Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Watch it.

I'll finish this post later (you know, after school). I just had some thoughts.
If I knew what he hated about me, what everyone hated about me, would I bother to change it? I don't have a need to be accepted, only to have a handful of people I can trust. But, knowing what that was, being in the power to change it...would I? What if I lost something I had now? Would I be happier, or not?
This is all hypothetical, mind you. And I guess it doesn't make much sense...


Yesterday, I stayed after school with Lolo and Silver and made a scavenger hunt around the school. I think that qualifies me as awesome.
Today, I stayed after to help my LA group finish a poster. Vorn is nice. Fu is nice, even though she doesn't seem very comfortable around us. Kim is, of course, nice. Apple is scary, but nice.
LA itself was horrible. We started watching I Am Sam, and I learned what guys talk about. Girls. Ughhhhhhhhhh.
No math today, but the school made up for it with an hour of LEAP. Phooey. Boring day. I can't wait till the week is over.
I totally had a 40-minute phone conversation with Melissa earlier. Yay.


  1. it all just comes down to whether or not he's worth losing yourself. If he is more important to you than you are to you, then what you change doesn't really matter. Just no breast implants, kay?

    And, y'know, you could just push him off a cliff...

  2. Actually, it does make sense. [: You change for yourself, not others. If you agree with why, then change. But if you're fine with yourself, it's all good.

    and your welcome. it was just a rumor that it was suicide, maybe I should of clarified that, sorry. I agree with what you said, however. [:

  3. I think people hate how outwardly crazy I've been lately. Y'know, skipping at an inappropriate time, talking about absurd things. Time to suppress that. I feel like my so called "close friends" are beginning to judge me. And I severely hate being judged.

    I had a boring day as well. Tomorrow will be more boring. I can't wait.

  4. I love how your yay just ends with a period, so absolute and final! Haha :P

    If I could see what people really hated about me, and see that it actually was something that I should change to make myself a better person, I think I would try. It just depends, of course, on what that was. I'm not going to give up my entire personality or anything here!

  5. Sorry Word Verification Buddy. I'm only cheering her on because she's a women AND a cancer survivor. I still don't know if I wanna see Avatar. But I still think its overrated. I dunno. But sorry if I offended you or anything.

    Chesibaf. HA.

  6. I know I'd be cheering on your mom. (:

    My dad might take me to see Avatar tomorrow. If its still in 3D anywhere... I kinda hope it is. I have the tiniest amount of curiosity to see what its all about. I dunno. It still looks kinda stupid. :/

    Kosever. Eh, kinda boring.

  7. it was awesome, but it does not make you awesome. you'd be awesome only if you stopped eating baby feet and old people.