Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You see these shackles, baby, I'm your slave.

[This Love, This Hate--Hollywood Undead]
*sigh* Alas, I am back. Technically, I never left, I just didn't blog.
You see, I was hoping I could switch my punishment from cleaning the living room, kitchen, and bathroom, to be simply grounded for a week. No luck. My parents are poopheads. I should be finishing up the living room today, but we're all slobs in this house and the entire place is a mess. Well, except for my dad. He's usually the one picking stuff up and complaining about how messy me and my mom are.
I've decided that my most favoritest song is: Animal I Haver Become, by Three Days Grace. I've always loved it and, since it was one of the first songs I bought and my favorite for the longest, it should officially be the most favoritest.
[Animal I Have Become--Three Days Grace]
Okay, so. You know about signs, right? I was reading this book that said something about a "three hit rule" which, stupid title aside, means if you experience something you've deemed as a sign three times, it means whatever you, ya know, deemed it to. Or something like that. I do this all the time. If I see something unusual twice, I'll say: if I see this a third time, it means so and so. I NEVER SEE IT A THIRD TIME.
But alas! Last Sunday (like a week and a half ago), while with Silver, we saw this awesome burnt-orange car that almost replaces my dream car of a Dodge Charger. AND THEN, I saw the SAME CAR. So I thought to myself, as I always do: "If I see that car again, it means....*undisclosed*."
At least, it was the same color. It looked pretty similar too, but I figured it was just a coincedence, or I could be mistaking it or something, so I thought: if I see that SAME COLOR another time, it means the same thing. I have seen that same color not once, but TWICE in the same day. So, what? Are the gods trying to send me messages in the form of awesome burnt orange cars?????
[SexyBack--Justin Timberlake]
I feel like I shouldn't have this song on my iPod, but it's something of a guilty pleasure :) I actually really like it. And I TOTALLY COULDN'T RESIST putting some lyrics as the title. I just picked a less offensive line :)
[I Hate This Part--Pussycat Dolls]
So....um....I should get back to the living room or my mom will probably skin and gut me, or something. But I HATE CLEANING. Garghle.


  1. wahhh i'm sorry your parents are poopheads, word verification buddy. that blows.

    diziopa. sounds like some foreign disease.

  2. Im Jewish. We don't believe in symbolism, we believe in food, wine, and not getting killed.

  3. Cleaning is definitely not very fun :P My house is super duper cluttered with a whole bunch of my parents' old papers and crap that no one ever looks at, so I can't wait to move out and start fresh!

    I think I know what you mean about the three hit rule thingy. I guess I might do that sometimes too. If someone *up there* was really trying to send me a message or something though, I'd rather that Jesus shows up on my grilled cheese or something like that haha.

  4. just be myself. um. fine. but being myself means being a dorky loser.

    Kristen Stewart is highly badass. Really. To me, she is sooooooo badass. But thats because i fuckin love her! If you don't love her as much as I do, I wouldn't expect you to think she's badass. Only singers can be badass? Really? Well yeah, Ezra is pretty badass. But who else is badass that is a singer? Can you name anyone?

    Winiti. Sounds like some type of beach over in Maine.

  5. you know, you're right. Pink is quite badass. I don't think my parents would like me having a motorcycle. And I don't want to learn to drive it either. I'm good with a car for now. :P You didn't come off as rude. Well, not too rude. A bit forward, sure. But not too rude. :D

    Osingies. Lol. thats hilarious! I have nonisto! ha. sounds like some type of furniture or something.