Thursday, March 4, 2010

Do I offend you?

Well. Today was average. Not bad. Just okay.
We're actually doing a GROUP PROJECT in English, which we almost never do. That'd be great, except it's still on Flowers for Algernon, which we've exhausted so much I'm beginning to hate even the mention of it. English teachers do that. They go so extensively into a book or a subject that all the interest is sucked out of it. But I digress (and I love saying that). I'm in a group with, da da da: Kim, Apple, Vorn, and Fu. I know we're all nice and smart in this group, but really, I cannot speak loudly with people I don't know very well. I guess it's because of my constant paranoia that everyone is secretly laughing at me behind my back?
So, we decorated Ani's locker today with punch-out animals, and I turned the ones we didn't use into a SCAVENGER HUNT. Woo-hoo. It starts at the Humanities room, then the French, then Science, then English, and finally it ends at Kim's binder. Ah-mazing, I know. Silver and I want to stay after school one day and make a GIANT ONE, all over school. Wouldn't that be awesome??
I totally skipped art club today. Yeah. I'm bad.
I should write an article for the paper. Any suggestions?

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  1. Write about how over-analyzing a book/subject is a great way to get kids uninterested in learning? You could always do another book/movie/podcast review. Then there's "Should middle school kids be allowed to date? (NO!!!) Or enforcement of whatever school rule you think is ridiculus. I have more ideas.......ask me anytime!