Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm obsessed!

I am trying to figure out what exactly compelled me to take two science classes next year, a year which everyone already says is the hardest one. Here are the negatives:
  • I'm taking six core classes instead of five, which will increase the workload and consequently my stress level exponentally.
  • I have a minimum of sixteen labs to do throughout the year.
  • I will have to have two text books and two binders.
  • My dad insists that I'll mix up biology and chemistry at some point during the year.
  • Since most sophomores are taking chemistry, I will most likely be alone in a class full of upperclassmen.
  • Since most sophomores are taking chemistry, no one will be able to help me with classwork.
  • Because I'm taking biology, I'm not taking lunch, or another elective. I'll have no down-time during the day.
I'm sure there's plenty more that I'm not thinking of. Here are the positives:
  • ??
Maybe I want to be an overachiever, even though I'm generally just an achiever. Maybe I'm insane. Yes, that seems likely.

Right before that last paragraph, I installed our new mouse and keyboard, and it is strange to say the least. It's bizarre having a mouse which isn't terrible. Anyway, my days have been boring. I just realized that I forgot to post my last awesome Paint thing! Here it is:

There! I finished it a few days ago, haha.

I think I'll go peruse more Supernatural-themed tumblrs. I'm obsessed.



    I'm sorry, but that's not okay.

    The positives? Perhaps you'll befriend some upperclassmen and they will make your life amazing. :)

  2. How can you not have lunch?! Oh my goodness... but props to you for being an overachiever! Hopefully the stress will be worth it once you come out of it super smart and such. :)

  3. Wow you and paint, you should sell those things! Oh my how can you not have lunch! You can sneak snacks in class :D! I think that it's good that you are trying your hardest though, trust me if you can handle this you can handle just about anything, haha. I believe in you though, your abilities are greater than they seem (:

  4. 1. yes, you are insane. I have no idea what you were thinking doubling up on science. INSANITY.
    2. Very cool painting thing.
    3. i got my schedule for next year.
    (order from 1st to 8th period)
    English = Rocchino, German = Moehlmann, Bio = Scharff, Health = James, adv 3D art = Morgan, Us A = Coen, commercial art = Miller, and math needs to be fixed (they put me in the wrong class)
    ps. since you take 2 sciences and have gym and creative writing, does that mean you lab out twice in a week? watch your lab days be on mondays and fridays, or on the same day. See you in school!