Monday, April 19, 2010


Dude, I got to 200 posts in a breeze, and yet I'm still 19 posts away from 400. WHY?
WAIT WHAT? Dude! 400! I thought it was 300! Heh, never mind...

Okay, so, guys are sick. That is all I have to say about LA.
Oh, and I figure if I repeat something enough times it'll become true. So: ilikeoreganoilikeoreganoilikeoreganoilikeoreganoilikeoregano!
Heh. Oregano. The new beau, yes? He actually already has a nickname, I'm just not using it. I mean I don't even LIKE him, just a little, you know? Or, rather, I want to. Better him than still hanging on to the last vestiges of Basil. I just wish I had more time to talk to him, besides where I USUALLY talk to him, which is also wear I can't have a decent conversation. Sorry for being cryptic. So far only one person knows and I'm dying to keep it that way.
My day was pretty good, though. ILP wasn't nearly as painful as last year or the year before. I just wish I could present and get it over with....
AMAXING! (hehAli.)


  1. 400 posts is a heck of a lot O:

    I like the codename Oregano! So you kind of have spice kind of names? Basil, Oregano... I like that, haha. My friends and I used to have fruit nicknames, and throw in a Fishsticks, Zamboni, and Chef Boyardee as well. Us girls are weird :D

  2. and who is this OREGANOOOOOO?


    side bangs? EPICLY EPIC!!! they'll look great!!

    lapbes. what?

  4. i totally know how you feel. i don't want the hairdresser lookin at me like i'm an idiot. but don't worry, just tell 'em what you want. its gonna be AMAXING! :D

    Wablo. WABLO?!?! what the heck?!