Wednesday, October 6, 2010

RIP Maurice!

So, I got fish yesterday! But one of them died. Yeah. Haha, I got two little neon ones in orange (Orangey) and red, and the red one (who was named Maurice) died. No idea why. I ALSO got my new favorite fish ever, Illiad, who is a 'turquoise gourami', and is supah awesome. I'm probably going to replace Maurice with a fish pre-named Maury, but...there were this super-adorable little angel fish there, and my tank would be big enough for them, even with four fish...:) Although I'd still feel bad putting four fish in one tank, even though there's plenty of room for them. The guy said, if I wasn't sure how many I could put in, just go by a gallon per my two tiny ones are definitely less than an inch, so let's just say that's two gallons, and Illiad is around 2 inches, so altogether 4 gallons...which leaves plenty of room for my tiny angel fish, even if it actually does grow to it's maximum size of 4 inches...but still. It just seems too crowded. a guy actually remembered my name today! :D It was after the killer Latin test, on which I got a 70, and some guy (let's call him Lihkan) comes over to a table where I'm sitting, reading, with some other girl I have yet to find out the name of...and asks what she got...and then he asks what I got too! AND HE REMEMBERED MY NAME! I don't really care that he talked to me, but SERIOUSLY, no one knows my name. At all. It's kind of depressing.
That's.....all I have to say. OH WAIT. I got a 93 on my World Civ. test! :D


  1. congrats on your world civ test Strawberry!

    RIP Maurice. :( Illiad is the best name ever. Seriously.

    pnesqua. NO IDEA.

  2. i know your name...

  3. Anonymous-
    But I don't know who you are.

  4. This is why I never want dogs or cats or hamsters when I get older. Because they're so high-maintenance. But, they're awesome. They just swim around and look really pretty.

    Also, I think we're the same person, except completely opposite. World Civs was a biiiitch for me, but Latin is my thang.

    Hooray for name remembrance!

  5. Awww, poor little Maurice. But I'm glad the rest of your fish are a-okay! That is the very good thing about fish, being so low maintenance and all.

  6. What about fish bone? or did he get re-named??? Lihkan...bad naming choice. Someone is bound to figure that out.