Monday, April 12, 2010

They are illusions, and not the solutions they promise to be.

Well, today is the start of Spirit Week, in which my LC is navy for the first time EVER. It's weird. I feel like I can't be loyal to it (even though I can.) You see, navy is rigged to win EVERY YEAR. So, when you're maroon, you could say that you WOULD'VE won if it hadn't been rigged. What are you supposed to say when you're navy? Awww, sorry we cheat, it's not our choice, it's just the way of the school?
Oh, hum....Leo does not like Kim and DouFou does not like Silver. I know because I asked. Neither of them like anyone...only as friends. Foohey.
Gym today got interrupted by a fire alarm. Not a fire drill, mind you! This stuff was the real deal. Nay, 'twas a fire ALARM.
And I have nothing more to say. Farewell!


  1. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

    kim still hasnt responded, by the way. is she scared?...

  2. Spirit week is for people with spirit. Doesn't really work when half of the kids in my school don't have souls...we always see the same people dressing up for spirit week, sluts taking the chance to dress even worse, Jocks wearing baggy clothes to hide their liddle buddy down low...

    Everyone else just tries to hide the fact that we're not wearing whatever the schedule for spirit week told us to wear, because in actuality we just don't care enough to remember to wear camo or sports jerseys or class colors or something...

  3. No one ever participates in spirit week at my school anymore, haha. I didn't either, except for super hero day (cause I wanted to dress up like a powerpuff girl), crossdressing day, and Harry Potter day :D