Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dress ftw!

I'm sure some of you read that failed attempt at alliteration yesterday...haha. I was going to write an actual post but, you know, ran out of time. Oh welllllz.
I'm sure you all don't know (and I'm sure none of you don't, unless you're all watching me from my window, which I'm sure you are), but I'm wearing a DRESS right now. And TIGHTS. With DOTS on them. And BLACK, SHINY SHOES. And a CARDIGAN-LIKE THING. To SCHOOL. Wooooooooooo.
You see, I went to the mall yesterday looking for the tights I suddenly had a craving for, which incidentally I didn't buy. But still! We were passing through Nordstrom's when I just saw this dress on the wall. This dress. Not the ugly green one, but the black one. And I kind of fell in love. You know. So we look for a mirror to hold it up to, because I NEVER like anything, you know, and the sales lady managed to usher me into a changing room while I'm not really sure what's happening. And she gets me into a cardigan-thingy to match. And OH MY, I love it. I mean I NEVER wear stuff like this. Not even not to school--ANYWHERE. So we got that, and we got a pair of tights to match, and now I am WEARING IT TO SCHOOL. Squee.
In other news, I got a 97 on my science test! :D Thanks to profuse amounts of extra credit, haha. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND, Daniel and Frankie kinda talked to me! Well, Daniel kinda talked to me. As in kinda looked at me. Kinda. Frankie ACTUALLY talked to me. To ask if I only ate grapes. Cuz I was lamenting that all I ate at lunch was Happy's grapes, except he didn't hear the 'lunch' part, so haha. Hahaha. Haaaaaaaaaaaah. :D
That is all. Goodbye.


  1. I never get to wear a dress.

    And you meant to assume that none of us do. If, as you put it, "none of you don't", then everyone does. Double negative fail.

  2. That dress is absolutely adorable. (alliteration)