Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I suppose a lot of schtuff happened today, but the things I can think of most is:
  1. I exchanged Oregano's identity with Kim for the SuperSecret, which was actually pretty stupid. They thought I would be mad. I would not be mad!
  2. On the bus today, two girls (JazzyFazz and Tuba) asked if I liked Oregano...naturally, I said no, but I wonder if it's really that obvious?
  3. I'm considering saying I lied about Oregano to Kim...even though she'd be mad at me...but I feel bad that I can't keep a secret for a day. No. I have no self-control whatsoever.
    I guess there's a fine line between my need for attention...After they get bored and stop guessing who it is, and after I tell them and they gush about it for awhile and get bored, and when I keep trying to bring it up again because I am an attention whore. There, I said it. IT'S TRUE. IT BUGS THE SHIT OUT OF ME WHEN THE TOPIC ISN'T ON ME!!!
  4. Basil wasn't here today, but.....I.....don't really care. It was more like 'whatever', you know?
    Not saying I'd never want to see him again. But it's not a necessity.
  5. We've officially started our feild hockey unit in gym, which was sore. I actually ran most of the two laps, though!!! I do wonders when I'm competing with Kim.
    I also learned that I'm not flexible in any way.
  6. Report cards...ugh. I'll post. This is pretty much all the important stuff anyway, so...
Art A. This is actually a surprise....previously I got an A+. It might've been because I didn't actually finish one of the projects, hah.
French B. Good progress, Respectful to teachers/peers. In all fairness, the tests were killer this marking period.
Humanities B+. Excellent progress. I....kind of expected this....
Math B. Good progress. *sigh*
Language Arts A+ Excellent progress, Is a pleasure to have in class. It seems the less I like Halden, the more she likes me.
Oh, by the way, she insisted yesterday that I write something else for the paper...I suppose I should...
Music A. Good progress. This is the first time EVER I've gotten a comment on music.
Gym A. Good progress. Damn! This went down too! HOW? I must've forgotten gym clothes one day....OMG HEALTH. DAMN HEALTH.
Science A+. Excellent progress, Is a pleasure to have in class. :D
Tech A+. This class really shouldn't require a grade. It's pretty much impossible to get below an A+.

*sigh* So not cool. Not cool at all.


  1. Excellent report card.

    That was a thumbs up, I swear.

  2. I want your grades. Really badly.

    Sorry that you're sore, dear. :( No fun.

    grabic. like graphic, but GRAB-IC.

  3. you know what you should do? you should TELL ME WHO IT IS!!!!!!!

  4. First Basil, now Oregano? Before we know it you'll have the hots for Madras or Chilé......although those are a little more ethnically uncouth, so maybe not...it's like calling me Latke...

  5. Don't worry, I think a lot of people crave being the center of attention but just don't like to admit it, haha. And congrats on the grades! :D