Saturday, October 20, 2012

It hasn't been a month yet!

I've broken my (unintentional!) silence to tell you of an injustice. Friends, prepare yourselves.

Today was the South Jersey MUN conference. My committee was a lot of fun! I did very well--maybe the best I've ever done--and, you know, I really think I deserved Best Delegate. I'm certainly not the only one who thought so. I spoke a lot, and well almost every time, and responded quickly to other delegates' points against me, and contributed to drafting a resolution paper!

And then this happened. At the awards ceremony, they gave some random novice the Best Novice award, even though it clearly should have gone to a delegate from my school who did excellently. And then they gave me honorable mention. Honestly, that would've been fine if I'd actually deserved honorable mention, or even if a case could be made for whomever won Best Delegate. But who won Best Delegate? A novice. The aforementioned novice. If you don't know, a novice winning Best Delegate is completely unprecedented. Novices aren't supposed to be in the running for it. Frankly, he didn't do so much better than me that the chairs should have ignored precedent and chosen him. I basically got robbed of Best Delegate, and now I'm frustrated and upset because I know I won't get much sympathy from people because I got second.

So I've been sad about that all day and haven't gotten any work done. Tomorrow's going to be physics lab and psychology essay ALL DAY LONG. Man, this weekend is wonderful.


  1. Man, even fake politics sucks.

  2. AWW... You should have gotten Best Delegate. :( i guess i'm going to have to hear this on the bus. :C Naw, it's okay, atleast you have a good reason to complain this time. :P