Sunday, April 11, 2010

And I feel something....

I would be more excited, except I have a headache X(
It was fun! And dramatic. But mostly fun. Silver and Kim were over, and we totally had a stuffed-animal fight and had makeovers and played truth or dare and ate pizza/soda/cookies and watched The Lion King (I totally fell asleep!!! Noooooez!!!) and then went back upstairs and talked for, like, an hour! And then we slept. And then when we woke up Silver wouldn't up but then we made her because we were going to iHop (I KNOW, who goes out to breakfast after sleepovers?!) and then we played Guitar Hero and then Silver had to leave (sadness....) but Kim staid for two more hours and we played hide-and-seek and started to play Battleship only her mom got there right when we started...yeah. Such was my night. Oh, andSILVERTOLDUSASECRETBUTKIMANDSILVERSTILLHAVEN'TTOLDMETHESUPERSECRETEEEEEEEEEE!
I totally can't wait till August 24. It's the day before my birthday, yes, but it's ALSO when the third Hunger Games book is coming out!!!!! w00t!!!


  1. Sounds fun!!!

    Angsturb. ha, wow.

  2. what secret did we not tell you??

  3. Despite the headache aftermath, the sleepover sounds rather enjoyable indeed! :D