Sunday, March 14, 2010

The situations are irrelevant now.

Well, my compooter is being gashnic and not playing any music. And yes, I totally just made up that word, "gashnic". I deserve some sort of award.
Cleaned my room today. Ugh. It really doesn't take that long, but I hate being forced to almost as much as I hate doing the dishes (squishy mystery food floating around in brown murkyish gunk they call water? no.) But, heck, it looks better now.
I had an awesome lunch. Like, a huge cup of Mountain Dew, that burrito thing at Taco Bell with the cheese and stuff in the outside layer, and a crunchy taco, which is the best thing ever. I totally felt sick afterwards, but it was WORTH IT.
I had a totally weird and awesome dream last night. I was in a New York City-ish city and there was a bunch of stuff going a plane landing in dirt with five passengers aboard and a building that wouldnt stay up....but the last part was me walking in on MiB (including Basil) drinking someone's blood. Except the blood was black. And then they had to turn me into a vampire too because I was cool. My dreams could totally be action movies. Ch'yea.
And now I have nothing else to say, so I will leave you at that.

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  1. Gashnic totally sounds like it could pass for a real word. I probably would have believed it was if you hadn't said anything, haha! Then again I'm gullible, so yeah.

    Cleaning and dishes are definitely unpleasant. So is Taco Bell haha, at least to me! :P