Sunday, March 14, 2010

I stand amid the roar of the surf-tormented shore.

I should be taking a shower. Because I have school tomorrow. Instead I am blogging.
Right next to me, on the corkboard, is a list of my 20 Things by 20. Shall we see how far I've gotten?
  1. Finish/Publish a book.
    This is about as likely as learning how to fly. Or Basil falling madly in love with me. Or becoming President.
  2. Get straight As for a year.
  3. Learn how to swim.
    Someone! Someone teach me! It is truly pathetic and embarrassing X(
  4. Crash a party.
    I will never, ever be brave enough to do this.
  5. Win a writing contest.
    First I have to ENTER a writing contest.
  6. Kiss a boy. comment...
  7. Go camping.
  8. Turn down a great college because I'm going to a better one.
    Well, this kind of has to wait...
  9. Get an awesome car.
    Same...I'd have to be at least 16...
  10. Save someone's life.
  11. Dye my hair blue.
    I'm totally doing this at the end of the year. Totally. And it will be AWESOME.
  12. Get a laptop.
    I assume I'll get one for college.
  13. Get a beanbag.
  14. Read all the classics at Barnes and Noble.
    Assuming I'm actually interested in all of them, which I'm not. Oh well. It's a goal.
  15. Sneak out.
Five. Five completed. Not bad for a year, I guess. Mrs. Llama would be proud.

1 comment:

  1. If you keep with the rate you're going...5 things a year, you'll be done well before you're out of High School.

    Finish/publish a book: I'd worry more about finishing one...publishing is a foregone conclusion.
    Get strait A's: Considering how close you are to reason why not.
    Learn to swim: I'll work on finding lessons.
    Crash a party: Why you would want to is beyond me, but plenty of time for that before your deadline.
    Win a writing contest: you said it best.
    Kiss a boy: plenty of time for that one too.
    Go Camping: Dad? Are you listening?
    College: You said it.
    Car: Not impossible
    Save someone's life: Again, Not impossible.
    Hair blue: as long as I don't get a call the last day of school...
    Laptop: Probably
    Beanbag: No comment
    Read all the classics at B&N: You haven't yet?
    Sneak out: I'd suggest taking this one off the list...The consequences if caught......