Saturday, July 7, 2012

Oops I Did it Again

I don't know what's with me and writing. Can't even blog properly. How long has it been now?--no, I don't want to count. It hasn't been a month yet like my last unannounced hiatus. I haven't completely abandoned you guys.

Not that there are all too many people out there--at least not for me!

My problem is that I feel as if nobody wants to hear about what I've been up to. I never know how to word things, anyway. Like, "Today I did such-and-such" just seems like such a boring, repetitive format, especially since I don't have anything artistic to enhance it. I haven't even had any writing to post (though I do now, happy day!). I suppose it'll do for now.

Gosh, I haven't been too lumpy since my last post. Since then, I've gone to the pool with Joy, Andrew, and Zack--and then back to Joy's house for s'mores and pizza, which was great. I realized that I have a mild fear of fire. I mean it's beautiful and all, but I couldn't feel comfortable getting too close to it. That doesn't seem too abnormal!

We also cleaned the house (my room was so gorgeous until I went back to throwing clothes all over the place). Since the house is only clean never, I took advantage of this oppurtunity to invite some people over! I invited Kristen and Zack, but Kristen had to cancel last-minute, and Tegan had a dentist's appointment, so for an hour it was just Zack and me. I completely beat him at Mariokart! Then we gave him a makeover as punishment. For some reason he didn't agree, but I thought he looked gorgeous <3

This past Wednesday--happy belated Independence Day, by the way!--I went to the mall with Kristen. I didn't get anything, but it was fun hanging out with her, since we hadn't seen each other since last month. Later, I went to see fireworks with Kim, who I hadn't seen all summer! I love fireworks. There were a bunch of people we knew from school there, but no one I was really friendly with. Next year it'd be fun to go as a group or something.

I can't believe it's July already. It's been really hot, but I'd love to go to the park and ride bikes some time. Unfortunately, Maia is still at camp, and Tegan just left for vacation, so there's no one within park-radius. Oh well! I suppose boredom in summer isn't unexpected.

I finally wrote something that I like after such a dry spell. So tell me what you think! It doesn't make much sense right now, but only because it just started, I promise!