean, scary, but awesome. Dude I am going to be BRIGHT RED and shaking the entire first day, I know it =.= And second day too, probably.
I'm off to online-shop. Ta-ta!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Now I can breathe, I can see, I can touch, I can feel, I can taste all the sugar sweetness in your kiss.

You give me all the things I've ever missed.
[I'm Alive--The Hollies]
This is the first time I've ever heard this song, but that line is the sweetest.
[Nicest Thing--Kate Nash]
Woo, getting choked with songs, eh? This song depressed me the first time I heard it. So did Boston, by Augustana.
Anyway. In the life of Strawberry, currently, there has been little. I mean, I pretty much played Sims all day, and I doubt you wanna hear about that. My dad is insisting we play tennis every day now, and I'm suddenly terrible at it =.= Depressment.
[Time is Running Out--Muse]
Oooh, I finally got my clothes in the mail! Excitement. I really don't know what else to say about that, haha. One of the shirts, a really pretty one, is incredibly tight around the middle. I mean, when it's on, it fits perfectly. I just can barely fit it over my shoulders...or anything else. And the rest of it is so loose =.= Yeah, haha, I now officially have 10 new shirts. I need more...
[Please Don't Leave Me--Pink]
I know it's completely irrelevant but the playlist I'm listening to reminds me of Basil. Yeah, haven't talked about him in forever...anyway...because when I made it, most of the songs I picked to go on it were about him in some way, so now that I'm listening to it again I remember how I felt when I made it. Ugh. I was stupid, wasn't I?
[Use Somebody--Kings of Leon] I have nothing to say. Goodbye.
[Sweet Dreams--Beyonce]
Yes, it was definitely yesterday. I have a bad sense of time, you see 0.0
I'm really only continuing now so I can get through this playlist.
[No Surprise--Daughtry]
This song applied more when I first listened to it and got the lyrics wrong =.=
Yeah, and now I don't like the other two songs on the list. Gooshbye.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


So the Pedfards, the really nice family that lives across from that includes Vera (=.=), just paid me $110 and a hunk of glass to watch their hamsters for a few weeks. I cannot tell you how terrible I feel about this. I mean, hell, all I did was spend five minutes a day at their house doing the easiest job EVER, and they want to give me all this money. I feel like I'm taking advantage of them or something.
Oh, and I was forced to awkwardly 'acknowledge' that Vera was, indeed, my friend, because of her eight-year-old sister. Fuhhhh.
That is all. Goodbye.