Saturday, October 30, 2010

I hate essays.

I feel like I have a really good topic for this essay I'm basically rewriting, but now when I'm actually writing it out I can't really put it together. Blahh. It's due no later than Wednesday, but I feel as if I don't finish it today I'll never finish it.
This is the question: How does the notion of seeing give meaning to the novel? The novel in this case is Girl with a Pearl Earring, which no one in the history of ever has read, except now we have to read it because WHY. Ugh. So this is basically my argument:
Griet and Vermeer represent the positive aspect of sight, which has to do with artistic beauty and mystery. They see things just beyong what's actually there to the true beauty of it, such as Griet seeing colors other than white in the clouds, or Vermeer painting an ugly woman as beautiful with the light on her face. While both of their eyes seem open to the true beauty of the world, at the same time they seem blind to what's actually there, and almost self-centered in their pursuit of artistic glamour.
Cornelia represents negative sight, by seeing the cold reality of a situation and using it for destruction. By seeing things she shouldn't and using them to hurt people, namely Griet, she becomes the antithesis of the sight portrayed by Griet and Vermeer. Her altogether malicious, conniving, and devious nature turn things of beauty hideous, by revealing the truth of what's in front of her. The epitome of her overall negativity is in seeing Griet's portrait, a symbol of both the maid's helplessness and submissiveness to the influences about her, and using it to fracture the relationship between Vermeer and his wife and turn Griet from the house.
So now I need to make an essay of it. Phooey.

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  1. serious? we did this like 3 weeks ago...

    first we read the odyssey...
    now we're onto Jane eyre!