Sunday, April 25, 2010


The mall was actually really fun. We spent, like, five hours there, and my cash went from $74 to $28, ugh. So much for saving. But I bought this beautiful purple dress from PacSun that I will be wearing to's awesome...and Isabelle and Kim made me try on a crapload of bathing suits. Ugh. We had a late lunch in the Nordstrom's Cafe, where we played truth-or-dare and I FINALLY found out who Bruce is taking to the dance (Manda. Wtf.) It
That is all I have to say on the matter, thank you.
Dude. I really, really, really want a chocolate poptart even though I'm not hungry at all....


  1. Cute dress. I'm jealous.

    Tennis is awesome.

    I've never had a pop-tart. Go ahead, call me uncultured.

  2. ive never had a poptart either. huh. the dress isnt bad. who is manda?

  3. I quite like the dress! It's kinda short I suppose, but very cute nonetheless :]

    I had Poptarts a lot when I was little, then I got sick of them and graduated to Toaster Strudels, and then got sick of those too... so I haven't had one in years O:

  4. I love your dress! Freakin adore it!


    Reopoma. REE-OH-PUH-MUH. Um sounds like a country?

  5. i looked at the