Tuesday, March 29, 2011

He's got a look that books take pages to tell.

FORGIVE ME, BLOGGERS. I am neglectful. I could start every single entry with that, and it would not be enough to describe the level of my neglect.

Today was actually a good day :) Unlike yesterday, which was very much a Monday. For starters, I got 100 on my math quiz! If I got grades like that all the time, then maybe I wouldn't have an 84 in math...blah.

For some reason, even though I'm terrible at sports and don't participate at all, I kind of enjoy gym. All everyone else's endorphins rubbing off on me, haha. Either way, today my team wasn't actually doing that bad (either that or we were playing a terrible team. Yanno, either or) and actually got to five points. Of course Gym Teachers had already made some stupid rule about a girl having to make the fifth point. And of course Blonde, the only other girl on my team, was absent. SO GUESS WHO WAS EXPECTED TO GET IT IN THE BASKET.
They kept throwing it to me. Well, at least one of them did: the nice one, who really seemed amused by the whole thing. Yay for nice people. I missed it every time, but, hey, at least he was cool about it. However, Up happened to be on the other time, and after about five tries he said "Stop whining and bitching and throw it in the net already." and I was like FOOL. SHADDUP.

Then, in English, I actually finished my bitchin' study guide, for one thing. I admit, I did not expect that to happen. Never mind I finished it in lunch, haha. BUT THAT'S NOT EVEN THE BEST PART. THE BEST PART IS THAT I GOT A 94 ON MY ESSAY. WOOOOO YEAH.

Neither Shari nor Leo were in art, but I talked to Best, so it was all cool :) Oh, but there's this guy in my art class who I think might have some kind of weird crush on me 0.0 He was out most of the period photocopying things with Ginger, but when he returned, told me there was some guy who liked me. And I'm thinking: pleasepleaseplease don't be him. But then he started talking about how there was some "tall guy" at the end of the hall who talked to him and had a crush on me or something...? Yeah, it was stupid.

Yesterday, I finally got around to editing this short story I wrote a couple months back. Most people thought it was already good, and some people agreed that it was good but needed some improvement. I don't remember if I posted it then, but either way, I'm posting it now:

“I loved someone, once.”—that tone in which she said it! She loved someone once—once upon a time, I wanted to add, for that was the impression her voice gave. She did not laugh or smile, but stared at the rising sun as if thoughts she could not comprehend or turn to fruition were burning just behind that high, pale forehead of hers. I remembered, somewhat guiltily, that I had once believed her incapable of love—but now, to hear her speak this negation of my previous thoughts, I could not believe otherwise. I saw it in the distance of her eyes. She had loved someone, once.
At once the look had passed from the rising sun, and turned instead to the heavens, eyes alight with strange fervor and despair. “Does the sky not mock me, Abraham?”
“The nature of your love—”
“Was obsession.” She closed her eyes, then, and that strange and small smile she so often wore showed itself on her exhausted face. “No, not obsession, but destroying, Abraham, destroying.”
“Destroying?” I glanced at her with cautious eyes. “Rele—”
“It destroyed all things.” She buried her hands in her hair, her dark and windswept hair, which was so long it nearly brushed the calloused ground beneath us. “It destroyed me, and yet, I would have destroyed everything for this man, Abraham—everything in the world. For a man! What an inconsequential word, but then, when I was near him—what an inconsequential world!”
I turned out to the sea, which was below us, far below us—and the sun, red and brighter than all things of the world, thrown against the sea so it was aflame with the reflected light. And I looked to the sky, clear and pale and translucent in nature; towards the ever-glowing sun that was burning just as bright as the sea below it; it was all shades of brilliance. She could not know what pain her words caused me. “That is not uncommon for lovers to say, Rele.” I looked behind us, to the craggy rocks and jumbling path that led its way to this spot, this fierce, lonely, wild spot, to which Rele had led me; this wild and terrible and windswept place thick with the decayed foliage of a winter past, and yet becoming brilliant in the warmth of the setting sun.
She laughed with viciousness, but viciousness towards self. “You do not comprehend my words, then, Angel. I am disappointed. Have you not been with me long, now?”
Shame tinged the edges of my voice, like feathers just brushing against—I was ashamed of the truth of her words. “I have been with you long, yes.”
“And yet you do not understand the nature of my love. In fact, I would go so far to say as you thought my incapable of such a violent thing—I have read it on your face. I can read you better than you me. Is that not sad, Abraham?”
She became as part of air and the ambience as the sea below our feet, or the sky above our heads; she shone with the orange and pink brilliance of the sun, and cast her shadow far across the weathered earth behind us. She was a shadowy, rugged thing, sad and empty.
“It is sad, Rele.”
She opened her eyes again, and did not blink away the light of the sun; she absorbed it. “I have lain here, tormented, but never willing to throw myself down this sheer cliff face, to a most certain and terrible death. And now, when I am peace, it occurs to me how effortless it would be to do so, how simple—and not permanent at all, as I have thought in younger years, but rather liberating. Almost painless. Do you not think so?”
I could not help the clenching of my muscles, and the tightness of my throat, as I imagined her body, ever graceful, flying towards the sea—embracing it—like a bird in flight, ascending to the heavens just as she was descending to the torrid earth. A torrent of grace, and yet so bearing the banality of sorrow—I said, with a quiet tone, “I do not think so, Rele.”
She peered at me, soft gray eyes—gray as the underside of a dove’s wing—revealing no alarm, and no surprise. “Would you leap after me, Abraham?”
“It would not matter,” I answered quickly, unable to meet her eye, for her eye was like a dagger to my soul, gentle in its bloody victory. “The fall would not harm me.”
“But would you, Abraham?”
I was silent. I watched the space between the edge of the cliff and the sea; a breathtaking distance, and eternal. She smiled at me with the same slight smile.
“You have been charged with protecting me, Abraham, always; you have been charged with protecting my soul, and understanding it. I was quite entirely lost when you came to me, all aglow, with such light in your eyes. And yet you brought me back to myself. Why is that, Abraham?”
“You were in need of it. My task is not one to be questioned.”
“And my place is not to be, either. Abraham, your name possesses meaning only because it is yours.” She brushed my cold cheek, smiling with sweet and unbearable sadness. “That is your charge, your sacred duty, and yet you do not understand me at all. You saved me—I will admit it—but you don’t know how. Can I tell you why I think that is, Abraham?”
I did not answer; I did not need to. She answered for me. “It is because you love me, Abraham, and we never understand that which we love.”
I stared to the setting sun, though it burned my eyes; to look upon her would be much more pain. “On the contrary; it seems to me that that which we love, we would understand perfectly.”
“It is not the case.” Her fingers found mine, but only her fingers; they were soft as wings caressing the air. We were connected, only for a moment. “It is never the case. My angel.”
I felt her slipping away from me, before I felt it, and her fingers were not with mine. There seemed a perfect moment, perfect in its infinity, in which our skin was apart by only a breath of a breath, in which I understood her, and she understood me, and the whole world could be encompassed in the space between our skin. She was my charge, and I her guardian, and yet so often we seemed to fail at our roles: she taught me too much, and I let her fall. She slid from the cliff face with perfect grace and, with brilliant eyes closed, fell to the sea. I could not watch, though I felt her every peaceful breath resounding like a thousand deaths through my soul.
I could not watch. Instead, I leapt.

WELL THAT'S ALL FOLKS. What think thee? Maybe this time I'll take LESS than four days to post again!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Also, it is Thursday.

The most interesting part of the day was FINALLY getting scheduled for a course selection conference with my counselor, which was conveniently scheduled during gym. I don't think she knew that she was supposed to strongly discourage me from taking two science classes, along with all honors and AP next year.
Well, it's not officially decided, but that's what we put down because it seems likely. I'm taking both biology and chemistry next year.
I think part of me wants to do this to myself because everyone tells me I shouldn't. I'm like that. And another part of me thinks I can handle it. And another part of me wants to be able to. Because, what do you do when you can't do something? Do it anyway! So if I get any skill in the way of time management, I'll be fine. I need to be more focused, anyway.
Also, apparently creative writing is only a semester course, so I'm also taking financial literacy (I think). I'm kind of bummed and relieved about this, because having a semester essentially free (in case I don't want to take financial literacy next year) is kind of a good thing. If I really wanted to I could take lunch and resume my usual do-half-my-homework-in-lunch arrangement, but I feel like I won't. Besides, Shoob is taking financial literacy next year, so it would be awesome to have that class with her :)

In other news, it's extremely difficult to do a science lab without a protractor. SO GUESS WHAT I'M DOING IN LUNCH TOMORROW.
I also haven't really done much in the way of editing my English essay, which is also due tomorrow. I sent it to Kim to go over, and twenty minutes and no word later, she tells me she has to go =.= So that worked out well.
However, I did finish my math homework! Just on a whim, really. She never checks it, but I was trying to distract myself from my inevitable scientific doom.

Also, it is Thursday. Huh.
I have a in-class essay tomorrow...in world civ. What. About Hitler. I am so not enthused about this.
OH, I almost forgot! Apparently, I got reccomended for all Honors and AP next year :D Yay, teachers think I'm smart.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

If you'll excuse me...

I am neglectful. I've come to accept it.

I actually can't believe it's Wednesday night already. But then, Monday and Tuesday usually go by fast, and Thursday and Friday seem to drag on...yeah. Whatever. It's all the same amount of time anyway.

My horoscope told me that Monday would be a, I quote, "perfect" day. Was it? Alas. I had lab, for one thing. And a science test.
I just started writing the same thing as my last entry. Wut.
ANYWAY. I don't think I did very well on the science test. There was a bitchin' trick question which I can't believe I didn't get, but honestly, I just don't think that way. If someone tells me there's going to be an answer than I believe there's going to be an answer. Ugh.
Also, I thought I did pretty well on the in-class essay, but he went over it and I realized exactly how bad it was. So screw it. My grades depress me anyway.
Overall, Monday was just boring. Nothing special.
Yesterday was pretty much the same. Just boring. Glee was not on (which was lame). I had deep thoughts about how everything was stupid. Up thought it was cool that I'm Norse. I, once again, did not participate at all in gym.
Well, I did that again today, too. My basketball team is much nicer about it than my volleyball team was. They actually make me play, even though I don't want to, and don't complain about sitting out themselves. And they--well, at least one of them--for some reason passes me the ball at least once a game, and I freak out and throw it immediately back to them. Note that when I say "they", I mean the two guys on our team that I feel could ever constitute a basketball team, Jimmy and John. I don't know them at all. But at least they're nice about it.
I should be writing an essay right now. If you'll excuse me.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The lights are low; looking out for a place to go.

So, I thought today would be a really terrible day (unlike what my horoscope said), but it actually wasn't that bad. If anything it was pretty good, at least by comparison.

For one thing, I seem to be incapable of not acting like a reckless, possibly high idiot around guys I like. Last night, Up posted a 'Truth is...' status (I assume you all know what that is) and I, in my infinite caution and wisdom, thought it would be a good idea to 'like' it. In my defense, Claudia encouraged me too--but still. That made me hyper and giggly for about an hour, and then with a sinking sense of dread I felt my fears, which has slowly lost their weight as I went into omg-crush mode, become more realistic. For one thing, I'm not actually friends with him. I wouldn't mind if he had liked my own 'Truth is...', but he didn't. That just makes it weird. Another thing: he hadn't written anything yet. Could he just not think of anything, or was he even going to respond?
So, that weighed on me all day. I admit, I was a tad bit humiliated (read: very humiliated). I tried very hard not to even glance his way, in case he thought I was looking at him. I really do not want to give him any reason to think I like him. I've learned my lesson. Actually, I haven't, but more on that later.
BUT. Oh hey. I logged on to Facebook at around 8:30, after two-and-a-half hours outside with Vera and co. and another hour watched The Incredibles. And I had three notifications. Three! One of them had to be something I actually cared about. The suspense was killing me. I clicked on the tab, and FTENGKJEJGHCREINAHCMEWUJ he did! He posted on my wall!
Okay, so, all he said is "Truth is....ummm... let me get back to you on that one." BUT he responded. I didn't expect anything stupendous (you know, like "Truth is, I'm madly in love with you.") but it was killing me to know that he didn't even think I was worth a response. Also, two people liked it, so I can't get away with not commenting back :)

As for the other things that I thought would be terrible, none of them were that bad. First on that list was an in-class English essay which I was absolutely not prepared for. In-class essays are just evil. There is no way to write them decently lengthed without feeling rushed, and still having a relevant argument and an appropriate amount of quotes. However, I think mine turned out a lot better than I thought it would. The class still wasn't exactly fun, but it was a lot easier to write than I expected and I think I did pretty well :)
World civ. wasn't of much note, but then, when is it ever? The real fun began when seventh period started, and all us freshman had to go down to the auditorium for a assembly on Facebook safety. I was deeply troubled by this, naturally, as I thought the assembly would be stupid and I would miss art (and the best friends, namely Best). However, we had to sit with our seventh period class, and I ended up sitting between Shari and Best. The presentation was actually pretty enjoyable too, because they got a comedian to do it. Laughter was shared by all :3 except Best, who is pretty much stoic, but we got some chuckles out of him ^.^
Finally, the science test. I was actually really concerned about not getting a sticker score on this. For some reason physics has just imploded. I don't know why, but I'm incapable of doing it. I mean, seriously, it's just equations. Equations and graphs, and yet I cannot do it.
However, the test wasn't that bad. It's actually possible I got a good score on it (unless I'm off my rocker and got every single one horribly, horribly wrong). We're completing it on Monday, since the assembly ran late and there wasn't enough time to do the final problem. Now, I might fail that one and thereby bring the rest of my grade down, but hopefully not...obviously.

I was also going to stay after school for Model UN, but for some reason it got cancelled, so I just went home. Yeah.

It also seems relevant to mention that, during lunch today, I told Elizabeth about Up. See, I was telling Shari about the whole Facebook fiasco (look up--oh, and alliteration), somehow forgetting that Elizabeth was right next to us. So, obviously, she asked who I was talking about. Somehow the first question she asked was if he was in our English class, which narrows it down to six guys. What can I say? I'm honest. She was convinced it was Basil for about six seconds, which ended when I told her about middle school and she told me that she knew, because that son of a bitch told her. Gah. Eventually I just admitted that it was indeed Up, and she was surprised, not because he's a short Asian kid, but because I'm "so mature, and he's so immature." So I guess that's a complement?
Honestly, I'm not really worried about her going out and telling everyone. Elizabeth just seems like a legitimately nice person who would be determined not to do so by a fervent sense of morality, even if she doesn't realize it herself. Or I'm just naive, and by tomorrow the whole school will know.

So I guess my day wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, haha. Just for the...well, not for anything, really...here's what I was listening to while writing this.
Dancing Queen by ABBA
They Don't Care About Us by Michael Jackson
Blueside by Rooney
...and silence. Naturally.

Wait, was this a decent entry? I think it was!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I never feel alone.

Hey! Yesterday I hugged Best :3 It was pretty much awesome. He smelled like hoodies.

[Young--Hollywood Undead]
I've decided to start posting what music I'm listening to, again. You might've noticed.

[Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)--Muse]
Today was more like Monday than Monday was. BUT I didn't have to go to science, which was UERGNICMDawesome :D Instead I took the National Latin Exam, which, if I don't get summa cum laude on, I will be sad. Very. Sad. But I think I did pretty well on it :D (Sed reputo facesso bene--I believe).

[Chasing Pavements--Adele]
My latest story is about good and evil and stuff. Basically, people have to keep sacrificing themselves to prevent an eternal war between, you know, good and evil. There are three parts, all separate but centered around the same thing (good and evil). I would go into more detail, but honestly I barely know what it's about :)

[I Wasn't Prepared--Eisley]
Silver joined us at lunch today! Of course she had to pick the day when I actually had homework to focus on (which, incidentally, I still didn't finish). But, you know, always fun seeing Silver. Especially since she has math that period :) My friends are ne'er-do-wells.

[Who Wants to Live Forever--Queen]
If anyone wants to know, this is an epic song.
By this point I really have nothing to talk about (also, I want to get to writing...about good and, yanno, evil). I should really take time out of my busy schedule to blog, so I don't leave you all with crap post like this, but...I won't. I feel so uninspired to blog. Like, things happen, but my fingers and my head just numb up when I sit in front of the screen trying to write something.
I don't really like how my good~evil story is going. Not the story itself, just the writing. It just feels numb.

So...I won't see you tomorrow?

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I've become antsy for a new haircut all of a sudden, which is annoying, because I don't like haircuts. I don't like my hair. I'm tired of it being short(ish) but I don't really want it long, either. But I also don't want split ends, so it's kind of a catch-22.
The other day I had the weirdest psuedo-realistic dream, except I barely remember any of it except for a part where I was talking about Kim with Shari, and Kim happened to hear me, and she got all mad because she thought I said I thought she should be in CPS (low science) and not QPS (high science), which I didn't, and yeah. Yeah.
This weekend has been spent listening to my iPod on shuffle (so much fun), playing Sims 2, and pretty much not much else. I went to the park yesterday! And did all of my homework today in like a half hour. I love not having a shitload of work over the weekend for the first time in, like, ever. Although the weekend still isn't long enough ^.^
I am voluminously looking forward to art class tomorrow, since I missed it on Friday. Oh, but my art grade improved! It's an 85 exactly, which is awesome. I officially have all A's and B's :D

I totally just left this sitting up here for an hour. Huh.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Say you'll love me every waking moment.

So, apparently I'm on the honor roll. Hey.
Because this is somewhat related, this is where my grades stand:
  • English, 89.72
  • Art, 72.50
  • Geometry, 81.18
  • Latin, 90.10
  • Science, 87.69
  • World Civ., 81.36
So, eh. Art just hasn't been updated yet, so that will be going up. As for Latin and English, I'm happy :) but math and world civ. are kind of disappointing. I'm usually fine with a high B, but for some reason I've been getting really bad test scores in math and really bad homework scores in civ. Woo.
Also pertaining to grades, I think I've pretty much given up hope of getting into a good college. Well, maybe not just a good college, but a good good college. As in Ivy League. My grades aren't fantastic, I'm not involved in a lot of extracurricular activities, I've never really accomplished some big feat, and I'm not really motivated enough to change that. Yeah. So I should just write a book and become fabulously wealthy so I can just buy my way into college :D
Also, I decided to make my life easier and make a list of all the stories I actually like, along with a brief synopsis of each. So far I only have 23, but I'm going to go through my notebooks too and add some from there. And I know there's a hell of a lot in my notebooks, haha. Never mind that most of them are barely filled...I just love fresh notebooks :3
Let's take a poll:
  • 3 are about outright insane people, and 6 are about mentally unstable people.
  • 6 are about revolution, 7 are about going against society, and 6 are about facing a seemingly invulnerable opponent.
  • 17 are about, or involve, love.
  • 6 are set in the future, and 2 are set in the past.
  • 10 are realistic fiction, and 7 are fantasy.
  • 7 juxtapose the supernatural with humanity.
  • 10 involve betrayal.
  • In 9, a main character dies.
  • 7 are about death; 4 involve immortality.
  • 13 involve soul mates.
Yes, I use the same ideas for all of my stories. Shush.
So now I'm going to add more stories to this and mess all of the numbers up ^.^
Also, I feel like talking about Up, but there's nothing to say.

Monday, March 7, 2011


So on Saturday, I went to the mall with Kim and Shari :D I got another owl necklace! Yay. Shari didn't get any pants (which was kind of the point) but DID get a fantabulous dress. So yay.

On Sunday, I didn't do homework.

Today was, as far as Mondays go, alright. I added the required amount of quotes to my essay, but they're not very good. Whatever. I still have the world civ. project, which sucks...but...yeah. I honestly don't know what to do with that. It's about Chinese technology 1914-1945, except there wasn't any Chinese technology 1914-1945. Fantastic.
BUT, today in English, Happy and I totally won the activity at the end of one of the myth-group's presentation :) We got candy in a bag! How exciting.
In gym we actually had to do physical activity, which was just terrible.
AND I got 101% on my science test :D which is just great.
I've decided to listen to all the songs on my iPod without skipping any. On shuffle. Because I can. I'm currently on 150 out of 421. Yes, I know I have no songs, haha.

Sometimes I want to do something drastic, but the oppurtunity never really presents itself. Or I don't see it. Or there will never be an oppurtunity, and I have to make one myself? Either way, it's hard to do drastic things without the aid of a car...but now I'm just being random. Okay. I'll stop.

In other news, I have made no progress anywhere, and last night I got absolutely no sleep. It was awful. And then I couldn't walk in a straight line in the morning, haha. Yay for exhaustion!

And now I'm off to study. Yay.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dead Beat

I HAVE NOT BLOGGED IN FOREVER. Jesus, I've become so unmotivated. It's not like nothing happened this week. Well, nothing really important happened this week. That I remember. Whatever.
This week was HSPA week, so we got delayed openings Tuesday-through-Thursday :) Terrible if you're a junior, but great for everyone else. I didn't sleep in, but I DID eat copious amounts of grapefruit. So it's all okay.
I don't remember much of the week prior, but that means nothing of consequence happened, so it doesn't really matter. Yesterday, though, was terrible. I believe I mentioned this. It all started out great in the morning, because I talked to Up on Facebook! (I would put a smiley in here, but smileys cannot express my joy). Naturally with that kind of beginning, you'd think it'd be a great day. But then I missed the bus, and my mom was mildly perturbed, even though it wasn't really my fault. Anyway. In gym we just sat there, since they don't believe in doing things on shortened days.
OH, but Up pretended to kick me, and asked if I finished the English packet (which was what we were talking about) and I said no, and he said English Teacher was going to kill me. Heh.
Then in English my group went (psychology and guilt and stuff) and I guess I did pretty well, considered, but it just kind of set me off (you know...talking.). Then I go to world civ. and we have a pop quiz on reading that I didn't read. Fantastic. Naturally I just left everything blank, because I had absolutely no idea. That made my mood worse, as you can imagine.
Then I go to art, which was just boring.
Then science. We had the final of our three quizzes this week, and overall it wasn't that bad, but I had to leave two questions blank because I had absolutely no idea. I think I got the rest of it right, but that just kinda bummed me out.
Then the pièce de résistance, the highlight of a day which had abruptly turned bad. See, Happy and I were going to stay after school to work on the poster for the English presentation today. Now, we all know how much I hate staying after school, especially taking the late bus, which under the circumstances I would have to do. Now, I get my coat, walk down the front hall with Sharicus, and then go to the cafeteria, where Happy had told me to meet her. I get there, and there are strange people. Strange people, guys. Strange people. So I put my backpack down and my coat and I just sit there for a bit, starting to get nervous. It's been a good couple minutes when I decide to look for Happy. I go back to our locker and see that her stuff is gone, including the poster. So I'm thinking, "Surely she must be somewhere in the school," but I'm starting to get freaked out. I get freaked out when I'm alone. I don't just mean I don't like it. I mean I actually got severely, well, freaked out. I wander around the school, I check down every hall, periodically returned to the cafeteria to see if she's magically appeared. I even as a table full of guys that I vaguely know if they know Gem's number, so I can call her and ask if Happy is on the bus. They don't.
That's when I start to get particularly emotional. As in I start crying. Yes, I said I got freaked out. I couldn't actually believe that I was stuck after school, which I was already upset about, with no poster and no partner. So I wandered around school snivelling. I even checked in the library to see if she had noticed that it was open and decided to make camp there. No luck. I was pretty devastated by this point, and when I walked out the library a teacher stopped and asked if I was okay. You know how when you're upset, you think you can hold it in, but when you start talking about it you just get choked up and start crying harder? Yeah. I tried to get through that I realized it wasn't the best thing to actually be crying over, but whatever. She took me back to the library, where they called Happy on the intercom, but obviously she didn't come. Then I just set up camp at one of the computers and played FreeCell. I was shocked. I thought of terrible things to say to Happy when next I saw her. Admittedly, I thought of seeing her in English and ripping that damn poster in half. When eventually I stifled my tears enough, I called my parents, neither of which picked up. So then I returned to the library and sat there for an hour.
And then I was on the bus. Which I detest. At least it didn't take as long as usual; only about forty-fifty minutes instead of an hour. So, hoo-rah.
When I got home, after ranting to my mom about this, I checked my mail. And of course Happy had e-mailed me. Saying she waited for me. No, Happy. You did not wait for me. You stopped for thirty seconds in the cafeteria, got scared, and went to the bus. I waited for you. The worst part is that she got to the bus and saw that I wasn't on it, and yet still got on it. I have no idea how it crossed her mind that I could not be staying after school and yet not be on the bus. According to Ryd, she said she felt bad about it, laughing of course. No, Happy. You did not feel bad about it. If you felt bad about it, you would never have gotten on the damn bus if you saw that I wasn't on it. If you felt bad about it, you would've actually kept your word and waited for me. I have no idea how she thought I wasn't still at school, waiting for her, with no way of communicating with her or anyone else, but clearly she wasn't thinking very hard.
Moving on, though. Last night I was just completely exhausted. This morning I wondered why the alarm clock was ringing on Saturday, until I remembered that I had another day to get through before that could happen. It was a long day, which didn't feel particularly long, but whatever.
In gym I played 'knockout' for the first time. In gym I discovered that I can't play 'knockout.'
In English we presented, and I admit I am pleased to say that Happy's poster wasn't very good. She also kind of had no idea what she was talking about while presenting the PowerPoint. The activity was fun, though. We gave people flowers and had them come up with myths about them, all of which were terrible, but Up and Fang said theirs in an Asian accent ^.^
So that's about it. I'm going to the mall tomorrow with Kim and Sharicus! Yay. I should probably see how much money I have before I spend it all...but...I will do that tomorrow. Haha.
You cannot imagine how relieved I am that it is FINALLY the weekend. I am dead beat.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Well hot damn, I haven't blogged in awhile. The worst part is I don't have much time right now to blog, and I definitely won't tomorrow morning.
Today in a nutshell: awful. I DID talk to Up in the morning, on Facebook, which was awesome (:D), but it pretty much went downhill from there. I bombed a pop quiz (by 'bombed' I mean I didn't write anything down. At all. So don't bother insisting I did fine :)), am unsure about another quiz, and got stuck after school. Now, if I go into this now, I might drown a kitten, so I'll save it for the morrow.