Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yeah. So. I wrote a stinking-long rant about Lavender, only to realize that I might as well just confront her in school tomorrow. Well, not 'confront'. More like say...'Hey Lavendar...maybe if you weren't such a damn cowardy hypocrite, you wouldn't bitch to my friends about how much you wanna slap me; you'd just do it. No, really, go ahead. I'd love to see you try." Or something along those lines. It's a shame too, because I spent a bitchin' long time on that rant.
You know, I kinda like resurrecting stories. It's like bringing someone back to life. Or, opening a grave and realizing dear old gramma was never dead, just sleeping. Or, better yet, stopping taking care of a tree that's so choked with vines that you're sure it's dead, but not cutting it down because it still has green leaves and stuff, then forgetting about it for a year or so, then realizing that it just seems dead because of all the vines, but it would thrive if you cut them away. Yup. Like that.
So. Today. Or rather, yesterday, since I'm being a terrible person and never blogging. The only interesting thing about yesterday was the bus, because of it was fun, and some kid was on it that isn't usually on it. Let's call him Shane. I don't know him very well, but he seems decent enough. He seemed to pick up on the fact that it was perfectly okay to tease me =.= Which it is. Whatever. In general, though, it was funner than usual.
Today, we had our last music class ever (gasp!) and watched videos all day. Videos about the civil war. Yay. Glory, which we finished in the morning, was actually really good. The one about Gettysburg, which I think is actually called Gettysburg, was dead boring. The people pretty much talked the entire time and for the life of me, I could not focus on what they were saying. And then, afterwards, Grossi got all crazy on us because some people (not us) were talking and that was disrespectful and stuff...I mean, I know where she's coming from, and I don't mean to sound crass or disrespectful (because I do appreciate the whole sacrifice-for-the-country thing, really) but the entirety of the movie was trying to figure out which side the poorly-manufactured accents came from, because all the uniforms looked the same.


  1. Yes, this is all rather exciting!

    Quick, send me a bio at technicoloreyes.kodachromelies@gmail.com to see an exclusive sneak peek of the blog! :D

  2. nice metaphors. i loved the one about g-ma not being dead and all. and the second half of the first video was really pretty interesting. the half that we watched yesterday was all talk.

  3. you really like to change your URL huh? ha.

    momness. ok thats pretty damn epic! thats like saying "oh my mom rocks, what with all her momness and shit!" haha :P