Thursday, June 10, 2010


Imagine that in a sing-song voice, though, so it's less odd. God, I love the word odd.
So sorry I didn't blog last night! By the time I got around to it I got distracted by reading OTHER PEOPLE'S blogs and talking to Kim and then yeah. Time to go to bed. But I'm here now!
Great. Adventure. Is. The. Best. Place. On. Earth.
No, I'm serious. It is. Just go there, and you'll see what I mean. Even when it's cold and rainy. That's how amazing it is. And it was cold and rainy, which made riding roller coasters awesome. We rode the Runaway Mine Train like, a gazillion times. BECAUSE, even though it's small, it's pretty freaking awesome. And we rode The Dark Knight, which was not nearly as terrifying as I thought it'd be, even though it was pretty fun. And we rode Skull Mountain also a gazillion times. And the carousel :) Did you know 'gazillion' is actually a word? Wow!
*cough* Anyway. You may be wondering why I did not, in fact, go on Nitro, or any other big roller coaster, considering I was raving about it for months. Why? Because I went on the Ferris Wheel first. Don't even laugh. I'm serious. The moment it started going up, I freaked out. I was somewhere at a cross between hyperventilating and crying, and I had to have my head down and eyes shut the ENTIRE TIME, because I was sooooooo freaked out. Yes, I knew I was afraid of heights, I just didn't realize I was that afraid of heights. Oh, but when we went on the Skyline to go on the Runaway Mine Train again, it wasn't so bad, and Silver, Sharebear Cuddlykins, and Em all sang A Whole New World from Aladin :) Damn, that sentence had a lot of proper nouns!
We also went on the Log Flume, or whatever it's actually called. Yes, it's a water ride, and yes, we were already freezing and soaked, so what did it matter? Turns out, we were not soaked enough. Good God. But there's this thing outside the ride that dries you off (somewhat) and before, every time we went in it it was empty, so I see it on and run ahead, jump in, and discover people in it. I don't think I even have to say anything past this point.
Oh, and when I was on the Log Flume, there's this point before you start where you can see the people getting off the ride, and this [cute] guy was looking at me like he recognized me, but I had never seen him
OOOOH, and at the end, when we were walking back, we met up with Zucky and they all started teasing me about not having a boyfriend! RIGHT. IN. FRONT. OF. MIB*. Ragh.
And Frenchie talked to me. I like Frenchie because he doesn't seem particularly adverse tot talking to me should there be a reason.
Oh, and I'm also teasing Kim about who I like now :) Hahahaaaaaa, Kim!

*MIB refers to, in this case, the entirety of Basil's lunch table, not just him, Apple, and Connor.


  1. psht. MiB is ALWAYS those those three. if you want to refer to the entire gruop, its MiB and Co.

  2. I thought about writing that. But I didn't want to.

  3. Sounds like you had an awesome time.

    RE: Of course you're qualified!

    And it's possible the seventh day will be an editorial type thing which I think you'd be good at.

  4. Gazillion is a real word? Well, that's awesome then :D Great Adventure sounds like it was a blast, despite the heights issues! I used to be so terrified of heights and hated roller coasters, but then my friends forced me to go on the biggest, scariest one in the park, and after that I wasn't scared anymore [: