Monday, March 1, 2010

What's the worst you take from every heart you break?

[Helena--My Chemical Romance]
I swear, I never get tired of My Chemical Romance. Helena is my favorite song by them. I can literally listen to it over and over again.
And that means a list!
Top 8 Favorite My Chemical Romance Songs

  1. Helena
  2. Famous Last Words
  3. Dead!
  4. I'm Not Okay
  5. The Sharpest Lives
  6. Welcome to the Black Parade
  7. The End.
  8. Thank You For the Venom
You know what? I like all of 'em.
[Take Me to the Riot--Stars]
Bah, iTunes skips every time I have this window open.
Okay. So. Yesterday, we went to King of Prussia Mall. "We" being my parents and I, since NONE OF MY FRIENDS WERE AVAILABLE. Yeah. Poopy.
I despise unreasonable people. I usually don't care enough to be unreasonable, so I don't classify myself as one.
Today, Basil pushed a dirty tissue towards me. Yeah. He's a sweetheart, aint he?
I plugged in my iPod (the old Nano, not the new Touch) and now it's not just wanted to look at some more My Chemical Romance songs!
And I have nothing else to say. I want to go somewhere new. Somewhere I've never been before. Like Paris. Paris would be nice.
I'm officially taking Latin in high school. Gee, I hope someone else is, because Kim's not anymore, and I was kinda counting on her to be in the same class as me...
Oh, and it's that time of year again. An outbreak of Learnia, a disease caught from two much pencil exposure, has infected the school again. Pray for a vaccination soon...
I should write a newspaper article, but I don't know what about.



  2. Woo for My Chemical Romance :D Not woo for broken iPods :/ But another woo for taking Latin! If they offered Latin at my high school I would totally take it, but alas...

  3. Ipod works fine now...go figure.