Saturday, June 12, 2010


It's true.
So, I have to admit; with my three-inch heels and my pantyhose and my tight, short dress, I felt kinda hot. Just a little. A tad. Like, confident and somewhat invincible mixed with "Damn, I look good." All the compliments I got helped ;) And Vicky saying I was living up to my nickname of 'Pepper', which apparently I got in sixth grade from some guy on the bus, even though I don't remember that. Of course, that was a compliment, even though it made me feel a tiny bit like a slut. Yeah, but I felt pretty darn good the entire time. Like, "HAHA, I DON'T LOOK MOUSEY ALL THE TIME!" Not that I look mousey. Or anything. I don't know what I look like.
THE. DANCE. WAS. FREAKING. AWESOME. And bittersweet, because it's the last dance I'll ever have at Rosa. The last one. Ever. And it was amazing. I barely recognized the school; everything was covered in decorations. And all my friends were there, and there was food, and strawberries, and Starbursts, and games, and balloons, and lights that went on your fingers, and dresses, and shoes, and lip gloss and purses. And people. And dancing, of course. And boyfriends and girlfriends, and soda, and lights and sound. They should've played this song, but oh well ;)
Leo. Did. Not. Ask. Kim. Out. Cuz he is not worthy of ANYONE, and he's a dickface, and if he thinks he can EVER do better than Kim than he's just an idiot.
And now to the pièce de résistance...what Silver and Em did.
You all know I don't like Basil anymore, right? I really, really don't. In fact, I kind of hate him. He's a dumbass who happens to be a good dancer (something I see every school dance...ugh). Silver and Em don't believe that, obviously. (Well, neither does anyone else, but whatever.) So, at the back of the cafeteria, there was this GIANT sheet of paper that everybody was supposed to sign. So, I sign. And Silver does. And Em does. And they get the bright idea to right--OH SHIT! OH HOLY FUCKING SHIT! HE KNOWS!
*cough* Sorry, that would make no sense. Anyway. They then got the bright idea to right like a GAZILLION 'Basil's in hearts ALL OVER THE POSTER. And my initials. Then his initials. Then our names. Our real names. Forever. Where everyone can see.
And then Ani had to go and make it all better by TELLING HIM. So him and ALL OF HIS FRIENDS come over, and just hunt the wall for everything that has to do with him and me like it's the next big freaking scientific breakthrough, except they all have a major 'WTF?' expression on their faces, and then Silver and Em actually realize what a terrible thing they did, so they tell them it was them, and he tells them to get a life, and WAG. Yes, WAG.
But it was kind of exciting, just because nothing happens anymore and something was happening, and the dance was awesome, and yeah. Goodbye.


  1. don't worry about the wall. Since I'm feeling a kind of confidence, just act like 'what ever'. like you're too cool for Basil, even if he asked you out.

  2. dance sounds like it was epic!

    tedyin. i don't even know what to say.

  3. Well I'm glad that even with some drama and potential crisis averted, the dance was awesome! That's so great :D

    You and Basil kind of sound like me and Grapefruit. Yes, Grapefruit, haha. I had a MAJOR crush on him, and now I think he's pretty much a complete d-bag. So yeah, haha :P

  4. Um....... I was an innocent bystander at this dance and I was there when "Em and Silver" did this first, Basil wasn't telling Em and Silver to get a life...he was telling you to get a life. Also, just because you don't have a chance with Basil doesn't mean you should call him really rude names. Who the hell would do that? A jealous bitch who only is angry because HE DOESN'T LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! You wonder why he doesn't like you...hmmmm maby cause your fucken STARING AT HIM ALL THE TIM!!! if your wondering who I am, I'm one of "basils" friends and I found your blog by looking it up!!!!! NO QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!! SO.... if you want someone to like you be nice to them..AND DON'T TALK TRASH ABOUT THEM BEHIND THERE FREAKEN BACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you seriously don't stop making fun of basil on this blog i WILL SHOW HIM IT!!!!!

  5. Hey I'm the person who posted the last Anonymous thing.....Ok that was a little over the top so im sorry i posted that. I don't think its right to bash people so I shouldn't be doing it either.... but just because im saying sorry doesn't mean you should keep doing what your doing okay? So please stop posting mean things like that...bye

  6. Sounds like a hot dance. Pantyhose always makes a girl sexier. This is a man posting too.