Monday, April 26, 2010

See, I was thinking that I lost my mind, but it's getting to me all this time--and it don't stop dragging me down.

[Tranquilize--The Killers ft. Lou Reed]
I am freaking addicted to this song. Yeeeeeeeee. Listen to it. I don't even know why I love it so much. I just do. I don't get the video at all, but heck. This song is so different from every other Killers song.......I actually don't like the guy's voice that much, but everything else is cool.
NJASK starts tomorrow. Ugh. The only positive thing about the entire test is that Silver is in the same room as me. Seriously, it's just an enormous waste of time. I always ace it, but seriously? WHY?
Other than that....yeah, nothing happened today. Silver refuses to tell Stalker how much she, uh, dislikes him and is majorly creeped out by him and that he should leave her alone because...why? Besides the fact that she doesn't want to be mean, which is stupid. She's actually afraid of him, which is understandable--I am too, ugh; he's so creepy--but she REFUSES to do anything about it. YOU HEAR THAT, SILVER?
Some people really piss me off.
The lead singer dude looks so much better with this hair than with his other hair....


  1. I DO HEAR THAT, POOPY! and im not afraid of him. im afraid that he's going to sneak into my bedroom in the middle of the night and stab me to death.

  2. I listened to Tranquilize to refresh my memoryg. It is good, but I disagree, it's not SO different from every other Killers song. Out of curiosity, have you heard every Killers song?

    What are you trying to say about my Brandon Flowers' hair? :]

  3. Wow. Creepy. Sorry.

    Mutrudis. Ha.

  4. NJASK, is that what your standardized testing is called? Yeah, those are always pretty much a waste of time... Rawrness. And yay for the Killers!