Saturday, April 3, 2010

This thing called love...

I don't actually have anything to blog about, given that it's currently 8:43 a.m. I probably won't at 8:43 p.m. either, but regardless....I am putting off cleaning the living room. There, I said it. I've already finished the bathroom and kitchen (with the exception of mopping) and now all that's left is the living room....someone shoot me now....or clean for me!
Also, I didn't want to leave you with that atrocity of a story I wrote yesterday.
So, I have officially done nothing this entire break except that thing on Wednesday. Not that this is unusual, of course. I'm an old hand at sitting at home being bored while my friends go out and have fun with each other! *is bitter*
But I'm free tomorrow!!!! Assuming I finish the living room (which I hope I do, since I'll be grounded for the rest of April if I don't). I've been trying to get a hold of Lolo, but NOOOOO, she can never answer her phone! I mean, I know, usually, when I ask at the last minute, they're always busy. So I figured, "HEY! Why not ask beforehand if she's free on Sunday?" Unfortunately, no. Such is my luck.
*sigh* I was going to write "Wish me luck", but then that would sound redundant because I just said "luck". MEH.
You could just magically transport to my house and clean my living room for me. That would be appreciated.


  1. Lolo is in New York right now. And why are you up before 10 on a sunday? Thats a crime against the man who invented the clock, and is disrespectful to our soilders. Shame on you!

  2. Well, I didn't know that, CUZ NO ONE TELLS ME THESE THINGS.
    And it's Saturday. Just so you know.

  3. I know what you mean with the whole, home being bored while my friends go out and have fun. The worst part for me is seeing various freshmen I'm friends with having more of a social life than I am. Getting their permit before I am. It's agonizing.

    My mom's rebuttal? "There's more to life than driving." And instead of me saying the obvious, "not here. You HAVE to be able to drive to get anywhere," I just sighed.

    Good luck.

    I'd come clean your living room, but I think I should do my chores first. And have a teleport.

  4. I would use my Teleport Lapis, but I lost it, and I'd have to clean my room to find it...

    Im used to not having anything to do over break. I actually like the lack of schedule for a while...


    Thanks, I really liked the poem after I finished it. I'm probably going to submit it to The Creative Streak as well...


  5. up before noon?! nat, even 10:00 is way to early. if i could,, i would sleep all day. this was proven on tuesday, when i slept until 4. you should do somthing other than sit around, you know. did basil email you back?!?

  6. Well sor-ry I always get saturday and sunday mixed up.