Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Anything's possible.

I've been searching through some old entries, looking for a specific one in particular, and, if I'm correct, that date is April 5th, 2010. But, more importantly, I realized that my entries were really terribly written--I definitely sounded like a thirteen-year-old! Maybe in two years, I'll look back and think that this is poorly written as well :)

I feel like writing something. The proper and responsible course of action would be to continue with the last story I worked on, which I have abandoned for several days, but I feel like instead of doing that I'm going to write something silly which I'll focus on for a week before forgetting about.

Yesterday, I went to the beach! It was such a beautiful day--actually, every day has been beautiful now that that infernal heat wave is over. Naturally, by the end of it, there was sand in places there need not be sand, and the smell of the beach was caught in my nose. I love the smell probably more than anything else about the beach--you can't find it anywhere else. When you smell it, you know you're at the shore.

The entire time I couldn't help but think that the stereotype of the Jersey Shore was ridiculous, at least for the southern half--I wouldn't know about the northern. Yes, there are plenty of scantily clothed people, but that may be the only thing that's similar. The beach isn't made up of wannabe Italians, orange-hued tans and petty fighting--it's full of the boardwalk and sand and water and people wanting to do the quintessential summer activity. It kind of annoys me that New Jersey gets such a bad rap. I'm not Italian, I'm sure as hell not rich, I don't say "wudder" (although I do say Tren'in when I'm talking fast--haha). Yes, there are a lot of people and a lot of roads, but why is that a bad thing? There's also plenty of forests, and an entire side of the state is devoted to beach. New Jersey is not a bad place to be.

I actually wrote all of the above around 1:30, and then went back outside to visit Vera, only to see that I had a missed call from Jaryd! So I called him back, and then we hung out, haha. It was nice to see him before school starts again :) We mostly just walked around and watched TV, since my mom didn't seem to want us alone in the house together. I honestly find that a bit laughable, since Jaryd's...Jaryd. But, it's not important. It was still fun :)

In other news, there are LESS THAN TWO WEEKS until school starts! What is this! However, this being the case, it seems like a good idea to actually start the summer reading work--and soon. So far I've not even looked at it, and judging by what I've heard of my teacher, that is not a good idea. Maybe I'll have a burst of motivation tomorrow and finish it all! It's possible...kind of!

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  1. Aww haha, no worries. My earliest posts from when I was in EIGHTH GRADE (holy crap) are laughable. They're like "Oh snap so today I didn't do anything and I was so bored so I'll just post tomorrow and hope something happens then. Talk to you later!!!" I mean, I made my URL ohsnapitsnatalie for goodness sakes... sigh. But yeah, I'm sure we'll all look back on all of our entries 10 years in the future and think we were idiots. *shrug*

    Anyways, hurrah for the beach! It's so weird to me that some people can just go to the beach whenever they want instead of making a whole vacation to drive 10 hours. Lucky duck! And haha, I know that everyone in NJ isn't like that... just like not all Italians are like that! The Jersey Shore gives us both a bad name! :P

    SCHOOL! AHHH. No more procrastinating, young lady, I forbid it. (Are you scared now? I know I'm so menacing.)

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