Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tell me, did you fall for a shooting star?

I totally never told you guys about Wednesday!
I totally went to Penny Packer Park with Kim and Silver, which was awesome. We ate food, climbed things, crossed streams, and got muddy (basically, it was awesome). And Jake ran through a puddle. And then we all went to Silver's house!
AND THEN.......Silver and Kim thought it would be funny to e-mail Basil. Yes. E-mail Basil. On my account. Can you guess what the e-mail said?
i found your new email... i hacked kims facebook and found it... heeheehee...
I really hate them sometimes.
AND THEN they e-mailed him on KIM'S account, asking him not to delete her cuz she changed her password so I can't hack into it anymore. And that I'm bothersome.
So, when I got home, I sent him a message on Facebook:
If you got an e-mail from me, it wasn't me. It was Silver and Kim, whose sole purpose in life is to annoy me. So, I really am not some psychotic stalker. Kay?
Yup. He has yet to respond to either. I can imagine his line of thinking: he goes on Facebook, sees my message (assuming he doesn't delete it as soon as he sees my name) and thinks ".....wut." and then "yeah, strawberry, you kinda are a psychotic stalker. kay?"...then, out of curiosity, he looks at the e-mail and thinks "WTF THAT CRAZY PSYCHO!" and then he remembers my message and probably thinks I lied and actually did hack into Kim's account to steal his e-mail.

So, remember what happened a year ago? Do you? I remember...
The breezeway was pretty much deserted, a random sixth-grade straggler and me. I had almost forgotten what day it didn't really matter...
Then a voice. I thought I heard my name, but I must've been wrong, so I kept walking. Then a tap on my shoulder...I turned.
It was him. Or, more appropiate to my thinking at the time: OHMYGODIT'SHIMIT'SHIMHOLYSHITHE'STALKINGTOMEOHMYGODOHMYGOD!!!!!1!
He gestured for me to follow him, and I did, pretty much mindless and numb with shock. The sound of my beating heart literally drowned out everything else, as corny as that may sound. He started talking, but too quickly for me to hear...something about Hallie telling him to do something...and then, kind of rushed, "Will you go out with me?"
By this point my brain was in overdrive. I literally was not think at all. I was too shocked. The only word I could muster was a too-loud, hissy "What?"
"Will you go out with me?"
No. There was no mistake. Before I could think, before I could demand what the hell he was doing ("DO YOU ACTUALLY THINK YOU'RE FUNNY, YOU PEICE OF SHIT?!?!?!"), I blurted out "NO!"
By that time I was in full-on breakdown mode (which happened a lot, in those days...). I must've been shaking from head to toe. I couldn't breathe. A strange mixture of shock, anger, and excitement seized me...I wonder what my face looked like. I wonder what his looked like. For the life of me, I can't remember.
Then, out of nowhere, three girls appeared. Two of them, Gabby and Genesis, started yelling at him...completely ignorant of the entire situation....and Kylie, she squealed like a little girl, as if he was serious. And me? I was still numb with shock. Somewhere, as an answer to some question I forget, I snarled, "It's April Fool's Day." What more explanation did I need? What I needed was to get out. I needed to get away from him. I started barreling down the hall, leaving him behind (at which point I was extremely glad of how much faster I walk then other run would have been somewhat embarrassing.) Somehow, Gabby and Genesis caught up to me, and started cursing him out, entirely unaware of how close I was to imploding.
I guess what happened after that isn't important. I reached my little circle of friends, all waiting outside the gym to be let in, and started hyperventilating, unable to get a word out, afraid to with other people so near. And then he passed, just moment after I did, not looking at me, just staring ahead to where he was supposed to go. And then, when we were inside the locker room, I told them what happened...

I no longer believe in April Fool's Day.


  1. I don't like april fools. Why is it April 1st? And not April 16th? Whats so special about the 1st? Who invented this pointless holiday? It makes no sense.

    Sidsorbi. Ha. Sounds like a mountain over in Poland.

  2. I like two things about April Fools. One, the little fairy April Fool on The Fairly Oddparents, and the little jokes Google comes up with every year. Other than that, I detest April Fools Day...

    Other than that, Jinkies Batman! no matter how many times I say you're a brilliant writer, you always stun me...

    heh, munbo...

  3. Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of having someone else ask me to prom, because I'm supposed to be the one who does the asking...

    Capes are win.

  4. Yeah, April Fool's Day kind of just gets really annoying after a while. Luckily no one tried to prank me or anything today, so that's good. I do enjoy seeing if Google or YouTube or any of those websites will do anything though, like Isaac said haha. But yes, you really are a wonderful writer!

  5. I dislike when friends do that. :/

    RE: Yes, I did delete it, but I can assure you it was just a post I did to see how the font on one of the picture (the first one on my latest entry) would look.

    Thanks. I'm flattered you think I have an 'artistic flair.' Ha ha.

    A Cambridge exam is an international end-of-year test I will take this year for Chemistry and English Literature. (Last year I took it for Biology, Math 2 --equivalent to Algebra 1 and some Geometry-- World History and English Language. People all over the world are taking the same exam and it's run through top-notch Cambridge University in England. If you know anything about the IB program, it's similar to that.

    This is explains it more: