Sunday, October 24, 2010

I know you think you know, but you probably don't.

[Take Me to the Riot--Stars]
What?!?! Is Strawberry listening!?!?
Things I did today: nothing. I'm upset about Halloween. And stuff. Cuz I don't have a costume, and it's in a week, and the dance is on Friday, but I don't want to go to the dance not dressed and everyone else dressed as a slut. Not that I want to go dressed as a slut. Gar. And I don't have a costume. I have an idea for a completely amazing awesometacular costume, but, you know, I don't think they'd sell it in stores, and there's no way I could put it together before Friday...
[Tony the Tiger--Manchester Orchestra]
I really have nothing else to say.
Does anyone remember why I bolded that last song? Remember how I said I'd bold the song that the title came from? No? Well I did. And I am. Hurrah.


  1. Yeaaahhh I remember the Halloween dance in sixth grade. My little innocent sixth grade self thought "oh yay I can get dressed up all scary and it'll be awesome woohoo!" and then it was basically like Mean Girls where she shows up and everyone else is dressed all slutty and you just feel like a dork. Haha. Yeah I have no idea what to be either. I'll probably just throw something together at the last minute...

  2. Using "their" rather than a gender and person-specific pronoun facilitates ambiguity. Yeah.

    You could be awesome like me and build a Domo-Kun costume...

  3. ooh! whats your idea!


    There are so many things you could be for Halloween that don't require much work at all.

    Last year I wore bunny ears and had fake blood running down my chin and I was the killer rabbit from the Holy Grail.

    How about an American tourist? Or Static Cling (attach socks and stuff to yourself)?