Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Derp-di-derp derp DERP.

So, you know what's weird? This morning I woke up with the following two thoughts:

  1. Oh shit I have school.

  2. Iz gunna be a greaty day!
I mean, obviously it hasn't. I'm bored out of my mind. That's why I'm blogging. Not because I actually have anything to blog about. And OH MY GOD, the screen keeps fizzling and it's GIVING ME A HEADACHE! Fuggles.
I like my blog. Did I ever mention that?
So, I guess the one thing worth blogging about (and not even that much) is I made up a bitchin' long series once, that was really complicated and stuff, and I completely LOST two of the last book summaries! I mean, one of them was written on a receit, but still! Ugh.
Oh, and The Sims keeps crashing and two of my guy's wives are ugly, which makes me sad.
Oh, and I totally CAN'T WAIT until I can go back-to-school shopping, because I am bored out of my mind not doing anything. I can't even write. Seriously. I am completely incapable of writing beginnings now, apparently. It's like, I write a crappy first sentence about ten different ways and then just get discouraged and give up because the story's stupid and I know I'm not gonna finish it anyway. So yeah. I haven't writtenwritten in a while. Oh, and I'm eating pretty much everything in sight and I'm pretty much barely moving, let alone going outside and soaking up, like, sun or something. It really sucks living ten-gazillionty miles away from all my friends, because I don't wanna just sit outside by myself getting sunburned. You know? And I actually really want high school to happen because I wanna see what it's like. You know? YOU KNOW?
I also have, like, $235 to spend on clothes, so I kinda wanna start but at the same time I wanna have something to do later in the summer. There's still like two months left to go in this burning heat before we all start complaining about the cold again. It's only been eight days. Days I've actually done something interesting with my friends? Two. Days I've done a significant amount of physical activity? One. Days I've been outside for a significant amount of time? One. Oh goody it's gunna be a great summer.
Now I have to take a shower, because if I don't I'll just turn into one big zit >.<
And now, to erase that image from your brain, I give you....DERP!
The longer you look at it, the funnier it gets.


  1. Sadly enough I pretty much stopped actually writing writing a while ago :/ After I started devoting more time to writing/reading blogs on top of all the homework and crap, I just haven't really had the inspiration and/or time, which makes me sad. :(

    Wait to go back to school shopping til a bit later, cause there'll probably be a bunch of back to school sales or something. Maybe. Who knows.

    Hahaha, that picture is quite hilarious indeed. I like the word DERP.

  2. The last thing I wrote wrote was a week or so ago and I'm not sure I even like it. I think I've hit a dry spell.

    I'm sorry The Sims keeps crashing. I hate when computer-related things like that happen.

    I can't even look at that picture without wanting to vomit. :/

    RE: Thanks. I knew I was spelling it wrong! That what I get when I write entries in less than three minutes without editing it.

    So by now you've seen The Last Airbender for yourself, right? What's your take on it?

  3. RE: That's probably true.

    Oh, okay. Yeah, they probably could've extended it more, but I still like it, three seasons and all.

    Ah, good thing I never wasted my time reading those then. Have you read the Pengradgon series?