Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You see these shackles, baby, I'm your slave.

[This Love, This Hate--Hollywood Undead]
*sigh* Alas, I am back. Technically, I never left, I just didn't blog.
You see, I was hoping I could switch my punishment from cleaning the living room, kitchen, and bathroom, to be simply grounded for a week. No luck. My parents are poopheads. I should be finishing up the living room today, but we're all slobs in this house and the entire place is a mess. Well, except for my dad. He's usually the one picking stuff up and complaining about how messy me and my mom are.
I've decided that my most favoritest song is: Animal I Haver Become, by Three Days Grace. I've always loved it and, since it was one of the first songs I bought and my favorite for the longest, it should officially be the most favoritest.
[Animal I Have Become--Three Days Grace]
Okay, so. You know about signs, right? I was reading this book that said something about a "three hit rule" which, stupid title aside, means if you experience something you've deemed as a sign three times, it means whatever you, ya know, deemed it to. Or something like that. I do this all the time. If I see something unusual twice, I'll say: if I see this a third time, it means so and so. I NEVER SEE IT A THIRD TIME.
But alas! Last Sunday (like a week and a half ago), while with Silver, we saw this awesome burnt-orange car that almost replaces my dream car of a Dodge Charger. AND THEN, I saw the SAME CAR. So I thought to myself, as I always do: "If I see that car again, it means....*undisclosed*."
At least, it was the same color. It looked pretty similar too, but I figured it was just a coincedence, or I could be mistaking it or something, so I thought: if I see that SAME COLOR another time, it means the same thing. I have seen that same color not once, but TWICE in the same day. So, what? Are the gods trying to send me messages in the form of awesome burnt orange cars?????
[SexyBack--Justin Timberlake]
I feel like I shouldn't have this song on my iPod, but it's something of a guilty pleasure :) I actually really like it. And I TOTALLY COULDN'T RESIST putting some lyrics as the title. I just picked a less offensive line :)
[I Hate This Part--Pussycat Dolls]
So....um....I should get back to the living room or my mom will probably skin and gut me, or something. But I HATE CLEANING. Garghle.

Monday, March 29, 2010

A million ways to be cruel.

I might be gone for awhile....hopefully....

Friday, March 26, 2010

I adore this song...*sniff*

[Maybe I'm Just Tired--As Tall As Lions]

If love comes your way,
don't be afraid.
Unlock the box your heart's encased.
Hope it wont change
and beware of the games
that she'll want to start playing.
Oh, lately babe,
I stay awake thinking this life gets lonely.

Well maybe I'm just scared,
scared to let you go.
I want you to know,
right from hello,
your love just keept me wondering.
Well maybe I'm just tired,
tired of never knowing.

I know I'm not good enough for you.

If I can be saved,
show me the way.
Help me help myself, baby.
Don't be confused,
our love is true...
Just tell by the way I'm looking at you.

I know I'm not good enough for you......

A stunning visual feast.


So, there was supposed to be some kind of fight tomorrow at Frenchburg Circle, with like 80 people. I have no idea what about. East side, west side maybe? It doesn't matter. People were talking about it ALL DAY (not the smartest thing to do). Finally someone told an adult and a whole bunch of people got yelled at and if anyone presumabely under the age of 30 goes to the Circle tomorrow, they'll be arrested on the spot.
Honestly, I couldn't believe so many actually wanted to go to this. All I could imagine was a dead body at the end. I mean, really, if you have 80 guys fighting, with weapons, how can someone not get hurt? I mean, heck, I think Basil wanted to go. Basil. Fighting. Getting killed or something stupid. Not pretty. Actually, no one getting killed would be pretty.

I am so blind to the world around me sometimes. I mean, I just see the pleasant, if not always comfortable, stuff on the outside. I refuse to see the ugly stuff underneath. I'm practically sheltered...and, I mean, it's not like I wanna know. I say I see the worst in people, but it's not actually the worst. It's just the bottom of a shallow pool. I really don't want to go much deeper.

AND. Next subject. Pretty unrelated. The newspaper FINALLY came out. Oh my God. Halden edited my article. Edited! Not just fixed a type here and there, no. In two of the paragraphs, she edited it so the writing just sounds amateur, and in one the entire meaning of the paragraph is lost and it makes NO sense. And can you guess what she changed the title to? Can you? AVATAR: A Stunning Visual Feast.
I really despise Halden right now.
I mean, she didn't even tell me. She did not tell me AT ALL that she was changing it. And, the title. My God. The title. Just looking at it makes me want to barf. PEOPLE WILL THINK THAT I MADE IT UP.
My God. Basil read it. BASIL. She mentioned it in LA, handed some newspaper out to those who didn't get it, and actually said what page it was on. He totally read it. He just stopped at that page and stared at it for, like, five minutes. The entire time I was dying. I wanted to scream at him: I DIDN'T MAKE IT THAT HORRIBLE! I DIDN'T MAKE UP THAT STUPID TITLE! Obviously, I couldn't. And he just finished and put it away, the exact same expression on his face the entire time. Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. WHAT WAS HE THINKING?

I could never be a journalist, obviously. I'd be so offended if they edited my work. It'd be all like: "WHAT? YOU HIRED ME! IF YOU DON'T LIKE MY WRITING, WHY THE HELL DID YOU HIRE ME??" or something.

Oh, and you better comment. Despite its seeming shortness, this took me a crapload long time to write.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tell meeeeee!

I found the best way to deal with parents punishing you is NOT to cry, complain, pout, or whine. Nay, ye must simply put on your best 'And I care...?' face and do NOT show any emotion. In my case, this is easy, because I actually don't care.
Anyway. Do you think that when a guy, namely Basil, randomly starts talking to his friend RIGHT NEXT TO YOU about the girl he likes, that it's a coincedence? Does he do it on purpose or does he really not care? I wonder what he thought of me staring blankly at the wall the entire conversation?
Oh, and he totally said my name today. Hee.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I know nothing of your kind, and I won't reveal your evil mind.

[Until the End--Breaking Benjamin]
I really don't have much to talk about. I'm listening to my iPod. Every so often, it'll sit unused for a while, until I either buy new music or rediscover old music.
I like this band. Breaking Benjamin? They'd probably be in the top twenty. I don't know. I don't really have anything to say. Isn't it so weird, that you know people on here that you'll never really meet or know, but you're connected to? Ugh, that didn't sound right...and I don't mean inappropiately, I mean it just sounded off. Whatever.
[Breath--Breaking Benjamin]
I NEED to make a story based on this song! Grawr!
It's really pretty outside...but miserable.

Monday, March 22, 2010

You owe me money for the picture of the sloth.

Well! I'm a little sad that no one's commented in, like, two days.
Yesterday was AWESOME. I was totally getting all depressed because I thought I would just be sitting at home the entire day, but then SILVER CALLED! YAY! We went to the park first, because her mom had a thing to do, and watched her adorable little sister. Then we got Rita's! Yay for water ice! Anyway, after that we went back to her house, played Extreme Go Fish (trust me. it's too extreme for you.) and went exploring in the tiny strip of forest behind her house! And by exploring I mean painstakingly crossing a couple logs across a little stream, standing on damp rocks in the MIDDLE of the stream, and getting eaten by thorns (I have the scars to prove it). Anyway, we went pretty far down, and I saw this thing I THOUGHT was a log but then discovered it was actually a pipe. I TRIED to cross it, but I couldn't balance on it enough to feel comfortable crawling, so I tried to sit on it and scootch my way across. But I was using the ground to push myself off, and then the ground WASN'T THERE, and I totally fell.
Except I DIDN'T fall. There was a split-second of falling. And in that time I totally grabbed the pipe with my arms and hooked my legs around it. I was HANGING FROM THE PIPE. And it was awesome. I mean, after I realized what had happened, I screamed, and then staid there freaking for a moment, but then, since I wasn't too far from the ground, I managed to stretch my leg out and reach the bank. It was AWESOME.
Like this, except more hanging-on-for-dear-life than just chillin' out.
Oh, and I was TOTALLY wearing a skort this entire time.
And we had baked potatoes for dinner. Yummmmmmmmmmm.
Today was kinda meh. I discovered that Nat sits in the same seat as me in science (where she erased what I wrote on the table...gah), and the power went out at the VERY END OF THE DAY, which is useless. How was your day?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Eeeeeee excitement!

Well! I smell like a delightful mixture of Coconut Lime Body Lotion, dog, and old skirt. And it's warm. Sooooo warm. I was outside with Jake, but had to go in because I was constantly reminded how PERFECT today would be for going to Penny Packer Park with one of my friends. Guess who AREN'T answering their phone? Yup. I don't know why I bother anymore. It's the same every week.
But it's soooooooooo waaaaaaaaarm :D
My outfit, by the way, is pretty awesome. I'm wearing a teal shirt (with a cami, of course), a black-and-white-striped skirt (yes! a skirt!), and my favorite shoes ever, plaid pink flats that vaguely resemble Converse but aren't. Oh, you don't have to tell me I'm awesome.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Or does he let himself die?

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarm.
Well! Today was better than yesterday in about a million different ways. It helps that it's sunny, Friday, and warm. But still. I actually got some decent writing in today. There were three tests (I like taking tests in class. Better than pretending to pay attention. And I'm always the first one done :)) in math, humanities, and LA. Nat said she liked my shirt and some girl said I looked really pretty today :D (this totally made my day). Ooh! And in LA, not only did I get 25 points of extra credit on an assignment Halden said she would only give 20 points of extra credit on, she shared with the class something I had written in the planning space of an essay because it was just THAT good :D I don't mean to sound conceited or anything, but I'm pretty sure I'm one of her favorite students. Kim, too. Because we're just that awesome.
Oh, and on the bus (which Gem has been absent from since Thursday afternoon...hum...), Aaron thought I liked Nate, and Nate thought I liked Bruce. Lol. Nate, because I let him use my iPod when I'm not listening to it, and Bruce because apparently I laugh at everything he says, which is stupid, because I laugh at everything anyone says. This is, as you can imagine, quite amusing.
The sun is super reddish pinkish orangeish and pretty! <3
Oh, and my latest plan to convince Basil I despise him (which seems very important, for some reason) is the following: I somehow slip to him that I haven't liked him for months, and I was actually pretty pissed because he was such a dipwad, so I pretended to still like him just because I know he hates it. Brilliant, no? WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT?
One last thing: I won't share my story just yet, but I WILL share my notes, which I scrawled into the margin. Which is the title. Hah.

scribbling notes in
     the margin...
Jon kills himself.
Or does he let
     himself die?
Ana hates her
Like, HATES her
How old are
14? 15?
Does Ana write
She can't be
     very good,
because I'M
     not very good.
Jon tried to
     write poetry
     once, to try
     to understand,
but HE'S not
     that good either.
Alex is a classic
     Wrong Side of
     the Tracks.
But he has a
     thing for Ana...
     for some reason.

Yes. Imagine that scribbed into that little space on the other side of the pink line. Here are more notes:

Ana Alexa Murry-
struggling writer.feels lost.hates her mom.best friends with Jon/Tom.
Jon/Tom Mitchell/Jeremy Nalkon-
passion: none.kinda likes soccer and photography.best friends with Ana--love?
Alex Nalkon-
Jon/Tom's cousin.orphaned.hates family.likes Ana.cold/rude/mean.Wrong Side of the Tracks.

That's exactly how I wrote it. Obviously, I can't decide between Jon Mitchell or Tom Jeremy. Or Jon Jeremy. But that would sound funny. And redundant (Ana Alexa?).

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cross your heart.

Have you ever noticed that art projects never turn out the way you originally thought? They usually turn out worse.
I keep thinking about part of our discussion in English and how a reoccuring theme in I Am Sam (besides The Beatles) was the color red. And now I kinda wanna write something centered around one specific color or image or something, only I can't actually think of the story. Extreme writer's block, remember? Oh well. What should my lovely symbol be?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

As you can imagine.

Well! Tomorrow is St. Patty's day. I totally want, like, a green afro wig to wear to school.
Today brought boringness and uneventfulness to a whole new level. Seriously, nothing even REMOTELY of interest happened. It was quite pathetic.
Oh, and I want to change my blog template again. I mean, I like this layout, I do. But it's not really me, you know? I never thought it was.

"Why can't you just write about your life?"
"Yeah right. Like anybody wants to read about my life. What am I supposed to write? 'Today, I did nothing meaningful or memorable. I laughed half-heartedly at jokes I don't remember and pined longingly for someone I will never have. I stared into a cat litter box and contemplated the meaning of life.'"
"That's a start."

So, this is my latest idea for a story. A writer who can't seem to finish a book. SOUND LIKE ANYONE WE KNOW? Except, in this world, the writer is a girl named Katy (or something along those lines) and she has a best guy friend named Jon. That's her and Jon talking, right there.
I also made up a story last night. I do that a lot, you see, to keep from imagining something terrible in the night, but these stories seem more private. They're not exactly personal, but I make them for my own benefit, you know? And, since I don't plan on writing them, they don't have to make sense or have any explanations.
But anyway. My latest one involves angels--I have a bit of an obsession with angels. There's this girl, you see, and she shows up to school one year COMPLETELY different. This guy takes notice of her (you'd think it's because she's suddenly all confident and everything, but alas, he has ulterior motives...is that how you spell it? ulterior?) and they become friends. THEN she tells him that, over the summer, she got caught up with some fallen angels that said she was 'special'. When they put on this diamond necklace, she starts glowing and stuff, and golden tattoos cover her entire body (you can imagine she doesn't wear this necklace in public too often). When one of them wears it, it glows black and then their eyes turn completely black and they get a tattoo (i'm liking tattoos in this story, as you can imagine) of some ferocious animal, like a wolf or something. It's pretty scary...as you can imagine. Anyway, she tells him that they were okay with her leaving them to go back to school, BUT a surprise visit from one of the fallen angels demanding her return (they want to use her as a weapon, you see) reveals that she ran away from them. She refuses, and they kill her family. Pleasant, yes. She plans on running away again, except this time FAR AWAY, and right before her new guy reveals that he, too, is an angel, except a good one, and he wants to come with her to protect her. She thinks he's kidding. Until he shows her his wings, of course, and that the necklace glows white when he puts it on and tattoos similar to her own appear on his skin, except his depict what his soul is like and hers are mostly just intricate swirls and patterns, with a bird similar to a phoenix on her back. Anyway, she still goes off on her own. And, that's as far as I got.
Forgive it being so scattered. It's not meant to be shared, obviously :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

And that's how the tortoise beat the hare in the race.

Well! I spent half the LA class listening to Basil whine about how his heart was broken over Elaina and how LuLu had to help him. To which I say: eff off, bitch. Get the hell over her, she'll NEVER LIKE YOU. Stop being such a whiny bizznotch fool.
As you can imagine, I'm the master of hypocrisy.
Oh, and I also made up "bizznotch". It's based off of the word "bitch". Just so you, like, know. You know what? From now on you can GUESS what made-up words I put in my entries.
Oh! But Music was awesome. We've started our Lyrics Development studies, which at first scared me, until I realized that song lyrics are pretty much crude poetry. And Mr. Murmy totally rapped. It was pretty awesome.
I'm in a group with Em and Sanguine and we have to make song lyrics (read: rap) for The Tortoise and the Hare. And me, being the awesome genius that I am, came up with these:

Yo, the rabbit was all up in my grill,
He said that he could beat me to the top of the hill,
But in the finale, after the race,
It was HIM with my dust in his face.

He thought he was fast, but I was faster.
He thought he was mad, but I was MADDER.
He thought he would win, but when he stopped to take a nap,
I found myself passin’ the silly ol’ chap.

Ya see he was so cocky, and so arrogant,
He didn’t know what good sportsmanship really meant.
It was ME who kept up the best pace,
And that’s how the tortoise beat the hare in the race.

Yeah. I got mad skillz.
I parted my hair on the opposite side today. Just thought you'd like to know.
It sucks that you probably won't think my awesome rap flows, because it fits together better in my head but you'll probably make the beat different so you won't hear it. Oh well. You have to admit, I could totally be a rapper if I wanted to be. CH'YEA.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I stand amid the roar of the surf-tormented shore.

I should be taking a shower. Because I have school tomorrow. Instead I am blogging.
Right next to me, on the corkboard, is a list of my 20 Things by 20. Shall we see how far I've gotten?
  1. Finish/Publish a book.
    This is about as likely as learning how to fly. Or Basil falling madly in love with me. Or becoming President.
  2. Get straight As for a year.
  3. Learn how to swim.
    Someone! Someone teach me! It is truly pathetic and embarrassing X(
  4. Crash a party.
    I will never, ever be brave enough to do this.
  5. Win a writing contest.
    First I have to ENTER a writing contest.
  6. Kiss a boy.
    ...no comment...
  7. Go camping.
  8. Turn down a great college because I'm going to a better one.
    Well, this kind of has to wait...
  9. Get an awesome car.
    Same...I'd have to be at least 16...
  10. Save someone's life.
  11. Dye my hair blue.
    I'm totally doing this at the end of the year. Totally. And it will be AWESOME.
  12. Get a laptop.
    I assume I'll get one for college.
  13. Get a beanbag.
  14. Read all the classics at Barnes and Noble.
    Assuming I'm actually interested in all of them, which I'm not. Oh well. It's a goal.
  15. Sneak out.
Five. Five completed. Not bad for a year, I guess. Mrs. Llama would be proud.

The situations are irrelevant now.

Well, my compooter is being gashnic and not playing any music. And yes, I totally just made up that word, "gashnic". I deserve some sort of award.
Cleaned my room today. Ugh. It really doesn't take that long, but I hate being forced to almost as much as I hate doing the dishes (squishy mystery food floating around in brown murkyish gunk they call water? no.) But, heck, it looks better now.
I had an awesome lunch. Like, a huge cup of Mountain Dew, that burrito thing at Taco Bell with the cheese and stuff in the outside layer, and a crunchy taco, which is the best thing ever. I totally felt sick afterwards, but it was WORTH IT.
I had a totally weird and awesome dream last night. I was in a New York City-ish city and there was a bunch of stuff going on...like a plane landing in dirt with five passengers aboard and a building that wouldnt stay up....but the last part was me walking in on MiB (including Basil) drinking someone's blood. Except the blood was black. And then they had to turn me into a vampire too because I knew....it was cool. My dreams could totally be action movies. Ch'yea.
And now I have nothing else to say, so I will leave you at that.
Just so you know, in the last entry, I was talking about my mom. Not some creeper.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


When I tell you not to hug me, do NOT hug me. I do NOT like being touched in an affectionate way. Understand? So, when you try to anyway, and I dig my nails into your face, do NOT get mad. I. Do. NOT. Want. You. To. Hug. Or. Kiss. Me. RAH.

I see nothing in your eyes, and the more I see the less I like.

[Flourescent Adolescent--Artic Monkeys]
I like this song.
I'm bored, but I really don't want to do anything. I don't actually feel like seeing people. I just want to sit and think. Unfortunately, I'm too restless for that.
This song was in a commercial.
Basil. Come here. *dramatic pause as he walks towards me....assuming he does* You wanna know what I think of you? You are the most disgusting, useless peice of crap I have ever met. You are a complete ass. I'm embarrassed to be around you because you don't realize what an ass you make of yourself. I know I'm not the most popular person ever, but you don't have to treat me like shit....you know what? It doesn't even matter. I haven't liked you for months. I don't know why I ever did. Get that? I. Hate. You.
Or that's how I imagine it anyway.
[Breath--Breaking Benjamin]
I need to base a story off of this song. It would translate into, like, the most perfect story. Listenlistenlisten!
I see nothing in your eyes, and the more I see the less I like.
Is it over yet, in my head?
I know nothing of your kind, and I won't reveal your evil mind.
Is it over yet? I can't win.
So sacrifice yourself, and let me have what's left.
I know that I can find the fire in your eyes.
I'm going all the way, get away, please.
You take the breath right out of me.
You left a hole where my heart should be.
You got to fight just to make it through,
'cause I will be the death of you.
This will be all over soon.
Pour salt into the open wound.
See? Wouldn't it be perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect?
Oh, and I think the comic Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name is pretty darn amazing.

Friday, March 12, 2010


No. Not sad. Just kind of numb. Some things were good, most things were bad. I had the urge, as I always do, to talk to Basil, except this time it was more than just a urge. I felt like every step I took was another missed oppurtunity. I don't even know what I'd say. He'd probably laugh anyway. But I didn't say it, so it doesn't matter what he would've done.
I can write anything in the world to him on here and it won't make the slightest difference. I can get Kim to give him all the messages in the world and it just makes me a coward for not doing it myself.
That's it. Monday. I'm through with this crap. I need something to happen. Something's going to happen. As Lolo said, I need to make it happen. I will. I will!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Are we we are the waiting?

Argh. I tried. I really did. I tried to sit down and write--which I haven't done in so long--and I just couldn't. I have the story in my head but all my inspiration has flown out the window. This is how it feels when I try to write poetry, except this isn't poetry. This is just regular writing. It's like super-mega writer's block that happens to me about every month or so.
I have so many stories in my head, too! I've also enjoyed going to counselor's, you see. But I hate how organized everything is. Emotions shouldn't have a label and be an equation. So I keep imagining this story, with this girl going to a counselor. I don't like the idea that they warm up to each other (sooooooo unoriginal). But I don't know...
As the counselor spoke, she stared intently at the colorful poster on the door. It was a chart of moods--whatever her clients were feeling for the day. Did they actually buy that? Did they actually think that being cramped into this cluttered room every day helped them?
"Marisa? You listening? I want you to try this. When you're feeling upset about your mom, force yourself to think of something positive. Force yourself to smile."
"Does this work with everything?"
"Yes, of course."
"Then screw it. Pain isn't one-size-fits all."
"Marisa, that's not what I mean--"
"Do you give the same solution to everyone? What a load of crap."
You see? Badness, down to the core of its being.
I also toy with rebellion a lot, in my head.

So, apparently, there's a dance tomorrow, which I don't have a ride too. And Nat's not going if Ani's not going, and Silver never goes to these things. Kim's probably going, and Lolo's probably only going if Nat and Ani are. Oh, and I don't have a ride. Usually I turn to Lolo in such matters. IF she's going.
I'm tired.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I hate it when people try to give you help even though you don't ask for help.
Anyone know any songs that could be our new national anthem? Please, rock songs, PLEASE.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Watch it.

I'll finish this post later (you know, after school). I just had some thoughts.
If I knew what he hated about me, what everyone hated about me, would I bother to change it? I don't have a need to be accepted, only to have a handful of people I can trust. But, knowing what that was, being in the power to change it...would I? What if I lost something I had now? Would I be happier, or not?
This is all hypothetical, mind you. And I guess it doesn't make much sense...


Yesterday, I stayed after school with Lolo and Silver and made a scavenger hunt around the school. I think that qualifies me as awesome.
Today, I stayed after to help my LA group finish a poster. Vorn is nice. Fu is nice, even though she doesn't seem very comfortable around us. Kim is, of course, nice. Apple is scary, but nice.
LA itself was horrible. We started watching I Am Sam, and I learned what guys talk about. Girls. Ughhhhhhhhhh.
No math today, but the school made up for it with an hour of LEAP. Phooey. Boring day. I can't wait till the week is over.
I totally had a 40-minute phone conversation with Melissa earlier. Yay.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

So. Hurrah. Another Saturday with nothing to do. My mom's actually off today, too! But this happens every week. I just sit at home, doing nothing, wishing someone would call and ask if I want to do something.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I had the perfect song lyrics before...

Ugh. Do you know how rare it is when my friends invite me to do something? So, when they do, you'd think any parent who was concerned about their kid's social standing would jump at it, right? Not my mom. No, because she works freaking mids all the time. So she has to sleep. And when Kim said her mom could drive me back, my mom still said no. Like, seriously? Does she want me to just lump around the house all day like her?
In other news, I got a haircut.
I should show up to school on Monday with blue hair.

Friday, March 5, 2010

I will not be that way...I'll take it day by day.

So, I totally like this new band, Does It Offend You, Yeah?. It's cool.
Today was depressing. I dunno. It just was. But designing the Spirit Week door might be fun. If Shari doesn't go all bossy and demand we do it her way since she's, you know, the best artist in the LC. And Halden doesn't agree with her. I think we have a really good idea. I just wish people didn't automatically designate the best artist to do everything and completely disregrard everyone else...
We're going to dinner tonight! Yay? I don't feel like typing.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Do I offend you?

Well. Today was average. Not bad. Just okay.
We're actually doing a GROUP PROJECT in English, which we almost never do. That'd be great, except it's still on Flowers for Algernon, which we've exhausted so much I'm beginning to hate even the mention of it. English teachers do that. They go so extensively into a book or a subject that all the interest is sucked out of it. But I digress (and I love saying that). I'm in a group with, da da da: Kim, Apple, Vorn, and Fu. I know we're all nice and smart in this group, but really, I cannot speak loudly with people I don't know very well. I guess it's because of my constant paranoia that everyone is secretly laughing at me behind my back?
So, we decorated Ani's locker today with punch-out animals, and I turned the ones we didn't use into a SCAVENGER HUNT. Woo-hoo. It starts at the Humanities room, then the French, then Science, then English, and finally it ends at Kim's binder. Ah-mazing, I know. Silver and I want to stay after school one day and make a GIANT ONE, all over school. Wouldn't that be awesome??
I totally skipped art club today. Yeah. I'm bad.
I should write an article for the paper. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So give me all your poison, and give me all your pills. Give me all your hopeless hearts and make me ill...

So! Today on the bus, I learned Bruce wasn't going to Meast, and Conner sat on me. Lovely.
[Thank You For The Venom--My Chemical Romance]
Today was boring. Every day is boring. I'M BORED. I...need...a....change...of...SCENERY! I want to go to Ireland. I don't know. Ireland just sounds really nice. All green and stuff, you know?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm feeling, feeling, feeling this way.

[Halfway Gone--Lifehouse]
Debate club today. We actually did pretty good, even though we got a crappy side. Neither Basil NOR Apple were there. And we still lost. FAIL.
Oh, and the highlight of the day (or lowlight, depending on how you look at it. Or most interesting things that happened) was Basil glaring at me for no reason. Gawd. I know. But I love his face. And he wonders why I stare!
[Helena--My Chemical Romance]
Apparently he has some wonderful new plan so Elaina can't posssibly NOT say no. And he's not going to the Spirit Week Dance unless she goes with him. To which I say: eff you, bitch. He's like me, only more persistent.
[Famous Last Words--My Chemical Romance]
Okay, so Moo's brother is hot. Like, insanely gorgeously hot. Ingorganously. He looks nothing like Moo. Oh my, but he was hot!
That's really all I have to say. I think Learnia is over. Let's hope.

Monday, March 1, 2010

What's the worst you take from every heart you break?

[Helena--My Chemical Romance]
I swear, I never get tired of My Chemical Romance. Helena is my favorite song by them. I can literally listen to it over and over again.
And that means a list!
Top 8 Favorite My Chemical Romance Songs

  1. Helena
  2. Famous Last Words
  3. Dead!
  4. I'm Not Okay
  5. The Sharpest Lives
  6. Welcome to the Black Parade
  7. The End.
  8. Thank You For the Venom
You know what? I like all of 'em.
[Take Me to the Riot--Stars]
Bah, iTunes skips every time I have this window open.
Okay. So. Yesterday, we went to King of Prussia Mall. "We" being my parents and I, since NONE OF MY FRIENDS WERE AVAILABLE. Yeah. Poopy.
I despise unreasonable people. I usually don't care enough to be unreasonable, so I don't classify myself as one.
Today, Basil pushed a dirty tissue towards me. Yeah. He's a sweetheart, aint he?
I plugged in my iPod (the old Nano, not the new Touch) and now it's not working...wow...I just wanted to look at some more My Chemical Romance songs!
And I have nothing else to say. I want to go somewhere new. Somewhere I've never been before. Like Paris. Paris would be nice.
I'm officially taking Latin in high school. Gee, I hope someone else is, because Kim's not anymore, and I was kinda counting on her to be in the same class as me...
Oh, and it's that time of year again. An outbreak of Learnia, a disease caught from two much pencil exposure, has infected the school again. Pray for a vaccination soon...
I should write a newspaper article, but I don't know what about.