Wednesday, August 31, 2011

School things!

Obviously by tomorrow I meant two days later. Not that I have much more to say, but, you know how it is.

Kim and I scoured a massive mall and still turned up with nothing. The Forever 21 there was pathetically small! It was honestly half the size of one floor of the one at our mall. And besides that, pretty much every store there was really expensive. I am on a budget here, mall!

Speaking of clothes, though, I did get a pair of jeans today! Now I just need one more pair of jeans, and I'll have one for every day of the week. ....Hah. Well, that's true.

Also speaking of clothes, I made a nice little list of things on the Forever 21 website, and everything would be hunky-dory if it didn't take FIVE TO TEN BUSINESS DAYS to get here. School starts in six days and three business days. The obvious solution would be to go to the store and get the things, but I've been to the store and I can never find anything. I need clothes. Rah!

On a slightly related note--don't you love my use of transitional phrases?--SCHOOL IS STARTING IN SIX DAYS. ALMOST FIVE NOW. I can't even fathom this, seriously. LESS THAN A WEEK. I still need a backpack, pencil case, and to do summer reading work! I'm not prepared for any of my classes and I don't know anybody in most of them. I'll have to wake up early again! And do homework! And write essays--and lab reports. I know everyone has to do this and I'm just complaining...but....gah!

At least I have the zoo to look forward to with Shari...which is happening on Friday :D Other than that, though, I imagine I'll be lumping around for the rest of summer. Living the life, here, I am.

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  1. i hate when stores take forever to send you your stuff, one time I ordered a dress for the shcool dance and it took forever to get here, it came just in time, i had all of a minute to get dressed