Friday, April 30, 2010

Throw a coin into the sea...

Sharebe--Violet has a blog now! Check it out, man.
I have finished summarizing my story that would be so much better as a movie. Indeed.
Last night the cat tried to kill my hand. was my fault. He was in a "mood." I don't think he actually realized it was only me and not the dog, haha. Anyway, usually when he's like that, I have to hold him by his neck and just keep him still until he calms down.That's what I did...except he was on his back, so his claws were in the perfect position to freak out on me. Lovely. And of course, and soon as I got it all cleaned up and returned to take him downstairs, he had calmed down.
That was a boring paragraph. FORGIVE ME.
I had an epic dream the night before :D

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  1. I've always wanted a cat, but I always hear so many horror stories from my friends about their cats going crazy and attacking their hands on constant occasions, haha... I'd have to make sure that mine was tame and loving and whatnot :)