Friday, March 4, 2011

Dead Beat

I HAVE NOT BLOGGED IN FOREVER. Jesus, I've become so unmotivated. It's not like nothing happened this week. Well, nothing really important happened this week. That I remember. Whatever.
This week was HSPA week, so we got delayed openings Tuesday-through-Thursday :) Terrible if you're a junior, but great for everyone else. I didn't sleep in, but I DID eat copious amounts of grapefruit. So it's all okay.
I don't remember much of the week prior, but that means nothing of consequence happened, so it doesn't really matter. Yesterday, though, was terrible. I believe I mentioned this. It all started out great in the morning, because I talked to Up on Facebook! (I would put a smiley in here, but smileys cannot express my joy). Naturally with that kind of beginning, you'd think it'd be a great day. But then I missed the bus, and my mom was mildly perturbed, even though it wasn't really my fault. Anyway. In gym we just sat there, since they don't believe in doing things on shortened days.
OH, but Up pretended to kick me, and asked if I finished the English packet (which was what we were talking about) and I said no, and he said English Teacher was going to kill me. Heh.
Then in English my group went (psychology and guilt and stuff) and I guess I did pretty well, considered, but it just kind of set me off (you know...talking.). Then I go to world civ. and we have a pop quiz on reading that I didn't read. Fantastic. Naturally I just left everything blank, because I had absolutely no idea. That made my mood worse, as you can imagine.
Then I go to art, which was just boring.
Then science. We had the final of our three quizzes this week, and overall it wasn't that bad, but I had to leave two questions blank because I had absolutely no idea. I think I got the rest of it right, but that just kinda bummed me out.
Then the pièce de résistance, the highlight of a day which had abruptly turned bad. See, Happy and I were going to stay after school to work on the poster for the English presentation today. Now, we all know how much I hate staying after school, especially taking the late bus, which under the circumstances I would have to do. Now, I get my coat, walk down the front hall with Sharicus, and then go to the cafeteria, where Happy had told me to meet her. I get there, and there are strange people. Strange people, guys. Strange people. So I put my backpack down and my coat and I just sit there for a bit, starting to get nervous. It's been a good couple minutes when I decide to look for Happy. I go back to our locker and see that her stuff is gone, including the poster. So I'm thinking, "Surely she must be somewhere in the school," but I'm starting to get freaked out. I get freaked out when I'm alone. I don't just mean I don't like it. I mean I actually got severely, well, freaked out. I wander around the school, I check down every hall, periodically returned to the cafeteria to see if she's magically appeared. I even as a table full of guys that I vaguely know if they know Gem's number, so I can call her and ask if Happy is on the bus. They don't.
That's when I start to get particularly emotional. As in I start crying. Yes, I said I got freaked out. I couldn't actually believe that I was stuck after school, which I was already upset about, with no poster and no partner. So I wandered around school snivelling. I even checked in the library to see if she had noticed that it was open and decided to make camp there. No luck. I was pretty devastated by this point, and when I walked out the library a teacher stopped and asked if I was okay. You know how when you're upset, you think you can hold it in, but when you start talking about it you just get choked up and start crying harder? Yeah. I tried to get through that I realized it wasn't the best thing to actually be crying over, but whatever. She took me back to the library, where they called Happy on the intercom, but obviously she didn't come. Then I just set up camp at one of the computers and played FreeCell. I was shocked. I thought of terrible things to say to Happy when next I saw her. Admittedly, I thought of seeing her in English and ripping that damn poster in half. When eventually I stifled my tears enough, I called my parents, neither of which picked up. So then I returned to the library and sat there for an hour.
And then I was on the bus. Which I detest. At least it didn't take as long as usual; only about forty-fifty minutes instead of an hour. So, hoo-rah.
When I got home, after ranting to my mom about this, I checked my mail. And of course Happy had e-mailed me. Saying she waited for me. No, Happy. You did not wait for me. You stopped for thirty seconds in the cafeteria, got scared, and went to the bus. I waited for you. The worst part is that she got to the bus and saw that I wasn't on it, and yet still got on it. I have no idea how it crossed her mind that I could not be staying after school and yet not be on the bus. According to Ryd, she said she felt bad about it, laughing of course. No, Happy. You did not feel bad about it. If you felt bad about it, you would never have gotten on the damn bus if you saw that I wasn't on it. If you felt bad about it, you would've actually kept your word and waited for me. I have no idea how she thought I wasn't still at school, waiting for her, with no way of communicating with her or anyone else, but clearly she wasn't thinking very hard.
Moving on, though. Last night I was just completely exhausted. This morning I wondered why the alarm clock was ringing on Saturday, until I remembered that I had another day to get through before that could happen. It was a long day, which didn't feel particularly long, but whatever.
In gym I played 'knockout' for the first time. In gym I discovered that I can't play 'knockout.'
In English we presented, and I admit I am pleased to say that Happy's poster wasn't very good. She also kind of had no idea what she was talking about while presenting the PowerPoint. The activity was fun, though. We gave people flowers and had them come up with myths about them, all of which were terrible, but Up and Fang said theirs in an Asian accent ^.^
So that's about it. I'm going to the mall tomorrow with Kim and Sharicus! Yay. I should probably see how much money I have before I spend it all...but...I will do that tomorrow. Haha.
You cannot imagine how relieved I am that it is FINALLY the weekend. I am dead beat.


  1. Yay for the weekend :D I feel like I read the first part before and you added. Am I right or just crazy? Haha, anyways get some rest and enjoy your relaxing time.

  2. Ughhh school. And I would definitely not be too happy about my friend abandoning me after school to a bunch of weird people. Not cool. :/ I absolutely hate that feeling Friday morning when you wake up and it's like oh crap I still have another day... but not quite as much as that feeling Monday morning when you wake up and realize you have a whole 'nother week. :P