Saturday, October 30, 2010


*cough* Anyway. I think I shall play with my layout. Yes indeed!

I hate essays.

I feel like I have a really good topic for this essay I'm basically rewriting, but now when I'm actually writing it out I can't really put it together. Blahh. It's due no later than Wednesday, but I feel as if I don't finish it today I'll never finish it.
This is the question: How does the notion of seeing give meaning to the novel? The novel in this case is Girl with a Pearl Earring, which no one in the history of ever has read, except now we have to read it because WHY. Ugh. So this is basically my argument:
Griet and Vermeer represent the positive aspect of sight, which has to do with artistic beauty and mystery. They see things just beyong what's actually there to the true beauty of it, such as Griet seeing colors other than white in the clouds, or Vermeer painting an ugly woman as beautiful with the light on her face. While both of their eyes seem open to the true beauty of the world, at the same time they seem blind to what's actually there, and almost self-centered in their pursuit of artistic glamour.
Cornelia represents negative sight, by seeing the cold reality of a situation and using it for destruction. By seeing things she shouldn't and using them to hurt people, namely Griet, she becomes the antithesis of the sight portrayed by Griet and Vermeer. Her altogether malicious, conniving, and devious nature turn things of beauty hideous, by revealing the truth of what's in front of her. The epitome of her overall negativity is in seeing Griet's portrait, a symbol of both the maid's helplessness and submissiveness to the influences about her, and using it to fracture the relationship between Vermeer and his wife and turn Griet from the house.
So now I need to make an essay of it. Phooey.

Friday, October 29, 2010

lol not really

Woo. Friday. Too bad I have to write an essay. BUT, I don't have a lab due on Monday. Hoorah.
My horoscope says I "may need to tell someone something I never thought I'd utter to a single soul." Well, so far it hasn't happened, so I guess I'll tell you something all now: I am actually a cat. Yes, I know you're shocked. Surprised. Aghast. My cat-eyes can see your flabbergasted expressions through the interwebz, yes. Everyone knows cats rule the internet. And I rule the Internet. Therefore I am a cat.
I feel it would be pointless to say "lol not really" by this point :P
So really, nothing happened today. Nothing. Of even the remotest interest. I kind of have a headache. I didn't go to Small Engines today, cuz I'm kind afraid of the scary teacher, but that also means I didn't talk to Wezlers at all :( Haha. That is my name for him. Okay, not really. I haven't made one up yet.
Now I have a headache. And shall leave. GOOSHBYE.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Okay, so, Iliad is officially dead. That sucks.
But besides that, I guess today was pretty good. I still have a D in science for some reason. Obviously now I must beg Mr. Ruin to give me even a little credit on that lab report that was...quite late...because if he doesn't, I'm screwed. Euch. Oooh, and I wore that dress today! I think it raised my confidence by, like, 10%, cuz I actually VOLUNTEERED to say stuff in English!
That is all.


So remember how about a week ago I said Illiad was dying some terrible death? He's actually still alive. Barely. Yeah, I probably should've gotten that cure-all medicine, but I guess I just really hoped he'd get better on his He was great this morning. But now I get home and he can barely move by himself. His gills are still going, but he's just lying there flat, and I'm pretty sure he's going to die in the next hour or so. Unless a miracle happens. That'd be great. Really. But I don't think it will. If he's still alive when my dad gets home, the first place we're going is Petsmart so I can get that might be too late, but I have to try something, you know?

Dress ftw!

I'm sure some of you read that failed attempt at alliteration yesterday...haha. I was going to write an actual post but, you know, ran out of time. Oh welllllz.
I'm sure you all don't know (and I'm sure none of you don't, unless you're all watching me from my window, which I'm sure you are), but I'm wearing a DRESS right now. And TIGHTS. With DOTS on them. And BLACK, SHINY SHOES. And a CARDIGAN-LIKE THING. To SCHOOL. Wooooooooooo.
You see, I went to the mall yesterday looking for the tights I suddenly had a craving for, which incidentally I didn't buy. But still! We were passing through Nordstrom's when I just saw this dress on the wall. This dress. Not the ugly green one, but the black one. And I kind of fell in love. You know. So we look for a mirror to hold it up to, because I NEVER like anything, you know, and the sales lady managed to usher me into a changing room while I'm not really sure what's happening. And she gets me into a cardigan-thingy to match. And OH MY, I love it. I mean I NEVER wear stuff like this. Not even not to school--ANYWHERE. So we got that, and we got a pair of tights to match, and now I am WEARING IT TO SCHOOL. Squee.
In other news, I got a 97 on my science test! :D Thanks to profuse amounts of extra credit, haha. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND, Daniel and Frankie kinda talked to me! Well, Daniel kinda talked to me. As in kinda looked at me. Kinda. Frankie ACTUALLY talked to me. To ask if I only ate grapes. Cuz I was lamenting that all I ate at lunch was Happy's grapes, except he didn't hear the 'lunch' part, so haha. Hahaha. Haaaaaaaaaaaah. :D
That is all. Goodbye.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh, alliteration.

Wacky Wednesday! Except it was totally Tuesday. Isn't that amazingly awesome? Except in most regards, it was so spectacularly suckish that I kind of wanted to cry. Okay, that is in fact fraudulent--but still.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I know you think you know, but you probably don't.

[Take Me to the Riot--Stars]
What?!?! Is Strawberry listening!?!?
Things I did today: nothing. I'm upset about Halloween. And stuff. Cuz I don't have a costume, and it's in a week, and the dance is on Friday, but I don't want to go to the dance not dressed and everyone else dressed as a slut. Not that I want to go dressed as a slut. Gar. And I don't have a costume. I have an idea for a completely amazing awesometacular costume, but, you know, I don't think they'd sell it in stores, and there's no way I could put it together before Friday...
[Tony the Tiger--Manchester Orchestra]
I really have nothing else to say.
Does anyone remember why I bolded that last song? Remember how I said I'd bold the song that the title came from? No? Well I did. And I am. Hurrah.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

And now my fish is dying a terrible death.

The only I really liked, too.


So somehow I managed to accidentally follow myself, and now I can't figure out how to un-follow myself. So fuck it. I'm so awesome, why WOULDN'T I follow myself?
The Model UN conference was today! :D Holy hell, that was long. But lunch as amazing. I did not know a SINGLE PERSON and, as you all know, I'm just the CHUMMIEST around people I don't know. Wow. Awkward. I never actually got to speak, because I was at the very bottom of the list and there was an un-moderated caucus basically after every person. I said maybe three things the entire time. But, I dunno, it was fun. In a way. In a painfully awkward way. I wore business attire. That's always fun.
I feel like I have more to say. But I don't. Ta-ta!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Well, hello there.

I must admit I expected more comments after being gone a WEEK. You know, since usually I blog every 1-3 days. You know. And I know you all missed me. YOU KNOW.
Well, anyway, for being gone a week, I don't have much to say. My As in Latin and World Civ. have vanished into thin air. I was going to be a pirate for Halloween, but I cannot find a costume IN THE WORLD that isn't either about an inch above my ass or for little kids. As if everyone 13+ wants to be a slut for Halloween. Yeah, okay.
OHMAHGAWSH SO I HAVE MY FIRST CONFERENCE TOMORROW. Holy awesomeness. I'm terrified. I have SLAVED over my position paper with dismal results...but...yeah. I'm talking about Model UN, if you all weren't sure.
I guess you would be expecting more of a huzzah, or at least a long post, Just no. Good night. NOW COMMENT NOW I WILL BE ANGRYYYYYYYYYYY FACE.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hello, friends! I'm so deeply, deeply sorry for assuming you were exaggerating when you said you didn't have time to blog. Deeply.
BUTTTTTTTT, my dreaded lab report has been pushed to TUESDAY! Can we say 'mercy'? I think we can. Let's all say it now, in fact, just to make sure. MERCY.
Oh, and remember Weslie, that unceremonious jerk? Apparently he's writing the whole story now =.= I've never really read his writing, and I'm sure it's good, but I REALLY HOPE it's good, you know? Because I'm pretty sure I could write it perfectly. Maybe. It's perfect in my head. I'm sure it'll be fine, though...
And......we had a 2&1/2 hour delay. It's really nice out at 9 in the morning. Really.
Goodbye :D

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reason I Hate High School #89758367589:

I have both an essay on a book we haven't discussed in a month and a four-page lab report due on Friday. The essay will just be hard. The lab report will be murder. By 'four-page', I mean the guideline for it is four pages, and the actual lab report will be 80,000,000 pages, and take an exuberant amount of time. I hate lab reports. With a passion. Have I ever mentioned that? I don't think I have.
In other news, I've officially raised my Latin grade to an A!!! :D That's somewhat dampened by the fact, however, that I have a shitload of work to do for Friday, three days to do it in, and no drive to do it at all. Lab reports eat your soul. They are ninety-billion pages of misery. Essays are graded with a down-curve, I swear, and the questions are impossibly vague. If these were due on Monday I'd be fine. But they're not. They're due on FRIDAY. Geez, if they want me to do this much work by Friday, they better plan on giving us a day off...
In OTHERother news, we've officially started a new project in World Civ. I'm partnered with Lisa, who I've never seen before, and Weslie, who I have seen before. We're supposed to write an eighth voyage for Sinbad the Sailor, which would be awesome, except Weslie is under the impression he's the best writer...ever. Obviously, this title should go to me. OBVIOUSLY. Alas, some people are just so full of themselves...
Oh, and I have 40 pages of brief to read in two days. I hope I get a fever tomorrow. I really do.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

You just take a passion; make it happen.

[What a Feeling~Flashdance]
So, I'm frustrated. I'm sure you all know about my Damon~Emma story, otherwise known as Immortal. So far I'm on my third remake of it, in which I try to make Damon sound like an intelligent 500-year-old, without making it boring. It's not working. But the worst part is, I found the perfect song for this story. Perfect. In. Every. Way. It's Paper Thin Hymn by Anberlin, which is one of my favorite songs EVER, seriously. I was listening to it in the car the other day and it just occurred to me: this is the perfect song for this story. And it is. Seriously, go listen to it.
[Bohemian Rhapsody--Queen]
Have you listened to it? Good. Now you know it's the perfect song. The problem is, I was writing the story, and listening to that song, and I realized they didn't match. How I was writing it. How the story was unfolding. It didn't have any of the sadness, or the loneliness, or the helplessness. I haven't gotten that far into the story yet, but I can already tell that it's just not getting there.

I just took a break to do an air-guitar solo. If you'll excuse me.

In other news, I've officially started The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, which is difficult. Oh, and next week we're starting Jane Eyre in English! Yessssss! I mean, I worry they'll ruin it for me with all their symbolism crap, but STILL. JANE EYRE FTW.
[Paper Thin Hymn--Anberlin]
And finally, I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna go to the mall tomorrow, but so far I haven't been able to get ahold of either Kim or Shari. I need business attire, dammit! And I counted, I have $193 with which to buy it! PEOPLE GET ON FACEBOOK SOMETIME, OKAY? Raghle.
Gooshbye, friends! I'LL SEE YOU ALL TOMORROW KAY!

Friday, October 8, 2010


I really should've blogged yesterday, but, you know, I didn't. I even had something to blog about, too! Model UN was yesterday, and I never got the brief for my topic (which is a lovely 44 pages long, in case you didn't know), but I still had to go up to the front of the room and talk about it. That was terrifying, haha. BUTTTTT I got to call Kim a heartless monster, which was fun. Yesee, she was talking about food&agriculture, and someone asked her what areas she would focus on if there was a natural disaster that cut off food supplies in her country, and she said she'd focus on the more important cities, so I asked, "So, what you're saying is anyone who just happens to live in the country is worthless and should starve?" It was fun :)
The conference is on the 23rd, and we're supposed to wear 'business attire'. I do not own a single article of clothing that could be considered 'business attire'. HEY KIMSHARI WANNA GO SHOPPING.
As for today, art was fun. I feel like I'm not getting very far on my project, but it still looks pretty good. I just wish I could work on it longer, haha :) I pretty much have at least 3/4 of it left to do, and I have no idea how long she wants us to work on it.
I am SO GLAD it's Friday, you have no idea. This week has taken FOREVER. Oh, and by this point I'm really just filling stuff in because I feel like, after such a long break, this entry should be long. It won't be, because my life is boring, but still. I should go to something productive, like respond to comments, and yet...I won't. Haha. I've run out of things to say. Goodbye!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

RIP Maurice!

So, I got fish yesterday! But one of them died. Yeah. Haha, I got two little neon ones in orange (Orangey) and red, and the red one (who was named Maurice) died. No idea why. I ALSO got my new favorite fish ever, Illiad, who is a 'turquoise gourami', and is supah awesome. I'm probably going to replace Maurice with a fish pre-named Maury, but...there were this super-adorable little angel fish there, and my tank would be big enough for them, even with four fish...:) Although I'd still feel bad putting four fish in one tank, even though there's plenty of room for them. The guy said, if I wasn't sure how many I could put in, just go by a gallon per my two tiny ones are definitely less than an inch, so let's just say that's two gallons, and Illiad is around 2 inches, so altogether 4 gallons...which leaves plenty of room for my tiny angel fish, even if it actually does grow to it's maximum size of 4 inches...but still. It just seems too crowded. a guy actually remembered my name today! :D It was after the killer Latin test, on which I got a 70, and some guy (let's call him Lihkan) comes over to a table where I'm sitting, reading, with some other girl I have yet to find out the name of...and asks what she got...and then he asks what I got too! AND HE REMEMBERED MY NAME! I don't really care that he talked to me, but SERIOUSLY, no one knows my name. At all. It's kind of depressing.
That's.....all I have to say. OH WAIT. I got a 93 on my World Civ. test! :D

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I have 2 new followers! Hey guys! Thanks for the love! :D

A Civilized World

Doesn't that sound like something involving murder? Well, it is. I don't know if that's going to be the title, but I have the story kinda. Felicity (and yes that is her name...) discovers her close friend Anthony has killed his brother, Alexander. And...that's all I have so far. I'm mostly turned off by this story because I picture somewhere around the 1500s, except if I did that I'd have to do...*shudder*....research. So it'll probably never get written.

Once again, I can't think of anything that happened today. I am the Grand Vizier of Awesome. I didn't have much homework today (meaning it didn't take me hours and hours) but I have a Latin test tomorrow, which I'll more likely fail than pass (okay, I'll probably get a 78 or something, but still) and I had a math test last week which I did get a 78 on. I will never understand how I can be so good at math and yet fail every test.
Aw apparently 'Aden', a.k.a. the name of my favorite character EVER, is popular. That sucks. In case you're wondering, I'm searching for names and happened across that...yeah. And now I shall grace you with a list of my favorite [real] no particular order.
  • Audrey.
  • Gabrielle.
  • Aeva. [this isn't an actual namename, but i love it too much to disclude {not a word} it]
  • Anna.
  • Rachel.
  • Eloise.
  • Emma.
  • Kathryn.
  • Catharina.
And for the guys...
  • Aden.
  • Alexander.
  • Jacob. [Jakkob is prefered, haha]
  • Gabriel.
  • Jeremy.
  • Benjamin. [only in writing, and only the full name]
  • Gregory.
  • Daniel.
I like A's...

Monday, October 4, 2010

In case you were wondering.

So I'm racking my brain for something I actually did worth mentioning today, but nothing's coming up. The days blur together. I'm tired all the time. I keep waking up in the middle of the night, which doesn't help. I have too much homework and no time to think. The only purpose I have throughout the entire day is too make it to the end, and then to make it to the weekend.
I hate high school.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


It's true. I know how much you all missed me. STRAWBERRY WITHDRAWALS, ANYONE?
There's really no excuse for my absence...well, yes, there is. I was tired, and I had nothing to blog about. BUT NOW I WILL.
I can't really think of anything of interest that happened on Thursday except for Model UN...which only lasted ten minutes. They kept talking about briefs, and I had no idea what they were talking about, and I still can't find these mystical 'briefs' so...woo.
I have a shitload of homework.
Chief among the things I did today: not do my homework, and redesign my blog. You may have noticed that, haha. You may have also noticed the very, very edited (I say 'edited' because I don't have Photoshop, so I can't say photoshopped. Is it one word? I don't think it is.) picture of the rose, which I took with my super-amateur photo-taking skills. I take a lot of pictures of roses. I love roses. Really the only thing that bothers me about this new layout (besides the fact that I'm jumping the bandwagon of having a large picture with some meaningful thing on it in luei leui liue fuck it. Instead of a title.) is that the font seems a little small in some places and I can't figure out how to get it larger...bleh...tell me what you think!
Oh, and my mom made awesome pizza for dinner. It was awesome.
And finally, Jake has a girlfriend. Her name is Bella. Ironic, no?
This has been a surprisingly short entry for such a long absence...don't I suck? :D