Friday, March 5, 2010

I will not be that way...I'll take it day by day.

So, I totally like this new band, Does It Offend You, Yeah?. It's cool.
Today was depressing. I dunno. It just was. But designing the Spirit Week door might be fun. If Shari doesn't go all bossy and demand we do it her way since she's, you know, the best artist in the LC. And Halden doesn't agree with her. I think we have a really good idea. I just wish people didn't automatically designate the best artist to do everything and completely disregrard everyone else...
We're going to dinner tonight! Yay? I don't feel like typing.


  1. great post once again! love your blog sooo much! definitely bookmarking this one! such an inspiration! hope you can stop by mine sometime!

  2. Sorry i haven't been commenting lately Word Verification Buddy. :(

    Here's to hoping Shari doesn't take over!

    Nessonsi. ha. silly. :P

  3. Ugh, that always happens in my classes too. The one "artistic" girl is in charge of everyone and bosses them around :P Pshaw!