Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I never feel alone.

Hey! Yesterday I hugged Best :3 It was pretty much awesome. He smelled like hoodies.

[Young--Hollywood Undead]
I've decided to start posting what music I'm listening to, again. You might've noticed.

[Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)--Muse]
Today was more like Monday than Monday was. BUT I didn't have to go to science, which was UERGNICMDawesome :D Instead I took the National Latin Exam, which, if I don't get summa cum laude on, I will be sad. Very. Sad. But I think I did pretty well on it :D (Sed reputo facesso bene--I believe).

[Chasing Pavements--Adele]
My latest story is about good and evil and stuff. Basically, people have to keep sacrificing themselves to prevent an eternal war between, you know, good and evil. There are three parts, all separate but centered around the same thing (good and evil). I would go into more detail, but honestly I barely know what it's about :)

[I Wasn't Prepared--Eisley]
Silver joined us at lunch today! Of course she had to pick the day when I actually had homework to focus on (which, incidentally, I still didn't finish). But, you know, always fun seeing Silver. Especially since she has math that period :) My friends are ne'er-do-wells.

[Who Wants to Live Forever--Queen]
If anyone wants to know, this is an epic song.
By this point I really have nothing to talk about (also, I want to get to writing...about good and, yanno, evil). I should really take time out of my busy schedule to blog, so I don't leave you all with crap post like this, but...I won't. I feel so uninspired to blog. Like, things happen, but my fingers and my head just numb up when I sit in front of the screen trying to write something.
I don't really like how my good~evil story is going. Not the story itself, just the writing. It just feels numb.

So...I won't see you tomorrow?


  1. Of course! haha, I think I'll make a list of people too and if you don't mind add you!

    He smelled like hoodies? Now how does a hoody smell? :p You like good music by the way. Have you heard Adele's new album? So good!

    Don't worry, I've been in a blogging funk too :/

  2. I wish I knew Latin cause it sounds really cool.

    It's okay, sometimes there are simply those times when there's just nothing worth blogging about, haha. :P That's why there's no way I could post much more frequently than I do, because I wouldn't really have too much to say. But yeah.

  3. OY. I SENT YOU THAT SONG (Chasing Pavements). And you were all like "That's weird."
    And now your reccommend it.