Thursday, April 29, 2010

NJASK, Part Three

Ew. Math.
No. I like math. Just not three straight hours of it. I mean, heck, it was all really easy, but SERIOUSLY. THREE HOURS. No. And I kind of had a miffness with Silver that was foofy. But now it's cool!
Lunch kinda sucked. I had been in a drag since the miffness and then I got into a, uh, discussion with Kim about going to a water park, which I don't want to do. And Ani yelled at me. I know she was just kidding, but still. I mean, you ever been doing something and then everyone attacks you for it? Like it's you against everyone else and you're losing? That's kinda how I felt. Of course, these 'moments' are better than my breakdowns last year. Wow...
We watched some weirdish documentary called Paperclips. Southern accents really bother me. Just sayin'. I'm sure they're all lovely people.......
Haha. My dad says that sometimes I got the accent of an arrogant New Englander. Hah, considering I am, I can see that.

1 comment:

  1. Who's "miffness"? Is that even a word?!?

    You better go to the water park! I can't see with out my glasses and I'm depending on my seeing-eye Ruthie.

    Don't even think about calling me what you want to right now!!!! I don't care how cute it sounds!