Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Derp-di-derp derp DERP.

So, you know what's weird? This morning I woke up with the following two thoughts:

  1. Oh shit I have school.

  2. Iz gunna be a greaty day!
I mean, obviously it hasn't. I'm bored out of my mind. That's why I'm blogging. Not because I actually have anything to blog about. And OH MY GOD, the screen keeps fizzling and it's GIVING ME A HEADACHE! Fuggles.
I like my blog. Did I ever mention that?
So, I guess the one thing worth blogging about (and not even that much) is I made up a bitchin' long series once, that was really complicated and stuff, and I completely LOST two of the last book summaries! I mean, one of them was written on a receit, but still! Ugh.
Oh, and The Sims keeps crashing and two of my guy's wives are ugly, which makes me sad.
Oh, and I totally CAN'T WAIT until I can go back-to-school shopping, because I am bored out of my mind not doing anything. I can't even write. Seriously. I am completely incapable of writing beginnings now, apparently. It's like, I write a crappy first sentence about ten different ways and then just get discouraged and give up because the story's stupid and I know I'm not gonna finish it anyway. So yeah. I haven't writtenwritten in a while. Oh, and I'm eating pretty much everything in sight and I'm pretty much barely moving, let alone going outside and soaking up, like, sun or something. It really sucks living ten-gazillionty miles away from all my friends, because I don't wanna just sit outside by myself getting sunburned. You know? And I actually really want high school to happen because I wanna see what it's like. You know? YOU KNOW?
I also have, like, $235 to spend on clothes, so I kinda wanna start but at the same time I wanna have something to do later in the summer. There's still like two months left to go in this burning heat before we all start complaining about the cold again. It's only been eight days. Days I've actually done something interesting with my friends? Two. Days I've done a significant amount of physical activity? One. Days I've been outside for a significant amount of time? One. Oh goody it's gunna be a great summer.
Now I have to take a shower, because if I don't I'll just turn into one big zit >.<
And now, to erase that image from your brain, I give you....DERP!
The longer you look at it, the funnier it gets.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monkeys. Monkeys everywhere.

So, woot, I hung out with ShareBear today! I went to her house around 11, we hung out, went to a nice little Chinese place, then to Target, then to the most pathetic mall on the face of the planet, and then to Five Below :) 'Twas nice, yes. And...that's really all I have to say. Haha.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Woot, sunburn.

Yup! I actually did something today. I know. It's unprecedented. But really. I went to Woodcrest to play tennis with Kim, and discovered to things:
  1. I am better than Kim at tennis; but,
  2. We are both really bad at tennis.
When Kim (not I! Kim!) got bored we went over to Annie's house, which was moderately close, I guess. There was Cookle-Wookle and Fluff Monster, my new best friends. Then we went over to another elementary school and tried to break in. Yup. We're criminals, we are. And we also decided to make a second installment of Crazy Psychotic Outcast Murderer Girl, or whatever it's called. Then we walked back to Annie's house. And trampolined. Which is my favorite. And then, somehow, Kim got bored, so we took a walk around the neighborhood in the boiling heat and passed RIGHT BY Leo's house without saying hello, and then we went back, and yeah. 'Twas fun. But then my mom made me spend an hour with her at her friend's house setting up a TV. I don't even mind the TV. It's her friend. She's both an imbecile and completely unmannered. I mean, really, I do not care if it's a skort, do not sit with your legs spread farther than...than...Izzy. Yeah. I went there. And she actually told me to "Fetch." Seriously. Fetch. As if I was some clearly-bored, morose, apathetic dog instead of some clearly-bored, morose, apathetic person. What the hell.
Oh, and I'm nervous, because my first thingy posty thingy will be on Mix Tape tomorrow ~.~ Assuming they don't decide they hate it and I suck and they kick me off the team. That would be bad. But, no, I don't love the posty thingy, frankly, but I didn't have time to make it better (or write a new one) because I completely forgot what day it was. Eek.
Fooshaw. By the way, yes, I do have sunburn.

Friday, June 25, 2010


So, woo. The Sims is my best friend in summer, let me tell you. Tomorrow I'll probably get around to some video games...
In case you weren't sure, I am completely succeeding in being a lump.

Ooh, but I do have actually have a message for the people over at Mix Tape. I've pretty much written the thingy (it's about the iPhone 4...hee.) but I have to finish it off. You know, give it a strong ending, that sort of thing? I promise I'll put what I have on there before Sunday so you can go over it and tell me it's horrible, but...yeah. Just so you know. I haven't forgotten about you.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So I guess the first day of summer has passed us by. Fun? I pretty much did one of the following....watched TV (Avatar, The Colbert Report, and The Daily Show...happiness.), read some of the unknown short stories that accompany Dr. Jekkyl and Mr. Hyde, and played The Sims. That was my day. It was pretty darn nice, all things considered. Just not worrying about anything. Chillin' out, you know?
And now I will share with you my Sims 2 story, because I know it's important *cues sarcasm*: So I have these people that are like perfect for each other except I made the chicky have an affair and then she got pregnant and so they have two kids that don't actually belong to the guy so it doesn't list them as his family so yeah it's sad, and yes I make my sim's lives like soap operas; deal with it. I was kinda hoping that one of the twins (they were twins, by the way) would be one guys and the other would be the other guys, but yeah. That's what happened.
Oh, and for the first time in awhile, I have a thought regarding Basil: I know I shouldn't be thinking about him or anything, but it feels actively wrong to just let everything go. Like I have so much to say to him that I wish he could understand, but I know he won't and I'll never speak to him again, and that feels wrong. Like I should say something to him and I should think about him and stuff. I dunno. It's not like I like him anymore but it's just so unnatural to let him go. You know?
And, umm, one last thing: I fully intend to be a lump this summer. As Lolo once so rightly said, my schedule shall be: Get up. Be a lump. Go to bed. I hope you giggle at that as much as I did.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So, woot, I guess I'm officially a freshman now. Last day of school today. It felt like any other day, even though we pretty much just hung out the entire time. We actually had classes for some reason. But it was kinda nice. Haha, I completely cut class and slipped LA :)
It really wasn't as emotional as I thought it'd be, though. I was more upset last night, and even then I wasn't, like, bawling. I wasn't even tearing up...but whatever. I'm pleased to announce that I got all As on my finaly grade, except for math (which was a B+)! Yeah, but...I dunno, I'm never going to be in that universe again. Ever. It's weird. But I'm going to high school now, and I CAN'T WAIT to go back-to-school shopping!

Oh, and Vera gave me a gift. Yes, that Vera. You see, I'm okay with some friendly conversation every once in a while. I'll be nice. I hold nothing against her. I've forgiven her. But I don't want to be her friend again. I just don't. I've given her a chance and she failed it miserably.
I also lost part of the gift on the bus X( And that makes me feel pretty shitty, indeed. It was the card and a $15 iTunes gift card, which bites balls.

Monday, June 21, 2010

So, what, is it over?

Yeah, graduation today. Woo? I finally got home at 1:30 after a day of signing year books. That was fun. It was literally all we did all day. Silver, Lolo, and I ditched the gymnasium after awhile to hunt down some old teachers, two of which said I was one of the best students they ever had :) And I didn't get a hug from Bruce. Oh well. But I texted him later. Yeah. I dunno. I figure it doesn't matter because I'll probably never see him again.
Graduation was decent. We had to be there at 2:15 so obviously I didn't have much time. I guess I looked alright. Silver was sitting right in front of me, and Vorn was next to me, so I wasn't exactly without company. Haha, they showed a video and it was some student's Picture-Day pictures leading up to a short video of them present-day :) It was so freaking adorable. But I kept coughing, like, the entire time, which sucked, because this bitch next to me kept giving me dirty looks and everything within ten seats of me turned to look at me at least once X( I felt terrible, really, but it's not like I could help it!
Oh, and haha, I got to stand up because apparenlty my GPA is over 3.7. Yay?
And tomorrow is the last day of school, so...yay. I guess. I don't know. I kinda feel pretty apathetic right now, if you haven't noticed. We went to Applebee's after graduation and my parents got me a bouquet of roses, which are my favorite flowers EVER, and an adorable card, and a $25 gift card to Staples :) God, I love Staples. I love the paper. The binders. The pens. Everything. I love that smell. You know that smell, don't you? It's one of my favorite smells EVER. I love back-to-school shopping. So. Much.

OOOH, and shout-out to Carmelle, who I assume knows who she is, haha. She wrote in my yearbook "I <3 ur blog", which made me grin like an idiot. I love people loving my blog. I really do. It's awesome. I also love having a yearbook for people to sign :) Yes, I shall now make a list of the people who signed my yearbook...yay....
  • Teachers-
  • Mr. Del.
  • Mrs. Lomba.
  • Mr. Murtha.
  • Mr. Gehring.
  • Madame Hewlett
  • Mrs. Halden
  • Random Seventh Graders-
  • Ilana
  • Zoe
  • Molly
  • And bffls/friends/kinda friends/people I know that for some reason still wanted to sign my yearbook despite the fact that we never talk-
  • Kim
  • Kayla
  • Silver
  • Sangy
  • KT
  • Izzy
  • Bruce
  • Aaron
  • Gigi
  • Kathy
  • Samkell
  • Gem
  • Melissa
  • Leo
  • Jon
  • Carmelle
  • Jenci
  • Balla
  • Nick S.
  • SKJH
  • Sharibeari
  • Happy
  • Toogood
  • Lesil
  • Vorn
  • Annie
  • Nat
  • Manyin
  • Ani
And someone wrote what looks like 'Nat Connolly" No idea who that is, haha. These things get confusing.
Yeah. Haha. Good day.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I don't actually have anything to say. I just feel like posting.

But when you look at them, and you see that they're beautiful...that's how I feel about you.

Bloggy! Oh, I missed you for the two days you were private! I'm sorry, my loyal followers; can you ever forgive me? You see, I was hoping the jackass(es) who read(s) my blog even though they shouldn't but they do anyway because they're bitches would think it was private permanently and give up and forget about it. I hoped. But then I realized that I'll be pissed off at them anyway so I might as well make it public, because I love my blog and if they wanna be bitches, they can be bitches. They just have to live with the fact that they're snotty, pathetic, stupid bitches who's greatest pleasure in life is being a bitch. Yeah, you know who I'm talking about.
[Dawn of the Dead--Does It Offend You, Yeah?]
So I guess I should blog about school now, because there's only two half-days left and shit. Yes, I feel weird. I always feel weird about things ending, especially things as big as middle school. You know, since nothing ever sinks in even though I know it's happening. So I'm not crying my eyes out, but I still feel weird and lonely and yeah. I finally have a yearbook this year! I can ask people to sign it! IT WILL BE AWESOME!
And I've already brought all my stuff My locker's empty. I've had a locker than can open without a combination for the last two years, which is insanely lucky. The lockers at East suck SO BAD. They're, like, tiny. They're about the same width as a sheet of paper. And it's so weird, because I've looked forward to this forever and now it's here and I can finally stop thinking about it and start doing it, but this time it's more bittersweet because I'll be leaving Rosa and things will change and I might never see my friends anymore...and then I'll make new friends and I won't even care because I won't need them anymore, and that's the worst part. That I'll lose them and not care. That I'll lose everything I know--my school, my books, my friends, my ideas, everything that's comfortable and regular--but it won't matter, because everything will be replaced by something different. I can't even imagine what my life will be like in a year. I mean, three years isn't a long time, but now a week feels like forever, and I don't mean to sound cliche but I've changed so much. I kinda feel like Nicest Thing by Kate Nash. I don't know why, but I do. And that song used to make me cry, but now it just makes me lonely.
[Birds--Kate Nash]
Yeah, I don't have much else to say. I feel happy. Like I love everything. You know?
All of the unquiet things;
all the breaks and sharp bee stings;
all the heartache, here and there;
all the pain in all the air.

Summer days and kool-aid drinks,
wasted away before you can think;
you're back to where the sidewalk ends
before you can make amends.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I love repeated numbers. And I'm almost halfway to 500! Hurrah! Maybe I won't completely forget this time and actually have a celebration.
So, in case you didn't notice, I changed my blog URL again. Something completely different this time, so it won't be as easy to guess. That's because Ani was going crazy again today, and this time threatened to report the blog to Mr. Creepanese, our principal. Because I called Basil a bitch. I assume she's also the one who posted this comment:
I am a therapist and it honestly seems like you need some help I feel you are extremely depressed and angry. please get help-talk to someone.
Obviously, she's not a therapist. I wouldn't have even noticed this comment if Nat hadn't told me Ani had left some whacked comment there...and this is the only one in the last month or so without a guess I could comment on this, but there's really no point. I assume that if anyone who I trusted to give accurate advice actually thought I needed a therapist, then I would actually need one. Ani is not that person.
And that brings me to my point: Ani doesn't know me at all, but she's still being a self-righteous hypocrite because she thinks I'm too mean. Frankly, I don't talk shit about her, and I think I have every right to expect she mind her own damn business and not talk shit about me. She's made no effort to be friendly, supportive, whatever in the last two years. She has nothing positive to say to me, ever. She never considers my side of an argument, or anything I say, for that matter. When I do something nice (example: she left her hoodie in my seat in science so I went to her class to give it to her) she attacks me (example: she bloody attacks me. because I brought her fucking hoodie back. what the hell.). She overreacts to everything I do and teases me constantly for no reason, when she actually bothers to talk to me. I mean, hell, I don't mind people teasing me. But there's a limit. She tries to trick me into believing ridiculous lies just for the sake of laughing at me later. And the blog thing. I'm tired of her scooping through everything I say just so she can find a reason to attack me. Hell, she barely needs a reason. Any excuse she can find will do. Any second-hand story is the gospel truth and after that, nothing I say matters. She reads my blog, gets upset about what I write when she has no reason to be concerned with any of it, then insists I'm a terrible person who's mean to everyone because I happened to say something not super-duper nice, or something she didn't agree with, or whatever. I'm sick of it. I mean, I've had issues with almost all of my friends at some point**, but this is ridiculous.
*sigh* I guess I haven't been getting much better about talking about people on my blog. To which I say: screw it. I'll write whatever the hell I want. As I said to Nat earlier today, if I didn't, I'd be way bitchier in real life.
And now I shall go. Damn, today was boring as hell.

**I've never had an issue with Lolo. You go, Lolo!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yeah. So. I wrote a stinking-long rant about Lavender, only to realize that I might as well just confront her in school tomorrow. Well, not 'confront'. More like say...'Hey Lavendar...maybe if you weren't such a damn cowardy hypocrite, you wouldn't bitch to my friends about how much you wanna slap me; you'd just do it. No, really, go ahead. I'd love to see you try." Or something along those lines. It's a shame too, because I spent a bitchin' long time on that rant.
You know, I kinda like resurrecting stories. It's like bringing someone back to life. Or, opening a grave and realizing dear old gramma was never dead, just sleeping. Or, better yet, stopping taking care of a tree that's so choked with vines that you're sure it's dead, but not cutting it down because it still has green leaves and stuff, then forgetting about it for a year or so, then realizing that it just seems dead because of all the vines, but it would thrive if you cut them away. Yup. Like that.
So. Today. Or rather, yesterday, since I'm being a terrible person and never blogging. The only interesting thing about yesterday was the bus, because of it was fun, and some kid was on it that isn't usually on it. Let's call him Shane. I don't know him very well, but he seems decent enough. He seemed to pick up on the fact that it was perfectly okay to tease me =.= Which it is. Whatever. In general, though, it was funner than usual.
Today, we had our last music class ever (gasp!) and watched videos all day. Videos about the civil war. Yay. Glory, which we finished in the morning, was actually really good. The one about Gettysburg, which I think is actually called Gettysburg, was dead boring. The people pretty much talked the entire time and for the life of me, I could not focus on what they were saying. And then, afterwards, Grossi got all crazy on us because some people (not us) were talking and that was disrespectful and stuff...I mean, I know where she's coming from, and I don't mean to sound crass or disrespectful (because I do appreciate the whole sacrifice-for-the-country thing, really) but the entirety of the movie was trying to figure out which side the poorly-manufactured accents came from, because all the uniforms looked the same.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


...are delish. And I'm not sure if there's an 'e' there, but I'm pretty sure there's not, so whatevs, right?
I'm debating talking to Basil. And I was just about to copy~paste the conversation I had with Kim on it, but NOOOOOO, she decided to disappear from Facebook right as I'm about to click on her name! I mean, she was asleep anyway, but yick, I hate it when that happens. Anyway. I want to ask him if he ACTUALLY thinks I still like him, except in a less bitchy way, and to personally apologize for the TERRIBLE THING Silver and Em did last night. I'm sure it won't end well (even if I can do it), but I want to anyway. Really, really bad. Just to prove I can. And I KNOW it won't end well, but hell, there's only a week left of school and he already hates me, right? Nothing I say can change that, so why be cautious?
You know what would be awesome? If it turned into a bitchfight. I mean, he thinks I'm a bitch, and he is a bitch, so if we started arguing for some reason it would be AWESOME.
Yeah. That's all.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


It's true.
So, I have to admit; with my three-inch heels and my pantyhose and my tight, short dress, I felt kinda hot. Just a little. A tad. Like, confident and somewhat invincible mixed with "Damn, I look good." All the compliments I got helped ;) And Vicky saying I was living up to my nickname of 'Pepper', which apparently I got in sixth grade from some guy on the bus, even though I don't remember that. Of course, that was a compliment, even though it made me feel a tiny bit like a slut. Yeah, but I felt pretty darn good the entire time. Like, "HAHA, I DON'T LOOK MOUSEY ALL THE TIME!" Not that I look mousey. Or anything. I don't know what I look like.
THE. DANCE. WAS. FREAKING. AWESOME. And bittersweet, because it's the last dance I'll ever have at Rosa. The last one. Ever. And it was amazing. I barely recognized the school; everything was covered in decorations. And all my friends were there, and there was food, and strawberries, and Starbursts, and games, and balloons, and lights that went on your fingers, and dresses, and shoes, and lip gloss and purses. And people. And dancing, of course. And boyfriends and girlfriends, and soda, and lights and sound. They should've played this song, but oh well ;)
Leo. Did. Not. Ask. Kim. Out. Cuz he is not worthy of ANYONE, and he's a dickface, and if he thinks he can EVER do better than Kim than he's just an idiot.
And now to the pièce de résistance...what Silver and Em did.
You all know I don't like Basil anymore, right? I really, really don't. In fact, I kind of hate him. He's a dumbass who happens to be a good dancer (something I see every school dance...ugh). Silver and Em don't believe that, obviously. (Well, neither does anyone else, but whatever.) So, at the back of the cafeteria, there was this GIANT sheet of paper that everybody was supposed to sign. So, I sign. And Silver does. And Em does. And they get the bright idea to right--OH SHIT! OH HOLY FUCKING SHIT! HE KNOWS!
*cough* Sorry, that would make no sense. Anyway. They then got the bright idea to right like a GAZILLION 'Basil's in hearts ALL OVER THE POSTER. And my initials. Then his initials. Then our names. Our real names. Forever. Where everyone can see.
And then Ani had to go and make it all better by TELLING HIM. So him and ALL OF HIS FRIENDS come over, and just hunt the wall for everything that has to do with him and me like it's the next big freaking scientific breakthrough, except they all have a major 'WTF?' expression on their faces, and then Silver and Em actually realize what a terrible thing they did, so they tell them it was them, and he tells them to get a life, and WAG. Yes, WAG.
But it was kind of exciting, just because nothing happens anymore and something was happening, and the dance was awesome, and yeah. Goodbye.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I have a dress!

It's true! Finally! After weeks and weeks of searching, I've finally found something super XXI Forever, no less.
It's blackish. I say blackish because it's black, but not like dark black. And it has whiteish/grayish polka-dots on it. And it's adorable. It's a bit skin tight (I guess it shows off my, uh, curves? If you'd call them that...) and a bit short (definitely stockings) but not TOO short, you know? In light terms, when I bend over, my ass isn't showing. Yes, I checked.
Yay :)


I'm in school! Woo. I'm actually allowed to this time, though, so it's cool. Last tech class of the year; we're not doing anything. Unfortunately, all the good websites are blocked by the school, so....

I still need a dress. Desperately. And my mom [MOM!] seems determined that I should not get one. I really, really, REALLY don't wanna wear the dress I have. And you know what? You remember that awesome dress I got from Pac Sun? It's freaking gone. And no one wants to go the mall anymore. Fuhhhh.

Should I change my blog template? Questions, questions.

In case you're wondering why I'm blogging so weirdly, it's because PEOPLE ARE LOOKING OVER MY SHOULDER AND IT'S FREAKING BOTHERING ME!!!!!!

And now, for your viewing pleasure:

Yes, iz freaking adorzable.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Imagine that in a sing-song voice, though, so it's less odd. God, I love the word odd.
So sorry I didn't blog last night! By the time I got around to it I got distracted by reading OTHER PEOPLE'S blogs and talking to Kim and then yeah. Time to go to bed. But I'm here now!
Great. Adventure. Is. The. Best. Place. On. Earth.
No, I'm serious. It is. Just go there, and you'll see what I mean. Even when it's cold and rainy. That's how amazing it is. And it was cold and rainy, which made riding roller coasters awesome. We rode the Runaway Mine Train like, a gazillion times. BECAUSE, even though it's small, it's pretty freaking awesome. And we rode The Dark Knight, which was not nearly as terrifying as I thought it'd be, even though it was pretty fun. And we rode Skull Mountain also a gazillion times. And the carousel :) Did you know 'gazillion' is actually a word? Wow!
*cough* Anyway. You may be wondering why I did not, in fact, go on Nitro, or any other big roller coaster, considering I was raving about it for months. Why? Because I went on the Ferris Wheel first. Don't even laugh. I'm serious. The moment it started going up, I freaked out. I was somewhere at a cross between hyperventilating and crying, and I had to have my head down and eyes shut the ENTIRE TIME, because I was sooooooo freaked out. Yes, I knew I was afraid of heights, I just didn't realize I was that afraid of heights. Oh, but when we went on the Skyline to go on the Runaway Mine Train again, it wasn't so bad, and Silver, Sharebear Cuddlykins, and Em all sang A Whole New World from Aladin :) Damn, that sentence had a lot of proper nouns!
We also went on the Log Flume, or whatever it's actually called. Yes, it's a water ride, and yes, we were already freezing and soaked, so what did it matter? Turns out, we were not soaked enough. Good God. But there's this thing outside the ride that dries you off (somewhat) and before, every time we went in it it was empty, so I see it on and run ahead, jump in, and discover people in it. I don't think I even have to say anything past this point.
Oh, and when I was on the Log Flume, there's this point before you start where you can see the people getting off the ride, and this [cute] guy was looking at me like he recognized me, but I had never seen him
OOOOH, and at the end, when we were walking back, we met up with Zucky and they all started teasing me about not having a boyfriend! RIGHT. IN. FRONT. OF. MIB*. Ragh.
And Frenchie talked to me. I like Frenchie because he doesn't seem particularly adverse tot talking to me should there be a reason.
Oh, and I'm also teasing Kim about who I like now :) Hahahaaaaaa, Kim!

*MIB refers to, in this case, the entirety of Basil's lunch table, not just him, Apple, and Connor.

Monday, June 7, 2010

If you fall for me...

So sorry for being such a terrible person and not blogging! It's not even like nothing happened, so I don't have an excuse.

FIVE HOURS in a freaking HUGE mall and not a single decent dress. My hunt continues. Yes, I already have a dress, but I don't feel it's really right, you know? I'm hoping I can find one that isn't ridiculously expensive before the dance (this Saturday!!!). I just feel like I've tried every single dress and I'm getting a little worried...
By the way, I was with Kim and Violet, who are like my mall buddies. It was awesome :)
I also realized that I don't likelike Mango just because he's like, the most perfect thing ever. I can't like someone like that if I know they're better than me, you know? And please [MOM], don't take that the wrong way...

Yuch. All today is is another day before Great Adventure. We presented our sonnets in LA, and I couldn't do it. I couldn't. I could not speak at all. I was FREAKING OUT. So Halden just offered to read it for me, so yeah. I went with that. It wasn't so bad. They all clapped pretty loud :) And some people said it was really good. Some people being Brambilla, who is one of my favorite people that I don't actually know. But other people said nice things too.

We also watched the first part of Saving Private Ryan, which was terrible. Really terrible. Everyone was just completely shocked. Just completely eyes-wide-open, gaping-in-horror at the screen. Apparently Kylie started crying because her boyfriend, Connor (they're both pretty obsessed with each's kind of cute. they're a good match) wants to join the military. Kind of a weird thing to worry about in middle school, but I see her point. Because that was a terrible, terrible scene.

Okay, so, I got a headache in lunch and in science it became completely unbearably head-splitting. I thought I was going to cry with how bad it hurt. Like, seriously, it sucked.

I also made up a story that I didn't even realize was really religious until I started explaining it to my dad.

I feel like I should have more to say, you know?

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Oh, it seems I'm the only one with a date to the dance :( Well, that's not true. It's only Kim, Annie, and Violet, out of my friends, but there's still a crapload of people who aren't my friends who have dates. I mean, it's not like I ever expected one, but geez! I didn't realize everyone would have a date.
Oh, but I'm super-happy for Kim, Annie, and Violet :)

I'm really not expecting anything to happen today, so I'm blogging now. You know, so I don't have to later. You know?

Friday, June 4, 2010


Well! Nothing of interest has happened, in case you were wondering why I haven't been blogging. Today was the Hershey trip for the music kids, which did not include me and about twenty other people (including Silver, Balla, and Sangy; thank goodness). We literally watched a movie all day. It was a terrible movie, too. And then we finished another terrible movie that we had started during NJ ASK. It was miserable. The teachers feel the need to torture us with terrible sports movies, as if EVERYONE liked sports and messages about dreams and friendship and stuff. And seriously, all sports movies follow the EXACT SAME MOLD. It's ridiculous.
We should've watched Monsters Inc. I mean, seriously, it teaches about friendship and kindness and stuff! And not being prejudiced! That would be a great movie to watch. But nooooo, we have to watch stupid sports movies about following your dreams! Ugh!

Oooooh, in gym, both Apple AND Mango talked to me! It was like, bliss. I was playing pickle-ball with Sangy and they were in the next court over, and practically every other hit ended up in their court. And sometimes their ball ended up in our court. Haha. Hahahahaha. No, but seriously, Mango is scary-muscular and Apple is just all around awesome. Or not awesome. I don't know. I just like him. Same with Mango. Hahaaaaaa.

Oooh, and I might go to the mall with Kim this weekend! I mean, I probably will. It's just not concrete yet. You see, I really like the dress I have, I'm just not entirely happy with it. It's a nice dress. A little simple, but nice. But I never got that 'OMG THIS IS PERFECT!' feeling, you know? And I don't think the entire outfit (I've already looked at some accessories) really flows properly. It's kind of disjointed. So I really hope I can find the receipt to the dress I currently have and get another one in time X( Oh, and Kim needs shoes. I have amazing shoes, even though I can't really dance in them. I'll go wear them!
Yee. I'm wearing them. They're not particularly comfortable, but hell, who cares? They're awesome!

Ugh, today some person I don't like totally butted into my conversation like an entitled, ignorant foosh. Yes, in lieu of a more appropriate word, I am using foosh. Anyway. Then she got all huffy and miserable when I told her to shut up. Well, not exactly. She kept talking (because she never stops talking, as if I ever wanted to hear her voice) about something she was not in any way involved with and I whirled around and said, very sharply: "Did I ask you?!" And then she acted like I was the craziest bitch in the world to dare imply that she had nothing to do with anything even remotely relating to me or anything I said, and therefore should have shut her trap and minded her own business like someone who was not in idiot. And then she complained about how mean I was and how misunderstood she was for the next hour or so. I wasn't with her (I quitted her company as soon as was humanly possible, because her presence is insufferably noxious) but I know she did, because that's what she does, and that's what people like her do. It's just another reason her presence is insufferably noxious. Ringo does the same thing, when she's not being all sacrificial. I don't mean to toot my own horn or anything, but sometimes I actually do have the presence of mind to not, well, be an idiot and rant about how misunderstood I am and how mean everyone else is. I rant about other things, like how much I hate the world, and even I'll shut up if it's obvious that no one actually gives a damn. But seriously, even I know better then to try to give obnoxious advice to someone that hates me, and then continue talking like some self-righteous badger even though it's obvious that the other person is so entirely fed up with my presence that, if it had gone on much longer, she would've had a screaming meltdown where she clawed off her own ears because she hates me that much and my voice was akin to nails on a chalkboard. Oh, God, I hate people.

I would be the happiest person in the world if only two people would just shut up and move to another school or something. I really hate looking at them.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Halos fail to glisten.

I'm pretty sure it's spelled 'halos' but it might also be 'haloes'. You know?
So, like, nothing's happened. I was not Helena today :( Everyone sucked at reading their lines, though. Except Brambilla. He was decent.
I'm so sick of this computer and this room and EVERYTHING. It's like I sit down and all the inspiration just flies out of me. I can't blog or write or even have a decent conversation. I have a headache...AGAIN. In fact, after this, I'm just going to go.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Then our hearts combined like a neutron star collision.

I was Helena today! And it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be :) I hope I'm still Helena when she calls Hermia (Kim) an acorn.
You will not believe this. I know I don't. You know how it would be PERFECT if Basil was Demetrius and Apple was Lysander? PERFECT? Well, guess what. They're switched. Effing switched. BASIL. Is. LYSANDER. And Apple is Demetrius! SO CLOSE AGHHH!
But, seriously, dude. Apple and Basil get these cool Shakespeare-y hat-and-jacket-things. Do you know what Kim and I get? Obnoxiously pink feather boas, and flower-ring-head-things with ribbons. Lovely.

[Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)--Muse]
I effing love this song.


That has nothing to do with anything. I just wanted to write it.
So! Mall with Share-Bair! And if you're wondering why I'm spelling it like that, she's threatened me with death if I ever say 'bear' again :)
It was fun! I mean, obviously. I've never been to the mall with a friend where it wasn't at least some degree fun. Just a little. At some point. But she finally found a dress! It's super cute, but I won't go in to too much detail...she'll probably do that herselfOH MY EFFING GOD I CAN'T TYPE AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fudge I can't type at all. Oh, but we saw Ani! I think we would've invited her along, but her uncle was there, so...