Wednesday, August 31, 2011

School things!

Obviously by tomorrow I meant two days later. Not that I have much more to say, but, you know how it is.

Kim and I scoured a massive mall and still turned up with nothing. The Forever 21 there was pathetically small! It was honestly half the size of one floor of the one at our mall. And besides that, pretty much every store there was really expensive. I am on a budget here, mall!

Speaking of clothes, though, I did get a pair of jeans today! Now I just need one more pair of jeans, and I'll have one for every day of the week. ....Hah. Well, that's true.

Also speaking of clothes, I made a nice little list of things on the Forever 21 website, and everything would be hunky-dory if it didn't take FIVE TO TEN BUSINESS DAYS to get here. School starts in six days and three business days. The obvious solution would be to go to the store and get the things, but I've been to the store and I can never find anything. I need clothes. Rah!

On a slightly related note--don't you love my use of transitional phrases?--SCHOOL IS STARTING IN SIX DAYS. ALMOST FIVE NOW. I can't even fathom this, seriously. LESS THAN A WEEK. I still need a backpack, pencil case, and to do summer reading work! I'm not prepared for any of my classes and I don't know anybody in most of them. I'll have to wake up early again! And do homework! And write essays--and lab reports. I know everyone has to do this and I'm just complaining...but....gah!

At least I have the zoo to look forward to with Shari...which is happening on Friday :D Other than that, though, I imagine I'll be lumping around for the rest of summer. Living the life, here, I am.

Monday, August 29, 2011

A good thing.

HEY EVERYONE! Sorry I didn't blog earlier; the power was out all of yesterday, and today I was at a mall with Kim. Not the mall, but a mall--a very big mall, in fact, though we didn't buy anything. I really need new clothes. Hm.

I really should blog more. In fact, I will, tomorrow. That hurricane was a bit of a joke, at least up north. It's a shame that damage was done along the coast, though.

Also, our basement flooded. It's no longer flooded. That is a good thing.

....I'm going to go now.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Don't go outside!


For those of you who haven't heard (ha ha, really): HURRICANE. I figured I'd blog before the power most likely goes out. Anyway, I hope this storm doesn't do too much damage. I don't really know what to expect of it: everyone's saying it's going to be terrible but people over-exaggerate things like this all the time. It's supposed to hit New Jersey in the wee hours of the night, which means I'll be sleeping downstairs tonight...Everyone in the path of the storm, though, stay safe! I know we're all woefully inexperienced with hurricane preparedness :P

In other news, I've been pretty lumpy these last few days. Thursday was my birthday! My mom and I had Chipotle for lunch, and she got me an apple fritter and a $25 iTunes gift card for breakfast (the card was delicious ;D)! Oh, and my aunt sent me a card with $60 in it! Now I can BUY things! How exciting.

Yesterday, I lumped around till about 5:45, at which I went rock-climbing with Vera and co.! I didn't do that badly...except I couldn't feel my hands...or legs...

Today, I lumped around and prepared for the impending apocalypse Irene. We brought in the trash cans and prepared the flashlights and everything. Oh, and I mowed the lawn, which was not so much preparing for the hurricane as it was getting-stuff-done-before-everything-is-soaked. At one point during the mowing process, I went over a patch of grass and crickets came from everywhere. It was like I'd gone over the cricket hive or something. Luckily none of them, you know, jumped on me. Shudder...

I still have not done summer reading. School starts in ten days. What is wrong with me. What.

I think I'm about done with this entry. Good night, everyone! Don't go outside!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Anything's possible.

I've been searching through some old entries, looking for a specific one in particular, and, if I'm correct, that date is April 5th, 2010. But, more importantly, I realized that my entries were really terribly written--I definitely sounded like a thirteen-year-old! Maybe in two years, I'll look back and think that this is poorly written as well :)

I feel like writing something. The proper and responsible course of action would be to continue with the last story I worked on, which I have abandoned for several days, but I feel like instead of doing that I'm going to write something silly which I'll focus on for a week before forgetting about.

Yesterday, I went to the beach! It was such a beautiful day--actually, every day has been beautiful now that that infernal heat wave is over. Naturally, by the end of it, there was sand in places there need not be sand, and the smell of the beach was caught in my nose. I love the smell probably more than anything else about the beach--you can't find it anywhere else. When you smell it, you know you're at the shore.

The entire time I couldn't help but think that the stereotype of the Jersey Shore was ridiculous, at least for the southern half--I wouldn't know about the northern. Yes, there are plenty of scantily clothed people, but that may be the only thing that's similar. The beach isn't made up of wannabe Italians, orange-hued tans and petty fighting--it's full of the boardwalk and sand and water and people wanting to do the quintessential summer activity. It kind of annoys me that New Jersey gets such a bad rap. I'm not Italian, I'm sure as hell not rich, I don't say "wudder" (although I do say Tren'in when I'm talking fast--haha). Yes, there are a lot of people and a lot of roads, but why is that a bad thing? There's also plenty of forests, and an entire side of the state is devoted to beach. New Jersey is not a bad place to be.

I actually wrote all of the above around 1:30, and then went back outside to visit Vera, only to see that I had a missed call from Jaryd! So I called him back, and then we hung out, haha. It was nice to see him before school starts again :) We mostly just walked around and watched TV, since my mom didn't seem to want us alone in the house together. I honestly find that a bit laughable, since Jaryd's...Jaryd. But, it's not important. It was still fun :)

In other news, there are LESS THAN TWO WEEKS until school starts! What is this! However, this being the case, it seems like a good idea to actually start the summer reading work--and soon. So far I've not even looked at it, and judging by what I've heard of my teacher, that is not a good idea. Maybe I'll have a burst of motivation tomorrow and finish it all! It's possible...kind of!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011



The birthday party was FANTASTIC. In every way. It was like, constant laughter, everyone being happy, being with great friends, all that jazz. I really, really wish I had more pictures!
It started with anticipation. I, ever being a nervous sort when it comes to deciding on times for things, told people to come between four and five. Shari arrived first around 4:30, so we went off to collect Vera, and busied ourselves with the computer (like cool people). Kim arrived, and Dana arrived AFTER five, to my unmitigated rage (just kidding!). Unfortunately Maia, who apparently JUST got back from camp yesterday, was going to be late. But it was okay!

After everyone was there, we broke out the food, which is obviously the best part of any sleepover ever. We had rather copious amounts of fruit and vegetables for the allergy-monger and the vegan (i.e. Shari and Dana), and four pizzas for all us milk-and-gluten eaters. But we also got pizza that Shari and Dana could eat, so it was all cool :)

By that point, I was anxious to open presents (because I have lovely, lovely friends) even though we were all still eating and no one was paying any attention :) GET READY FOR A BLURRY PHOTO-MASH!
Shari first! Pictured: a 20-pack of markers with FIVE SCENTED MARKERS INCLUDED!, a delightful little picture frame, Black Amethyst Body Butter from Bath and Body Works (the name of which makes me giggle), a little notebook with a CHANDELIER on it, and one of Shari's adorable Wormer dolls! The Wormer is so adorable, in fact, that I feel compelled to devote an entire photo to it:
Ahhh, so cute!
Next up: Vera!

AH. Vera got me a fantabulous skirt, a lovely earring-and-necklace set, and my new favorite necklace EVER. Seriously, I wish I could wear all of this all at once.
Kim got me this lovely little owl figure from MEXICO. This picture is pretty blurry, but it's really quite pretty, and makes me exceptionally happy :)

Dana next! She got exceptionally pretty things, I must say! I lovelovelove those earrings, and THAT JOURNAL. HOLY BEANS, IT'S THE PRETTIEST JOURNAL I'VE EVER SEEN. LOOK AT IT. LOOK HOW NICE IT IS. LOOK AT THE INSIDE:
It's not even fair how pretty this is.

I feel bad spending such a huge space on my presents, but it's mostly pictures :) I honestly love all of them to death! My friends are great gift-givers! Ahh, I'm getting happy again just thinking about it!

Then we ventured to my room to play Apples to Apples! I am very bad at this game, have I ever mentioned? Anyway, while we were playing that, MAIA ARRIVED! At she brought BALLOONS. BALLOONS AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE!
When I saw these outside my door, I actually screamed.

But the shiny, shaped things aren't all she brought! NAY! She also brought a pack of blow-up balloons, which turned into us all sitting around blowing them up and drawing on them with my brand-new pack of Sharpies! For those who may be concerned: yes, there are unused balloons and balloon bits all over my room. And Shari drew all of us! Behold!

And me!

I figure no one can argue if I post drawings of us instead of actual pictures. That should be all for the blurry, awful pictures, don't worry!

When we were ballooned-out (which, surprisingly, can happen) we once more descended in order to feast on the delicious chocolate cake my mom prepared. I realize that "delicious chocolate cake" is a bit redundant, but nonetheless. When we had successfully drowned ourselves in chocolate, we had an [epic] Mariokart showdown. I did awfully :D But it's okay! Unfortunately, Shari had to leave early, which is blummy and blue and awful. A party without Shari is like a party without bunnies, which is, of course, a sad party indeed. We survived, though.

At just past 10:30, the rest of us abandoned Mariokart and took to my scant closet, which is full of pieces which have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Therefore the natural course of action was to have a crazy dress-up extravaganza, which my parents judged. Accessories included rainbow belts, deflated balloons, toilet paper, and shirts worn as hats--we looked insane enough to be fit for the pages of Seventeen! When finally we shed our mismatched arrangements, we partook in a rousing game of Two Truths and a Lie--during which everyone else managed to come up with things like, "I know how to swim," and I could only think of my deepest darkest secrets, haha.

After two rounds we decided to move to the old sleepover stand-by of Guitar Hero, even though everyone wanted to play guitar and not sing or play drums. Naturally we rocked out in a way only Guitar Hero can induce one to do--eyes mildly glazed, mumbled singing, curses when we messed up our 100-note streaks, and arguments over who got to play what. When at last this was exhausted, we moved on to board games--I originally suggested Trivial Pursuit, till we looked at the cards and realized we didn't know the answer to a SINGLE QUESTION. So as an alternative, Kim brought out Taboo!, which apparently I am very bad at! I don't know how long we played that, half-shrieking at each other, but I know we got through 30-something rounds before the game was retired. I manage to make almost every card sexual, of course :D

It was maybe two in the morning, or later. Some suggested watching a movie, but as everybody knows, the movie is effectively the end of the sleepover: everyone falls asleep. Therefore we journeyed to my room in order to find something to do, and that something ended up being some game Maia described to us, which I know forget the name of. We had to guess a word in the most convoluted and ridiculous way possible, which is the best way to do everything, of course. After that we started to retire: sleeping bags were brought out, or, in Kim's case, a blanket was put on the floor and a stuffed horse used as a pillow. Unwilling to admit defeat (read: go to sleep) I entertained Maia and Dana with some of the more ridiculous stories I devised in yesteryear. Then Maia told us a story about a hideous moth, and at 6 o'clock in the morning we couldn't will ourselves to keep our eyes open any longer. We could see the sky lightening when we passed out, so I'll just go ahead and claim it was an all-nighter, even though we eventually slept :D

We woke up at 11:11--well, I did, after remembering that the people in my room were not scary strangers, but were invited, and usually quite friendly. This was actually bad, because people had to leave at twelve, so that we could drive Kim to the marching band practice she had inconveniently timed at 12:30. To pass the time we played more Mariokart, and then stuffed our faces with the Munchkins my mom brought home for us.

Then was a dilemma, because Kim had to leave, but no one else had been picked up yet. So instead of abandoning my house guests, I abandoned Kim. Of course, three minutes later, everyone was picked up--at the exact same time. One minute, everyone was gone! It was eerie!

And so that concluded my birthday sleepover party. It was magical :D

Saturday, August 20, 2011




The sad part is, I am still more or less at loss of what to blog about. Have I done anything particularly exciting in the last one-hundred and sixty-eight hours? Have I done anything of note, accomplished anyone exemplary, commendatory, significant, or otherwise blogworthy. Actually, I've been cleaning quite a bit, and earlier in the week I was thinking about cleaning and not doing so.

TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY PARTY! I AM SO EXCITED!  Tomorrow I also need to sweep/mop the floors and clean the bathroom, haha.

It being past eleven, I should probably go to sleep. Good night, friends! Till the morrow!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The summer is ending!

Well, I said I would write a proper entry today, and so I am. Surprisingly, the last several days haven't been a maelstrom of unproductiveness! That's an oxymoron, but I digress.

As we know, yesterday found me repeatedly jumping up and down, screaming, and forgetting anything else in the world mattered when I FINALLY received my sophomore schedule! I've already commented on that, so I won't go further, but I will say that I have since found out that the chemistry teacher I have is supposed to be insanely difficult or something, and that I've found someone who's in my Latin class! Personally, I'm still looking forward to next year :D I just hope I get to see Shari, and a certain sour boy, more often than what looks likely right now.

I'll also say that getting my schedule has really grounded in the fact that school is starting, and soon. I still have things to do in the summer! Primarily on the list of unaccomplished summer goals are: at least begin the summer reading work (I finished The Life of Pi the other night--it was really good), figure out and buy my school supplies, and get some back-to-school clothes shopping out of the way. As for the first thing, I'm finding it incredibly difficult to motivate myself to do anything at all, let alone school work. The second and third things are for the most part just a matter of going out and buying things.

As for the rest of the summer, I can't imagine it being terribly exciting. I am having a BIRTHDAY PARTY! on the twenty-first, and so far the guest list includes: Dana, Kim, Shari, Vera, Silver, and Happy. I still need to actually invite the last two; Silver is still at camp and Happy I haven't been able to get a hold of. Hopefully, everything will work out! I am really quite excited for this :D

As for my week, pretty much all I've done is write all day and haunt the computer. On Wednesday I went to Great Adventure, and they still didn't have my phone, although we did find out that I left the wrong number for them to call if they found it....heh. Thursday, I had an awful headache, and spent the day grumbling around the house. Yesterday, I went to the mall with Shari! Always fun seeing Shari, of course :D Even though I actually had a decent amount of money, and was kind of planning on spending it all in a bout of fashionable madness, I only got one shirt--although it is a very nice, comfortable shirt, which, were it not faux pas during school, I could see myself wearing all the time...:) I found a pair of jeans which I liked, but I, an insatiable miser, decided to wait and see if twenty dollars would drop to fifteen sometime in the future, and if my parents would then consent to buy it for me. Everything at my mall, with the exception of Forever 21, is unfortunately quite expensive, giving the 80-some dollars I've saved up about the use of pocket change.

Finally, I've been writing more--and less--and so far, I haven't lost interest in my latest story. Usually my interest comes and goes, as I'm sure we all know, so I'm hoping I can actually stick with this one for a decent amount of time before condemning it to the nether regions of my folder.

That being said, I'm quite hungry. I think I'll go get dinner. Au revoir, mon amis :)

Friday, August 12, 2011


Period 1- LATIN
Period 2- HEALTH
Period 3- BIOLOGY
Period 4- ENGLISH
Period 6- U.S. HISTORY

I have NO CLASSES with: Shari, Happy, Up. Unmitigated rage.
I have ONE CLASS with: Lolo, Kim (both U.S. History, hurray!)
I have ONE CLASS with a gym buddy (Lauren) and that class is: Chemistry.
Lauren also is in my creative writing class, which is in the SECOND SEMESTER. Unmitigated rage.
I know NO ONE in: Latin, biology, health, English, math, and financial literacy. For anyone who doesn't care to count, that is SIX CLASSES.
Whoever put me in SECOND SEMESTER creative writing needs to die a SAD, SAD DEATH.
Up is NOT EVEN TAKING CREATIVE WRITING. I TALKED TO HIM. However, he did say he was going to try and switch.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm obsessed!

I am trying to figure out what exactly compelled me to take two science classes next year, a year which everyone already says is the hardest one. Here are the negatives:
  • I'm taking six core classes instead of five, which will increase the workload and consequently my stress level exponentally.
  • I have a minimum of sixteen labs to do throughout the year.
  • I will have to have two text books and two binders.
  • My dad insists that I'll mix up biology and chemistry at some point during the year.
  • Since most sophomores are taking chemistry, I will most likely be alone in a class full of upperclassmen.
  • Since most sophomores are taking chemistry, no one will be able to help me with classwork.
  • Because I'm taking biology, I'm not taking lunch, or another elective. I'll have no down-time during the day.
I'm sure there's plenty more that I'm not thinking of. Here are the positives:
  • ??
Maybe I want to be an overachiever, even though I'm generally just an achiever. Maybe I'm insane. Yes, that seems likely.

Right before that last paragraph, I installed our new mouse and keyboard, and it is strange to say the least. It's bizarre having a mouse which isn't terrible. Anyway, my days have been boring. I just realized that I forgot to post my last awesome Paint thing! Here it is:

There! I finished it a few days ago, haha.

I think I'll go peruse more Supernatural-themed tumblrs. I'm obsessed.

Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm going to try to write something personal, so if you don't want to read, you don't have to. I just want to put it down somewhere.

I've told you about my latest story. I didn't mention that the main character is almost entirely based off of me. Her heart is broken by everything, even changing clothes, even going to sleep at night, because every little change and every goodbye and every lost moment is filled with unbearable sadness for her. That's me. But she has one philosophy that I didn't realize I had as well, which came out of nowhere as I was writing, which stays with her until almost the very end: it is not enough to love. It is not enough to love someone, no matter how intensely, no matter how deeply and earth-shatteringly you love them, because you cannot save them. The people she loves are lost to her one by one and while before she felt that her love was so vital to her that she could never lose it, now she sees everything which has touched her heart falling away.

I've been writing poetry all day. I'm not a very good poet, but the poems I write, at least most of them, mean something to me--something intense and small and deep, as if I've cut a peice of myself out into them. I write about the fall from grace. I write things in half-words I don't know how to express fully. I write about love overcoming even the previously mentioned fall from grace--because it is love. And I wrote a poem with this story in mind which says, "It is not enough to love."

The peom does not prove it, though. It is a poem about holding on to what has been left behind and holding on to the "above". And yet, because I was writing it with this story and this character in mind, I wrote It is not enough to love. In fact, I repeated it and I made the poem about it, because that is what the story and the character is about. Not holding on to what has been left behind, not reaching for the above, but accepting the sadness of the world and doing just the opposite. Acknowledging, even believing, that it is useless to love someone, because you cannot keep them with you.

And then I wrote another poem. Between my little tales of fallen angels and overcoming love, I wrote a poem with no concept of it at all, only the sudden, desperate, emotional conviction that I had to write something else. And I started it, "It is enough to love."

And I began to cry.

It is not the character's philosophy. It is not my philosophy. It is something I am afraid of, to my entire depth. I am afraid of thinking to myself, it is not enough to love. I am afraid of losing what I love and therefore turning away from it entirely. I am afraid of becoming this character, who has nothing to hold on to but an eternity of useless memories and the refusal to take hold of the glimmer of hope for the future, the spark which she is given and refuses to touch because she wants it too desperately. I am afraid of becoming that person.

Before I began this story at all, in a notebook which I was writing poems in, I wrote at the top of the page, "It is not enough to love." That is all I wrote. I could not bring myself to write more; I could not find the words for the poetry that followed. That was all that was there, overwhelming and terrible. That was all I could think of to feel. And on the very next page I began the first draft of this story, as if it were an outlet for my fears, a warning to myself that I should never become this person. I never want to become this person.

I know that my character will change her mind. I know I cannot bear to leave her with that life, where love is not enough to save a person. I know she will be brought to it, like I was, but not exactly like I was, because she is not me. She is a person who I will never become, someone cold and afraid and desperate and longing for a thing she cannot touch, which she won't bring herself to see before her.

But I admit, I am still afraid. I will always be afraid. I will fear every day that I love something which I can lose, but I will love anyway, exactly because I can lose it. I will love because it is enough to save someone, and it is enough to save me.

It is enough to love.

This time.

I woke up at 6:30 today, and was stunned by the morning. It was morning, I mean. Not late morning, when the sun was already blazing, but early and soft and sleepy. I went outside and it smelled like school and waiting for the bus, that little stretch of morning when I'm only walking and feeling the air and watching the sun rise. It was really quite something.

Of course, with a start like that, you'd bet I would want to make something of the day. That does not seem to be happening. In the past two days I've had a lot of thoughts of what a waste a useless life is, especially when you're young and untethered, and it still hasn't inspired me to go outside and do something. It did inspire me to clean up my folder, though :D

I actually discovered a "story" about a writer. I guess I got through two paragraphs before stopping, but it was more of a personal narrative than a story. One line in particular stuck with me (and only one line, because I can't remember the rest :P):
I could do something else, but writing is the only thing I've ever found a reason for.
Then I deleted it! Organization.

WELL. Blogger friends, I have a problem. I am taking six (!) core classes next year, which, in a terrible world, would mean six binders. Luckily, two classes I can use folders for, which leaves English, math, and the two sciences with binders. That's still four binders which I don't want to lug around all day. I'm wondering if I should combine my science binders or try to condense my math binder into a folder, or something. So, in total I should have: three folders, two notebooks, one five-subject notebook, a small binder, a medium binder, and a mega binder. Bleh.

Speaking of that, schedules should be here any day now! I have to keep reminding myself that it's only ten o'clock and the mail wouldn't have arrived yet, and that's why no one is posting their schedules on Facebook yet. Yeah, that's it.

Also things that are coming up: SILVER COMING HOME! Only five days now! I know I'm more excited about this than she is, haha, but as she represents approximately one fourth of the people I hang out with, she has been sorely missed.

I think I should go say hi to Vera or something. This entry wasn't fantastically written, but I'm kind of tired from waking up at six thirty, so you'll excuse it this time :D

Saturday, August 6, 2011

In general.

I was going to blog, and then I once more became entirely absorbed in tumblr, which is strange since I don't actually have one. Oddly enough, most of the tumblrs I've been poring over have to do with a show which is currently in between seasons and that I've watched four episodes from. I've become mildly obsessed. This is probably unhealthy.

Well! I feel like it hasn't been that long since I last blogged, though it probably has. Hm. My school schedule still has not arrived, even though it's about the right time and I've heard that they were sent out last Monday. I don't really know what I'll do with myself after I get it. It's all I've been looking forward to all summer. I certainly won't be looking forward to actually going back to school, now will I?

Oh, and last Thursday, I finished Forever (sorry, I don't know what else to link to, haha)--the finale to the trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater which also includes Shiver and Linger, and which I currently forget the name of. The Wolves of Mercy Falls or something? Anyway, I loved the first book, and though the second book didn't really do anything for me, this one is definitely a favorite. I did cry at the end, though it was honestly a bit predictable. I don't know what was missing from the second book, but it was in this book. The end obviously leaves a lot unanswered, but the story definitely feels done, which I think is a good thing. I haven't lost any sleep over the ending :) Basically, I would reccomend this book, but obviously everyone should read the other two books first.

In slightly related news, I've been working on my latest story more, and to be perfectly honest, it makes me very happy :D There's something I just like about it. I admit, some parts of it I need to go over because they don't make much sense, but as a whole I really like the story that's been coming together. It's the same one from the excerpt I posted last Saturday--you know, the one with the girl getting on the train. That one.

I have to say, I really like using trains and train stations in stories. I mean, it's like a built-in story: something ending, something beginning, both the sadness of leaving something behind and the hope of a new life somewhere else. I briefly considered calling my latest story Trains before realizing that that sounded odd, and so it is still called Cities. I like having names for things. Hm.

AND FINALLY: I want a birthday party. Nothing special, just friends and pizza and cake. I mean, I know my friends will be celebrating my birth regardless, but I might as well grace them with my presence :D I'm turning fifteen in NINETEEN (19!) days! I remember thinking fifteen was, like, the epitome of teenager-ness. Fifteen and sixteen. Now it doesn't seem so old. I'm sure all of you people who are older than me will agree :)

Well, I suppose that's all. I'm kind of bored. In general. Back to tumblr, I suppose....:) 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

IT IS AUGUST! This means: my birthday is this month (three weeks, to be exact) and I will be turning 15, and we are getting schedules soon! I like to think of my schedule as an early birthday present, since I've had my entire summer pivoted around getting them. I've heard that they were sent out on Monday, which means they could be here today!

Schedules, of course, are a clear reminder that we are past the halfway-mark of summer and that school will be returning in the future. For the most part, I suppose I don't mind. I know I'll have a greater workload (two sciences--what was I thinking?) but, you know, I'm not as worried as I probably should be.

I am mildly worried about something Kim was kind enough to remind me of yesterday: summer reading work! I wish I had known about this last month! Luckily, it's not that bad; for both The Once and Future King and whatever other book we choose, we have to:
  1. Find ten quotes in which a character shows power or lacks power.
  2. Explain how that passage shows the character showing/lacking power.
So, it's not the worst assignment ever. However, we still have to "analyze the relationships between characters in terms of who holds and utilizes power" and "think about how the theme develops through the course of the book," and when we get to school, we'll have an essay based off of this work. I'm trying to find the willpower to begin this today, but it's really not coming to me.

In other news, I have created the greatest thing ever on Paint:

It's a bit blurry here, but awesome, yes?

This is [slightly] unrelated, but my mouse is either not clicking at all or double-clicking, and just in general being awful. The worst part is my dad took it apart and cleaned it the other day and it's still not working.

Yesterday I saw yet another free movie with Shari! I don't know where she gets these free tickets, but they are cool. We saw 30 Minutes or Less, which was very funny, though it seemed that they didn't rate it before they let children watch it. By the time we got there--thirty minutes early, might I add--there were so many people there already that we had to sit in the very front row. That is not an enjoyable movie-watching experience. Still, the movie was funny, and it was cool hanging out with Shari :)

I'm going to go waste my time doing things that aren't summer reading work. I'm so irresponsible.