Monday, August 23, 2010

I need a hero; I'm holding out for a hero till the morning light.

[Holding Out for a Hero--Bonnie Tyler]

So I went to the beach today with Silver! Woo. We got there at some unknown time (we left about 11) and went to a waterpark that was on the boardwalk, where I conquered my fear of stairs and almost went down a slide leading to a ten-foot pool (which would've been bad, as I can't actually all.) As it was, on the first slide I went down I wasn't prepared for the 5-foot pool at the bottom so I ended up floundering about for a bit, trying to figure out which way was up, and swallowing a shitload of water. A shitload. So I finally straighten myself out and the lifegaurds are...glaring at me. They glare. And the second time I went down, on the other side, I managed to land perfectly on my feet, but the water hit me like a ton of bricks so I could barely stand. Haha. It was fun. After the water park we go eat this amazing pizza, then head off to the beach, where we all play in the water for three hours until it starts to get all windy and drizzly. I didn't actually notice it in the water, but everyone else was leaving, so eh. I also met my soul mate. Well, "met" might be a strong word, but still. He was my soul mate. HE WAS. Haha, anyway, I went deeper in the water than I normally do but it was fun, cuz, you know, trying to stand your ground against three-foot waves is fun. What can I say? It was all quite fun, haha :) I never did get his number, though...

Ooooh, and I never told y'all this, but I got a haircut a couple days ago! I officially have side-bangs and layers, which make me happy. My bangs are like a big swoop across my forehead (or just regular side-bangs, depending how I wear them) and then my hair curls back about mid-point at all different levels. 'Tis cool :)

My birthday is in two days! YOU BETTER ALL SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! :DDDD

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  1. The waterpark + beach sounds like fun :D I wish I lived in close proximity to one of either of those types of places, haha.

    Yay for haircuts! It sounds super cuuuute :D And happy almost birthday heheh!