Friday, October 8, 2010


I really should've blogged yesterday, but, you know, I didn't. I even had something to blog about, too! Model UN was yesterday, and I never got the brief for my topic (which is a lovely 44 pages long, in case you didn't know), but I still had to go up to the front of the room and talk about it. That was terrifying, haha. BUTTTTT I got to call Kim a heartless monster, which was fun. Yesee, she was talking about food&agriculture, and someone asked her what areas she would focus on if there was a natural disaster that cut off food supplies in her country, and she said she'd focus on the more important cities, so I asked, "So, what you're saying is anyone who just happens to live in the country is worthless and should starve?" It was fun :)
The conference is on the 23rd, and we're supposed to wear 'business attire'. I do not own a single article of clothing that could be considered 'business attire'. HEY KIMSHARI WANNA GO SHOPPING.
As for today, art was fun. I feel like I'm not getting very far on my project, but it still looks pretty good. I just wish I could work on it longer, haha :) I pretty much have at least 3/4 of it left to do, and I have no idea how long she wants us to work on it.
I am SO GLAD it's Friday, you have no idea. This week has taken FOREVER. Oh, and by this point I'm really just filling stuff in because I feel like, after such a long break, this entry should be long. It won't be, because my life is boring, but still. I should go to something productive, like respond to comments, and yet...I won't. Haha. I've run out of things to say. Goodbye!


  1. I'm so glad it was Friday yesterday too!! I'm really sorry I have had about zero time to comment on your posts.

  2. TGIF! Even though it's actually Saturday now, but still! Yay for the weekend. :D