Wednesday, March 23, 2011

If you'll excuse me...

I am neglectful. I've come to accept it.

I actually can't believe it's Wednesday night already. But then, Monday and Tuesday usually go by fast, and Thursday and Friday seem to drag on...yeah. Whatever. It's all the same amount of time anyway.

My horoscope told me that Monday would be a, I quote, "perfect" day. Was it? Alas. I had lab, for one thing. And a science test.
I just started writing the same thing as my last entry. Wut.
ANYWAY. I don't think I did very well on the science test. There was a bitchin' trick question which I can't believe I didn't get, but honestly, I just don't think that way. If someone tells me there's going to be an answer than I believe there's going to be an answer. Ugh.
Also, I thought I did pretty well on the in-class essay, but he went over it and I realized exactly how bad it was. So screw it. My grades depress me anyway.
Overall, Monday was just boring. Nothing special.
Yesterday was pretty much the same. Just boring. Glee was not on (which was lame). I had deep thoughts about how everything was stupid. Up thought it was cool that I'm Norse. I, once again, did not participate at all in gym.
Well, I did that again today, too. My basketball team is much nicer about it than my volleyball team was. They actually make me play, even though I don't want to, and don't complain about sitting out themselves. And they--well, at least one of them--for some reason passes me the ball at least once a game, and I freak out and throw it immediately back to them. Note that when I say "they", I mean the two guys on our team that I feel could ever constitute a basketball team, Jimmy and John. I don't know them at all. But at least they're nice about it.
I should be writing an essay right now. If you'll excuse me.


  1. Grrr trick questions are so ridiculous, I swear. Teachers can be so evil sometimes...

    I hate gym so much. I skip it as much as I possibly can with orthodontist appointments and notes from teachers and basically whatever I can do to prevent myself from having to suffer the embarrassment of participating in sports, haha. I have the worst hand/eye coordination...

    Just Thursday. Then it's Friday. THEN THE WEEKEND. Sigh...

  2. You remind me of myself two years ago. That's not a bad thing nor a good thing. Just a mere observation.

    RE: Yes, yay for tennis love, but it may be incredibly short lived. He leaves again for college Saturday.