Friday, April 23, 2010

It travels places you've never been or seen before.

[The Night Starts Here--Stars]
The theme of the Farewell Dance is a cruise. As if we were on a cruise ship, when really we're just in the gym. The guys are instructed to wear polos and shorts, when the girls "can wear whatever is appropiate to the theme." BLAHHHH.
I really liked this dress, but everyone asked thought it was boring. Sigh. Any suggestions for a cruise-themed dress?

Hung out with Nat and Lolo! We mostly staid at the park, where we saw Sally, who lives in the same neighborhood as them but not, like, within walking distance because their neighborhood is insanely big.
[Your Ex-Lover is Dead--Stars]
I enjoy Stars.
Umm, we mostly discussed movies there, and there was some younger chick I had never seen before and kind of didn't give off a great first impression. I also ate a bagel.

Halden volunteered us to punch out little green triangles, protractors, and rulers for the NJASK. All 800 of them. That stupid---ugh. She does that SO MUCH. Like, seriously, we're not a damn sweat shop. I don't even mind doing the work, it's just she VOLUNTEERS us to do it and doesn't do a damned thing herself. If she had asked, I would be fine with it. Hell, it wasn't like we weren't doing any thing. Like, half the class has to present ILP. Ugh.
For Content Lit, we went outside, which is always fun.
None of my friends will believe me when I say I DON'T like anyone. Not Oregano, not Basil, no one, SERIOUSLY. There's a first time for everything!
Thall really creeps me out. I dunno, he just does. He's all...popular. And tall. That was his nickname, haha, before Lolo changed it. Anyway. He's scary. It's like he's never serious but he's not a funny guy, you know? He totally stole my pencil today, sigh. When people I'm not really friends with do stuff like that, I just go along with it. I mean, he gave it back. He was just playing with the lead, but really? And God, his eyes are SO BLUE. They completely stand out from his face.
[Maybe I'm Just Tired--As Tall As Lions]
I almost forgot, yesterday Basil was talking about how he bumped into Elaina, and I just started laughing. And Thall gave me a look and said "What?" in that not-serious way of his. And I just laughed more. It was weird. I probably seemed mentally unbalanced, but then, when do I not?
French was not nearly as fun as yesterday. LA was actually decent, for some reason. Humanities was a test that I probably didn't score my usual 100 on, so bleh. Science was just putting up with Aaron's not-smartness (I won't say idiocracy, sigh) and completing a useless NJASK prep thing (we actually have a science portion this year, ugh). Math was also a test, one that I wish was longer so I could keep doing. I really really REALLY love doing these problems. It's like complicated algebra. Actually, it's multiplying and dividing complex fractions, but I could literally do a million of them...actually, yesterday, I finished an entire half of a problem sheet just because I love doing this stuff so much.
[The Night Starts Here--Stars]
OH, and I'm going to the mall on Sunday with Kim and Izzy! Fun. Izzy's not really a close friend, but it doesn't seem that bad to hang out with her. I need a new bathing suit, ugh X( Not looking forward to trying those on.
Hurray for June 9th. Hurray.

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  1. Your dress is really cute. To hell with what the others say!!


    Somse, however, is not.

    [sorry for the short comment, i'm really down today and i'm really tired too]