Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend Festivities

I thought I'd blog before the power (potentially) goes out. Hurricane Sandy is kind of kicking up here. School has been closed tomorrow! Best case scenario: nothing bad happens, and they closed school anyway. We've stocked up on candles and stuff, so I guess we'll just ride it out with lots of blankets.

Zack actually just left! I was kind of worried that he wouldn't be able to come over because of the storm, but   luckily so far it's only been a light drizzle at most. I was devastated when I couldn't find The Forbidden Kingdom (the perfect movie), but we watched The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen instead while feasting on pizza pockets so it was fine. Then we watched Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog (also perfect) and sang along to every song (because we can). Then we went for a walk around my neighborhood! Luckily it was only a very slight drizzle by then. He had to leave kind of early, but that's okay, because it was wonderful :)

I never told you guys about the Halloween events I attended this weekend! Friday night was the Halloween dance, and I'm so glad I dragged Zack along. It was our first dance together! I had to change into my costume again on Saturday for Natalie's Halloween party, which was also very fun. There are now a lot of pictures on Facebook of me with a mustache, covered in toilet paper. I wish I had a good picture of my costume to show to you guys!

I suppose I'll go fart around till the power inevitably goes out. Have fun in this storm, guys, if you have the misfortune of currently residing on the East Coast!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Getting Through the Week

I realized that I'm no longer upset about what I talked about in my last post. Now I have incentive to do better next time!

I'm really excited about the new members in Quills and Keys. Admittedly, I might have been a little afraid that no one would join--but there are like five new members! Last meeting, we discussed NaNoWriMo, which we're encouraging everyone to participate in, of course. I'm very excited; I haven't written properly in, what, months? I want to start writing seriously again very much. I have an idea for a story, but not much in the way of plot. My story involves the devil. Exciting stuff.

I'm extremely excited for tomorrow, because tomorrow is the Halloween dance! Nobody ever goes to it, but it's a lot of fun and I'm dragging Zack along (kicking and screaming). It'll be our first dance together! Getting my costume together has been pretty hectic, but I finally have a dress and shoes. The crown I made with Shari is falling apart, but I'm going to go to her house early tomorrow to fix it. Dana invited me to a Halloween party on Saturday, too. It's like I actually have a social life!

I keep thinking that school tomorrow will go by really quickly. Well, I can only hope. Farewell, friends!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

It hasn't been a month yet!

I've broken my (unintentional!) silence to tell you of an injustice. Friends, prepare yourselves.

Today was the South Jersey MUN conference. My committee was a lot of fun! I did very well--maybe the best I've ever done--and, you know, I really think I deserved Best Delegate. I'm certainly not the only one who thought so. I spoke a lot, and well almost every time, and responded quickly to other delegates' points against me, and contributed to drafting a resolution paper!

And then this happened. At the awards ceremony, they gave some random novice the Best Novice award, even though it clearly should have gone to a delegate from my school who did excellently. And then they gave me honorable mention. Honestly, that would've been fine if I'd actually deserved honorable mention, or even if a case could be made for whomever won Best Delegate. But who won Best Delegate? A novice. The aforementioned novice. If you don't know, a novice winning Best Delegate is completely unprecedented. Novices aren't supposed to be in the running for it. Frankly, he didn't do so much better than me that the chairs should have ignored precedent and chosen him. I basically got robbed of Best Delegate, and now I'm frustrated and upset because I know I won't get much sympathy from people because I got second.

So I've been sad about that all day and haven't gotten any work done. Tomorrow's going to be physics lab and psychology essay ALL DAY LONG. Man, this weekend is wonderful.