Friday, April 30, 2010

NJASK, Part Four

I'm really behind. Oh well. Maybe next month?
My cuts have been bugging me all day. And for some reason, I can't type. It doesn't help that the keyboard's malfunctioning.
Science portion today. It was...not very easy. Most of them were just common-sense problems though, so they didn't require much actual knowledge of, oh, say, the rock cycle. I really need chapstick and it's bugging the hell out of me. I also have to pick up a bunch of leaf clippings before tomorrow morning...ugh...
I just freaked out on the malfunctioning keyboard and, uh, banged it a couple times. It turns off for a moment. But it's fine now!
We must have a Perfect Petroleum Pipeline Picnic, and Violet and Kim want me to go bathing suit shopping with them. As if going to a water park wasn't bad enough. Ugh. I have to see if my old bathing suit still fits me......
Oh, and a new project in LA. We have to do some kinda art thing about the Holocaust. Fun. I know what I want to do, but I'm not much of a painter....
Oh, and in LA, I guess SOMETHING of mild interest happened. I guess Basil asked for a pen or something, so Thall takes my pencil case and gives him a green Sharpie from it. He kinda laughed. Then when he was done with it, he held it out to me. I dunno. It was weird.


  1. clean out cuts or scratches with hydrogen peroxide or witch hazel, and they feel like they're completely gone...I use some after I shave XD.

    Holocaust is never fun, except for us jewish kids who get to act all high and mighty for a unit. "Yeah, my people went through this, you want to mess?!"

    Word verification is "prose"

  2. Stupid malfunctioning keyboard D: That sounds quite frustrating!

    I know absolutely nothing about the rock cycle. That was in seventh grade earth science, but then the teacher Ms. Schnupp who had hair like a Bichon Frise and ate Magic Shell mysteriously disappeared without a trace and never came back. So I learned nothing that year...

    Holocaust units are never very fun :/ It seems like we do at least one of them every year, which gets extremely tiring...