Friday, June 4, 2010


Well! Nothing of interest has happened, in case you were wondering why I haven't been blogging. Today was the Hershey trip for the music kids, which did not include me and about twenty other people (including Silver, Balla, and Sangy; thank goodness). We literally watched a movie all day. It was a terrible movie, too. And then we finished another terrible movie that we had started during NJ ASK. It was miserable. The teachers feel the need to torture us with terrible sports movies, as if EVERYONE liked sports and messages about dreams and friendship and stuff. And seriously, all sports movies follow the EXACT SAME MOLD. It's ridiculous.
We should've watched Monsters Inc. I mean, seriously, it teaches about friendship and kindness and stuff! And not being prejudiced! That would be a great movie to watch. But nooooo, we have to watch stupid sports movies about following your dreams! Ugh!

Oooooh, in gym, both Apple AND Mango talked to me! It was like, bliss. I was playing pickle-ball with Sangy and they were in the next court over, and practically every other hit ended up in their court. And sometimes their ball ended up in our court. Haha. Hahahahaha. No, but seriously, Mango is scary-muscular and Apple is just all around awesome. Or not awesome. I don't know. I just like him. Same with Mango. Hahaaaaaa.

Oooh, and I might go to the mall with Kim this weekend! I mean, I probably will. It's just not concrete yet. You see, I really like the dress I have, I'm just not entirely happy with it. It's a nice dress. A little simple, but nice. But I never got that 'OMG THIS IS PERFECT!' feeling, you know? And I don't think the entire outfit (I've already looked at some accessories) really flows properly. It's kind of disjointed. So I really hope I can find the receipt to the dress I currently have and get another one in time X( Oh, and Kim needs shoes. I have amazing shoes, even though I can't really dance in them. I'll go wear them!
Yee. I'm wearing them. They're not particularly comfortable, but hell, who cares? They're awesome!

Ugh, today some person I don't like totally butted into my conversation like an entitled, ignorant foosh. Yes, in lieu of a more appropriate word, I am using foosh. Anyway. Then she got all huffy and miserable when I told her to shut up. Well, not exactly. She kept talking (because she never stops talking, as if I ever wanted to hear her voice) about something she was not in any way involved with and I whirled around and said, very sharply: "Did I ask you?!" And then she acted like I was the craziest bitch in the world to dare imply that she had nothing to do with anything even remotely relating to me or anything I said, and therefore should have shut her trap and minded her own business like someone who was not in idiot. And then she complained about how mean I was and how misunderstood she was for the next hour or so. I wasn't with her (I quitted her company as soon as was humanly possible, because her presence is insufferably noxious) but I know she did, because that's what she does, and that's what people like her do. It's just another reason her presence is insufferably noxious. Ringo does the same thing, when she's not being all sacrificial. I don't mean to toot my own horn or anything, but sometimes I actually do have the presence of mind to not, well, be an idiot and rant about how misunderstood I am and how mean everyone else is. I rant about other things, like how much I hate the world, and even I'll shut up if it's obvious that no one actually gives a damn. But seriously, even I know better then to try to give obnoxious advice to someone that hates me, and then continue talking like some self-righteous badger even though it's obvious that the other person is so entirely fed up with my presence that, if it had gone on much longer, she would've had a screaming meltdown where she clawed off her own ears because she hates me that much and my voice was akin to nails on a chalkboard. Oh, God, I hate people.

I would be the happiest person in the world if only two people would just shut up and move to another school or something. I really hate looking at them.


  1. you are so mean to them, though. especially heather. and you bitch about other people bothering you way too much.

  2. and, yes, you cannot come up with a single halfway decent title.