Friday, October 29, 2010

lol not really

Woo. Friday. Too bad I have to write an essay. BUT, I don't have a lab due on Monday. Hoorah.
My horoscope says I "may need to tell someone something I never thought I'd utter to a single soul." Well, so far it hasn't happened, so I guess I'll tell you something all now: I am actually a cat. Yes, I know you're shocked. Surprised. Aghast. My cat-eyes can see your flabbergasted expressions through the interwebz, yes. Everyone knows cats rule the internet. And I rule the Internet. Therefore I am a cat.
I feel it would be pointless to say "lol not really" by this point :P
So really, nothing happened today. Nothing. Of even the remotest interest. I kind of have a headache. I didn't go to Small Engines today, cuz I'm kind afraid of the scary teacher, but that also means I didn't talk to Wezlers at all :( Haha. That is my name for him. Okay, not really. I haven't made one up yet.
Now I have a headache. And shall leave. GOOSHBYE.

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  1. are you a lolcat? those kinda piss me off.