Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reason I Hate High School #89758367589:

I have both an essay on a book we haven't discussed in a month and a four-page lab report due on Friday. The essay will just be hard. The lab report will be murder. By 'four-page', I mean the guideline for it is four pages, and the actual lab report will be 80,000,000 pages, and take an exuberant amount of time. I hate lab reports. With a passion. Have I ever mentioned that? I don't think I have.
In other news, I've officially raised my Latin grade to an A!!! :D That's somewhat dampened by the fact, however, that I have a shitload of work to do for Friday, three days to do it in, and no drive to do it at all. Lab reports eat your soul. They are ninety-billion pages of misery. Essays are graded with a down-curve, I swear, and the questions are impossibly vague. If these were due on Monday I'd be fine. But they're not. They're due on FRIDAY. Geez, if they want me to do this much work by Friday, they better plan on giving us a day off...
In OTHERother news, we've officially started a new project in World Civ. I'm partnered with Lisa, who I've never seen before, and Weslie, who I have seen before. We're supposed to write an eighth voyage for Sinbad the Sailor, which would be awesome, except Weslie is under the impression he's the best writer...ever. Obviously, this title should go to me. OBVIOUSLY. Alas, some people are just so full of themselves...
Oh, and I have 40 pages of brief to read in two days. I hope I get a fever tomorrow. I really do.


  1. i definitely feel for you. i completely despise when the teachers decide "oh yeah let's just give them all one BILLION things to do, all due on the same day! that'll be super duper fun to see them all on the verge of a mental breakdown!" -_- good luck surviving this week of stress! :P

  2. but WE GET TO SLEEP IN!!!!!!!! you dont know how awesome this is to me. i dont sleep on the weekends, either, because of synagogue and my sister being loud when she goes to hebrew school. hope you finish stuff. and sleep.

  3. *blows a hairdryer on your forehead* FEVER TIME

    And I will totally get your email address, if Isaac would email me back >:[

  4. i think Lisa is in my english class if we are thinking of the same lisa...she pretty awesome