Sunday, June 13, 2010


...are delish. And I'm not sure if there's an 'e' there, but I'm pretty sure there's not, so whatevs, right?
I'm debating talking to Basil. And I was just about to copy~paste the conversation I had with Kim on it, but NOOOOOO, she decided to disappear from Facebook right as I'm about to click on her name! I mean, she was asleep anyway, but yick, I hate it when that happens. Anyway. I want to ask him if he ACTUALLY thinks I still like him, except in a less bitchy way, and to personally apologize for the TERRIBLE THING Silver and Em did last night. I'm sure it won't end well (even if I can do it), but I want to anyway. Really, really bad. Just to prove I can. And I KNOW it won't end well, but hell, there's only a week left of school and he already hates me, right? Nothing I say can change that, so why be cautious?
You know what would be awesome? If it turned into a bitchfight. I mean, he thinks I'm a bitch, and he is a bitch, so if we started arguing for some reason it would be AWESOME.
Yeah. That's all.


  1. Well, when you combine your blog title, Plastic, with this entry title, tacos, no, they are no delish (which isn't a word XD). They are inedible.

    Good luck with that drama.

  2. I am a therapist and it honestly seems like you need some help I feel you are extremely depressed and angry. please get help-talk to someone.