Saturday, August 13, 2011

The summer is ending!

Well, I said I would write a proper entry today, and so I am. Surprisingly, the last several days haven't been a maelstrom of unproductiveness! That's an oxymoron, but I digress.

As we know, yesterday found me repeatedly jumping up and down, screaming, and forgetting anything else in the world mattered when I FINALLY received my sophomore schedule! I've already commented on that, so I won't go further, but I will say that I have since found out that the chemistry teacher I have is supposed to be insanely difficult or something, and that I've found someone who's in my Latin class! Personally, I'm still looking forward to next year :D I just hope I get to see Shari, and a certain sour boy, more often than what looks likely right now.

I'll also say that getting my schedule has really grounded in the fact that school is starting, and soon. I still have things to do in the summer! Primarily on the list of unaccomplished summer goals are: at least begin the summer reading work (I finished The Life of Pi the other night--it was really good), figure out and buy my school supplies, and get some back-to-school clothes shopping out of the way. As for the first thing, I'm finding it incredibly difficult to motivate myself to do anything at all, let alone school work. The second and third things are for the most part just a matter of going out and buying things.

As for the rest of the summer, I can't imagine it being terribly exciting. I am having a BIRTHDAY PARTY! on the twenty-first, and so far the guest list includes: Dana, Kim, Shari, Vera, Silver, and Happy. I still need to actually invite the last two; Silver is still at camp and Happy I haven't been able to get a hold of. Hopefully, everything will work out! I am really quite excited for this :D

As for my week, pretty much all I've done is write all day and haunt the computer. On Wednesday I went to Great Adventure, and they still didn't have my phone, although we did find out that I left the wrong number for them to call if they found it....heh. Thursday, I had an awful headache, and spent the day grumbling around the house. Yesterday, I went to the mall with Shari! Always fun seeing Shari, of course :D Even though I actually had a decent amount of money, and was kind of planning on spending it all in a bout of fashionable madness, I only got one shirt--although it is a very nice, comfortable shirt, which, were it not faux pas during school, I could see myself wearing all the time...:) I found a pair of jeans which I liked, but I, an insatiable miser, decided to wait and see if twenty dollars would drop to fifteen sometime in the future, and if my parents would then consent to buy it for me. Everything at my mall, with the exception of Forever 21, is unfortunately quite expensive, giving the 80-some dollars I've saved up about the use of pocket change.

Finally, I've been writing more--and less--and so far, I haven't lost interest in my latest story. Usually my interest comes and goes, as I'm sure we all know, so I'm hoping I can actually stick with this one for a decent amount of time before condemning it to the nether regions of my folder.

That being said, I'm quite hungry. I think I'll go get dinner. Au revoir, mon amis :)


  1. Good luck finishing the summer reading stuff. I find that once you get yourself on a roll, it's easier to just keep plowing through and finish it all!

    Yeah. All the other stores seem ridiculously expensive when you compare them to Forever 21... the only problem is that the $5 shirt I got from there basically fell apart after one wash. BOO. :(

    But yay for birthday parties and writing! :D

  2. I've yet to to receive my summer schedule! It's kind of upsetting, really.

    Yay for back-to-school shopping! I went into Staples a few days ago and was in-and-out within twenty minutes. I was surprised, because I'm usually a stationary nut. Maybe as we get older, we kind of realize that we don't need to buy a bunch of things that we'll never use anyway.

    Haha, I usually buy a lot of my clothes from Forever 21/Charlotte Russe/Target. The price of their clothes compared to stores like Express and J. Crew is insanely cheap!